Bar Louie Menu and Calories

Here, you will find Bar Louie menu and their calories. We understand that not everybody is just after the price of fast food menu. Some actually want to have a fair idea of the calories the food they want to buy contain. In this article, the focus is on Bar Louie menu and calories.

Find below the list of Bar Louie menu and calories:

ItemServing SizeCalories
Add Crispy Chicken1 Serving430 Calories
Add Salmon1 Serving400 Calories
Add Seared Chicken1 Serving280 Calories
Add Shrimp1 Serving220 Calories
Ahi Tuna Poke1 Serving370 Calories
All-Nighter1 Serving1020 Calories
Applewood Smoked Bacon1 Serving110 Calories
Avocado Toast1 Serving560 Calories
Baked French Toast1 Serving1330 Calories
Bavarian Pretzel Sticks1 Serving920 Calories
BBQ Pork & More1 Serving690 Calories
BBQ Pulled Pork1 Serving840 Calories
BBQ Ranch1 Serving640 Calories
Beef Sliders1 Serving1170 Calories
Beer-Battered Fish & Chips1 Serving1090 Calories
Biscuit1 Serving400 Calories
Bloody Insane Mary1 Serving320 Calories
Bourbon BBQ1 Serving990 Calories
Bourbon BBQ Pork & Pineapple1 Serving960 Calories
Braised Short Rib1 Serving990 Calories
Breakfast Burrito Loco1 Serving880 Calories
Breakfast Potatoes1 Serving210 Calories
Brunch Bloody Mary Offer1 Serving110 Calories
Brunch Mimosa Offer1 Serving200 Calories
Brunch Viva La Paloma1 Serving180 Calories

Buffalo Chicken1 Serving990 Calories
Bullseye Sammie1 Serving1050 Calories
Caesar Salad1 Serving150 Calories
Caesar Salad1 Serving150 Calories
Cali Chicken1 Serving670 Calories
California Chicken Club1 Serving1000 Calories
Charred Lemon Caesar1 Serving350 Calories
Cherry Bombay1 Serving230 Calories
Cherry Chocolate Cake Smash1 Serving800 Calories
Chicken & Churros1 Serving1530 Calories
Chicken & Churros1 Serving1530 Calories
Chicken Nachos1 Serving1200 Calories
Chicken Quesadilla1 Serving880 Calories
Chicken Sausage1 Serving180 Calories
Chilaquiles1 Serving870 Calories
Churro Dippers: non-alcoholic1 Serving1030 Calories
Churro Dippers: spiked1 Serving1100 Calories
Coca Cola1 Serving150 Calories
Coffee1 Serving5 Calories
Coffee1 Serving5 Calories
Crab Cake Louie1 Serving670 Calories
Crispy Potstickers1 Serving730 Calories
Diet Coke1 Serving0 Calories
Donut Poppers1 Serving1050 Calories
Double B & E Sammie1 Serving910 Calories

Dr. Pepper1 Serving170 Calories
Drunken Fish & Chips1 Serving1460 Calories
Egg Your Way1 Serving120 Calories
Espresso Sundae Squeeze: non-alcoholic1 Serving460 Calories
Espresso Sundae Squeeze: spiked1 Serving540 Calories
Flash Fried Calamari1 Serving630 Calories
French Onion Soup1 Serving570 Calories
Fries1 Serving320 Calories
Fries1 Serving320 Calories
Fruit Cup1 Serving50 Calories
Garden1 Serving310 Calories
Gastroburger1 Serving910 Calories
Granola, Fruit & Yogurt1 Serving340 Calories
Hangover Helper1 Serving930 Calories
Hawaiian BBQ Pork Wings, 31 Serving350 Calories
Hawaiian BBQ Pork Wings, 61 Serving690 Calories
Hen & Hog Flatbread1 Serving1020 Calories
Honey Caribbean Pork Wings 31 Serving480 Calories
Honey Caribbean Pork Wings, 61 Serving960 Calories
Hot Chocolate1 Serving130 Calories
Hot Chocolate1 Serving130 Calories
Hot Honey Chicken1 Serving790 Calories
House Blue Cheese1 Serving240 Calories
House Potato Chips1 Serving150 Calories
House Potato Chips1 Serving150 Calories

