Chick N Max Introduces Two New Chicken Sandwiches

Chick N Max Introduces has announced the introduction of two New Chicken Sandwiches to their menu.

“We’re upping our chicken game with four new additions to our popular sandwich menu. We’ve brought on noted Chef Robert Kabakoff to help us create gourmet flavor profiles that will help differentiate us in the industry,” said Max Sheets, Founder, Chick N Max. “We’ve also replaced the typical fried chicken breast that most fast-casual restaurants use for their chicken sandwiches with two ultra-crispy tenders. By using tenders, we can give the guest more chicken per sandwich and more crunch for their money.”

The Chain new legendary sandwiches are priced at $8.25 and they are available at all its Wichita locations. They come with a choice of sides which include the following:

With two Crispy Fried Tenders on a toasted brioche bun, served with a side

  • NEW: Big Newton – bacon, lettuce, fresh red and fried green tomatoes, house made honey mustard, pickled red onions
  • NEW: Hot Honey – buttermilk garlic sauce, Sriracha hot honey, bread & butter pickles
  • The Original – Hand-breaded tenders and crispy dill pickles
  • Nashville Hot – house blended spices, zesty white Bama BBQ sauce, pickles, creamy coleslaw
  • Loaded Bama – zesty white Bama BBQ sauce, pickles, creamy coleslaw

With Almond Wood Smoked Chicken on a toasted potato bun, served with a side

  • NEW: California Dreamin – guacamole, bacon, pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato, jalapeño cream sauce
  • NEW: Screamin’ Jalapeño Mimi – smoked cheddar cheese, jalapeños, Sriracha hot honey mayo, bread & butter pickles
  • Classic Smoked Chicken – buttermilk garlic sauce, bread & butter pickles
  • Smoked Chicken BLT – pepper jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato,Max’s signature sauce, bread & butter pickles
  • BBQ & Onion Ring – smoked cheddar cheese, Max’s original BBQ sauce, crispy onion rings, bread & butter pickles

Chick N Max Maple Bacon Chicken Sandwich

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