Burger King Double Whopper: Facts to Know

Burger King Double Whopper is one of the popular menus you will find in any of its locations. The chain also offers a variety of menus such as Breakfast sandwiches, Platters and Burritos, Breakfast Sides, Flame Grilled Burgers, Chicken, Sides, Drinks & Coffee, and Sweets.


Among the menu of Burger King which you can enjoy when you visit the restaurant, the focus will be on the Double Whopper sandwich in this article.

What is unique about Burger King Double Whopper?

Well, as explained by the chain, Double Whopper is a paired two ¼ lb savory flame-grilled beef patties sandwich. It is topped with fresh lettuce, juicy tomatoes, creamy mayonnaise, crunchy pickles, ketchup, and sliced white onions on a soft sesame seed bun.

Double Whoppersandwich  comes in different combo sizes as listed below:

  • Just the Sandwich: This features just entrée only and it contains between 919 and 1,144 calories.
  • Small Size: This includes a small drink and a small side. This size contains between 1,199 and 2,006 calories.
  • Medium Size: This includes a medium drink and a medium side. This size contains between 1,275 and 2,234 calories.
  • Large Size: This includes a large drink and a large side. This size contains between 1,443 and 2,461 calories.

Burger King Double Whopper

Burger King Double Whopper Nutritional Information*

Details about the Double Whopper nutritional information is as follows:

Calories 919.8kcal
Fat 57.7g
Saturated Fat 19.1g
Trans Fat 1g
Cholesterol 159.5mg
Sodium 1,237.9mg
Carbohydrates 54.8g
Fiber 3.2g
Sugar 13.3g
Proteins 50.8g

*Kindly check the company’s website for the possible changes in the nutritional information about the menu


Apart from the Double Whopper Sandwich discussed above as a popular menu in the restaurant locations, there are other options of Whopper sandwiches which are as listed below:

  • WHOPPER Sandwich
  • WHOPPER Sandwich with Cheese
  • Bacon & Cheese WHOPPER Sandwich
  • Double WHOPPER Sandwich with Cheese
  • Triple WHOPPER Sandwich
  • Triple WHOPPER Sandwich with Cheese
  • WHOPPER JR. Sandwich

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