House Salad1 Serving110 Calories
House Salad1 Serving110 Calories
Hummus1 Serving810 Calories
Impossible Breakfast Tacos1 Serving870 Calories
Kentucky Caramel Iced Coffee1 Serving270 Calories
Loaded BBQ Fries1 Serving1310 Calories
Loaded BBQ Fries with Fried Egg1 Serving1250 Calories
Loaded House Potato Chips1 Serving880 Calories
Loaded Tots1 Serving1580 Calories
Loaded Tots1 Serving520 Calories
Loaded Tots1 Serving520 Calories
Lone Star Strawberry Lemonade1 Serving230 Calories
Louie’s Breakfast1 Serving750 Calories
Louie’s Choice Cheeseburger1 Serving670 Calories
Luigi1 Serving1130 Calories
Mac & Cheese1 Serving1340 Calories
Mac & Cheese With applewood smoked bacon1 Serving1420 Calories
Mac & Cheese With bourbon BBQ pork1 Serving1120 Calories
Mac & Cheese With bourbon BBQ pork short rib1 Serving1910 Calories
Mac & Cheese With buffalo cauliflower1 Serving1090 Calories
Mac & Cheese With buffalo chicken1 Serving1170 Calories
Mac & Cheese With fried chicken1 Serving1600 Calories
Mac & Cheese With seared chicken1 Serving1490 Calories
Minute Maid Lemonade1 Serving150 Calories
Mr. Pibb1 Serving150 Calories

Nacho Crunch1 Serving740 Calories
Pepperoni Flatbread1 Serving990 Calories
Quinoa Chop1 Serving440 Calories
Red Bull1 Serving160 Calories
Red Bull Yellow1 Serving160 Calories
Roasted Cauliflower1 Serving370 Calories
Roasted Veggie1 Serving920 Calories
Roma Frittata1 Serving570 Calories
Salmon Sliders1 Serving1080 Calories
Seagram’s Ginger Ale1 Serving140 Calories
Seared Salmon1 Serving620 Calories
Shishito Peppers1 Serving240 Calories
Shrimp Tempura1 Serving730 Calories
Side of Ham1 Serving70 Calories
Six Napkins1 Serving710 Calories
Smoked Onion Ranch1 Serving270 Calories
Sourdough Toast1 Serving440 Calories
Spicy Biscuits & Gravy1 Serving1560 Calories
Spicy Saucy Eggs1 Serving660 Calories
Spicy Sausage Gravy1 Serving400 Calories
Spinach & Artichoke Dip1 Serving1020 Calories
Strawberry Peach Bellini1 Serving240 Calories
Street Tacos Blackened Fish1 Serving760 Calories
Street Tacos Chipotle Chicken1 Serving700 Calories
Sub Impossible™  Burger1 Serving<70 Calories

Sub Seared Chicken1 Serving<70 Calories
Sugar Free Red Bull1 Serving10 Calories
Super Pom Fitzie1 Serving180 Calories
Tea1 Serving5 Calories
Tea1 Serving5 Calories
The Blue Wedge1 Serving620 Calories
The ImpossibleBurger1 Serving600 Calories
Toasted Dubliner1 Serving540 Calories
Tortilla Soup: Bowl1 Serving340 Calories
Tortilla Soup: Cup1 Serving180 Calories
Tots1 Serving450 Calories
Tots1 Serving450 Calories
Trio Dips & Chips1 Serving1130 Calories
Turkey Club1 Serving660 Calories
Voodoo Pasta1 Serving1160 Calories
Wings & Wings Bourbon BBQ1 Serving830 Calories
Wings & Wings Buffalo1 Serving770 Calories
Wings & Wings Jalapeño Honey1 Serving910 Calories
With Giardiniera1 Serving80 Calories

Bar Louie menu

About Bar Louie

Bar Louie is a combination of a bar and restaurant where you can have a party or a quiet meal with friends and family. You can enjoy cocktails, beers, and other alcoholic beverages at this franchise restaurant at an affordable rate. The bar and restaurant were founded in 1990 with its headquarters in Addison, Texas, United States, and they are mostly located in the suburb and urban areas. They have over 90 branches all over the United States, and they have been strategically  located in high-end lifestyle areas.

The bar and restaurants’ concept is based on people being happy as they drink and eat from a professional chef-inspired menu. The restaurants’ style is shaped and designed based on the inspiration of the neighborhood, which is the company’s main target. It considers all types of customers, from those seeking delicious meals, cocktails, or those who want to hang around and have fun in a bar. Bar Louie has an easy franchise process, and you can contact them easily on their website for your franchising business.

They have a tasty menu where customers will enjoy amazing meals, which include flash-fried calamari, Bavarian pretzels, crispy potstickers, hand-battered fried pickles, loaded tots, wings and wings, beef sliders, salmon sliders, chipotle chicken street tacos, blackened fish street tacos, homemade pimento cheese, trio dips and chips, chicken nachos, French onion soup and much more.  Go to their customer friendly websites to know more about what they have to offer and make an order online if you can not go to the nearest location. There are many benefits you can get from visiting their platforms, such as gift cards. You can also enjoy amazing cocktails such as martinis, spiked sangrias, grapevine, Louie cocktail, twisted mules, and much more. Customers can get all these at their bars and restaurants located across the United States and order online.

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