BurgerFi Menu and Calories

Here, you will find BurgerFi menu and their calories. We understand that not everybody is just after the price of fast food menu. Some actually want to have a fair idea of the calories the food they want to buy contain. In this article, the focus is on BurgerFi menu and calories.

Find below the list of BurgerFi menu and calories:

ItemServing SizeCalories
American Cheese1 slice70 calories
Bacon1.5 slices50 calories
Bacon Cheeseburger1 burger906 calories
Bacon Tomato Jam1 order90 calories
BBQ Sauce1 order12 calories
Black & White Shake1 milkshake880 calories
Breakfast All Day Burger1 burger894 calories
Brownie Chunks1 serving90 calories
Burger1 burger711 calories
 Sauce1 order40 calories
Cajun Seasoning Fry Topping1 order0 calories
Cheese Sauce Fry Topping1 order80 calories
Cheeseburger1 burger891 calories
Chicken Sandwich1 burger481 calories
Chili1 order80 calories
Chili & Cheese Fry Topping1 order120 calories
Chili Fry Topping1 order160 calories
Chocolate Cup1 junior360 calories
Chocolate Cup1 regular540 calories
Chocolate Shake1 milkshake880 calories
Chocolate Sprinkles1 serving110 calories
Chocolate Syrup1 serving100 calories
Coffee Mocha Shake1 milkshake910 calories
Coke Float1 order410 calories
Colored Sprinkles1 serving110 calories

Conflicted Burger1 burger871 calories
Cry & Fries1 order1010 calories
Diced Onions1 order5 calories
Fried Egg1 order90 calories
Fries1 regular640 calories
Fries1 bucket1920 calories
Fries1 large1280 calories
Garlic Aioli1 order120 calories
Grilled Diced Onions1 order5 calories
Grilled Mushrooms1 order40 calories
Jalapeno Peppers1 order0 calories
Ketchup1 order15 calories
Key Lime Concrete1 order900 calories
Key Lime Pie1 serving90 calories
Kid’s Applesauce1 kid’s order50 calories
Kid’s Fries1 kid’s order320 calories
Kid’s Single Burger1 kid’s order476 calories
Kid’s Single Cheeseburger1 kid’s order546 calories
Kid’s Vienna Beef Dog1 kid’s order310 calories
Lettuce1 order0 calories
Mayonnaise1 order110 calories
Mustard1 order5 calories
New York Style Hot Dog1 order341 calories
Oh My Chocolate Concrete1 order1440 calories
Onion Rings1 regular610 calories

Onion Rings1 order120 calories
Onion Rings1 large980 calories
Oreo Cookies1 serving70 calories
Oreo Shake1 milkshake750 calories
Peanut Butter1 serving190 calories
Peanut Butter Shake1 milkshake1060 calories
Pickles1 order5 calories
Red Velvet Cake1 serving40 calories
Red Velvet Concrete1 order870 calories
Red Velvet Shake1 milkshake740 calories
Root Beer Float1 order430 calories
Salt & Vinegar Fry Topping1 order0 calories
Single Bacon Cheeseburger1 burger716 calories
Single Burger1 burger521 calories
Single Cheeseburger1 burger701 calories
Strawberries1 serving35 calories
Strawberry Shake1 milkshake750 calories
Swiss Cheese1 slice50 calories
Texas Style Hot Dog1 order456 calories
The CEO1 burger949 calories
Tomatoes1 order5 calories
Truffle Aioli1 order190 calories
Urban Style Fry Topping1 order322 calories
Vanilla Cup1 regular540 calories
Vanilla Cup1 junior360 calories

BurgerFi Menu

Vanilla Shake1 milkshake880 calories
Vanilla Syrup1 serving100 calories
VegeFi Burger1 burger581 calories
Vienna Beef Dog1 order310 calories
Whipped Cream1 serving15 calories
White Cheddar Cheese1 slice80 calories

About Burgerfi

John Rosatti was able to create his vision of providing safe and healthy food through the establishment of the Burgerfi restaurant. He opened his first restaurant in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida in February 2011. The restaurant brought a new angle in the fast-food industry, in eating healthy and unadulterated food. Over the few years of their operation, they have opened over 120 branches across the United States, Mexico, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. All these restaurants served delicious meal that are nutritious, and you can find more information about their nutritious meal in their website.

The restaurant has been known to source its food from local producers, from the farm to the kitchen. In the case of their Angus beef, which is one of their main courses, the meat is obtained from the local market, from farms  with no trace of hormonal or chemically induced feeds used on the cow. This is part of their approach to ensuring that they serve their customers with healthy meals. Other meals on the menu include VegeFi burger, chicken from Springer Mountain Farms and more. They have recently introduced a spiced fried chicken which is made up of chicken breast mixed with Ghost Pepper Honey, homemade Hot Pickles, Spicy Mayo, and fresh Jalapeños.

In addition to providing safe and healthy food for its customer, they have taken a strong stance on sustainability. With an eco-friendly approach in the scheme of operation in the restaurant, they have taken steps to sustain the environment. And this can be seen in the design of the restaurants’ interiors. For example, the chairs in some of the restaurants are made with coca-cola used bottles, their renewable approach in conserving energy with the kind of fans used in the restaurants and the use of recycling papers.

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