Captain D’s Near Me: Menu and Calories

Are you searching for Captain D’s near me? Possibly you are looking for its nearest locations or you want to know about the chain’s menu and calories. With this article, you will have better insight about the chain and its offerings.

Captain D’s Menu and Calories

Captain D’s offers fish, crab, shrimp, and chicken which are either baked, fried, or grilled. Besides it also offers fast food appetizers and sides, such as baked potatoes, French fries, salads, and desserts. Below are detailed list of Captain D’s menu and calories.

Baked Potato – Plain1 potato210
Baked Potato with Buttery Spread1 potato320
Baked Potato with Sour Cream1 potato290
Bananas Foster Bites1 order500
Batter Dipped Fish1 filet210
Blackened Tilapia1 filet210
Breaded Flounder1 filet230
Breadstick1 piece150
Broccoli1 side order20
Butterfly Shrimp1 shrimp60
Captain Sandwich1 sandwich1090
Captain’s Carb Counters – Fish Dinner with steamed broccoli, vegetables, side salad with ranch3 pieces350
Caramel Sauce For funnel cake stix1 order90
Catfish1 filet250
Cheese Sticks1 order500
Cheesecake1 slice410
Cheesecake with Strawberries1 slice (142g)430
Cheesesticks4 pieces220
Chicken Ranch Sandwich1 sandwich710
Chicken Snack Smacker1 sandwich570
Chicken Tender1 tender180
Chocolate Cake1 slice300
Chocolate Chip Cookie1 cookie180
Clam Strips1 order580
Cocktail Sauce1 serving25

Coleslaw1 side order180
Corn on the Cob1 ear180
Country Style Fish1 filet180
Crab Cake1 cake190
Crispy Flounder1 filet410
Deluxe Classic Fish Sandwich1 sandwich700
D’s Dippin’ Sauce1 serving140
Fish Snack Smacker1 sandwich440
French Fries1 side order330
Fried Green Tomatoes with dippin’ sauce1 order590
Fried Okra1 side order320
Funnel Cake Stix1 order320
Great Little Fish Sandwich1 sandwich610
Green Beans1 side order70
Grilled Salmon1 filet220
Grilled Shrimp Skewers1 skewer100
Grilled Steak Tips1 order110
Grilled Tilapia Salad – Dressing not included1 salad310
Grilled White Fish Filet1 filet180
Grilled White Fish Tender1 tender50
Honey Mustard1 serving120
Honey Mustard Dressing1 packet160
Hushpuppy1 piece80
Italian Dressing – Fat Free1 packet10
Jalapeno Poppers1 order510

Lemon Herb Rice1 side order (113g)150
Lemon Pepper White Fish1 filet180
Loaded Baked Potato1 potato400
Macaroni & Cheese1 side order170
Peach Smoothie16 fl oz360
Pecan Pie1 slice (113g)470
Pineapple Cream Cheese Pie1 slice (106g)320
Popcorn Shrimp1 order490
Ranch Dressing1 packet120
Roasted Red Pepper Potatoes1 side order (124g)170
Salad with Bite Size Shrimp – Dressing not included1 salad275
Seasoned Rice1 order170
Seasoned Tilapia1 piece (154g)130
Shrimp Po’ Boy1 sandwich950
Shrimp Scampi1 order980
Shrimp Scampi Dinner with rice pilaf, steamed broccoli, vegetables10 pieces370
Side Salad -Dressing not included1 order20
Skewer Shrimp Salad – Dressing not included1 salad300
Southern Style Breaded Chicken Salad – Dressing not included1 salad290
Southern Style Fish Tenders1 tender90
Southern Style White Fish Filet1 filet540
Strawberry Smoothie16 fl oz300
Strawberry Topping1 serving50
Stuffed Crab1 piece140
Sweet & Sour Sauce1 serving35

Tartar Sauce1 serving100
Thousand Island Dressing1 packet120
Tropical Mango Smoothie16 fl oz330
Unsweetened Tea – Kids12 fl oz0
Unsweetened Tea – Large42 fl oz0
Unsweetened Tea – Medium32 fl oz0
Unsweetened Tea – Small22 fl oz0
Wild Alaskan Salmon Salad – Dressing not included1 salad330
Wild Alaskan Salmon Sandwich1 sandwich670

About Captain D’s Seafood

Captain D’s is an American Tennessee-based fast casual seafood restaurant chains founded by Raymond L. Danner, Sr. in 1969. When the chain was started in its first location in Donelson, Tennessee, the name of the restaurant then was Mr. D’s Seafood and Hamburgers. The name remained till 1974, when the name was changed to Captain D’s Seafood. The company therefore decided to focus on fish, shrimps, chips and side dishes.

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The fact that the company was able to provide quality seafood to its customers at reasonable prices, it was able to grow in popularity very fast. By 1973, the chain was already having 15 locations in the United States. Over the years, Captain D’s Seafood has spread to about 529 locations across the United States. The chain is headquartered in Nashville, United States.

If you are searching for Captain D’s near me, the map below can guide you to the nearest Captain D’s location. Otherwise, you may visit the chain website. Captain D’s could be found in 25 States. Precisely, you will find Captain D’s in Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, and Louisiana. Other States where you can find Captain D’s locations include Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi, North Carolina, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. Georgia has the highest concentration of Captain D’s locations followed by Tennessee.

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