Man Shares His Own Ways of Preventing Coronavirus Infection

It is no longer a news that there is an outbreak of Coronavirus across the continents of the world. However, the impacts are more pronounced in certain continents. In fact, news is not complete if nothing is said about coronavirus. That is to tell you that the virus is real and it is taking its toll on economy globally.

Coronavirus is spreading on a daily basis from person to person. How do people get infected with the virus? People can get infected if they have close contact (within about 6 feet) with someone who is already infected. It can be through respiratory droplets from an infected person coughs or sneezes. Also, if you touch an object or material containing the virus, you can also get infected. Unfortunately, sneeze is spontaneous. You may not know when the person next to you or standing at your back may want to sneeze. It now depends on whether the person covers its mouth (which is normal thing to do) when he sneezes. But not to bother you with many story about coronavirus. What is more important here is how we can keep ourselves away from being infected with the strange virus. Read what a friend told me about how he is trying to prevent Corona infection. I think it makes sense to share this just the same way he shared it with me.

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“I want to share with you my own personal precautions. And I hope it will help some people too. Have you ever consider the risk involving in dining out? Some actually do. That is why restaurant patronages are declining. But does it mean that you should deny yourself of those chicken, sandwich, burger etc.? Well, the answer may be “No”. I will tell you the methods I now adopt and these are discussed below:

Online Order: Placing order online reduces the risk of having contact with someone who is infected with Coronavirus. If I place my order online, I don’t need to meet other guests at the restaurants neither do I need to touch the door, table and chair in the restaurant, Online is simply online. I don’t even need to see you. What is important is placing the order, make payment and have the food delivered to me.

Receiving order: While receiving order, I open my door myself and receive the order with gloves on my hands. I know that some people may be saying that this is too extreme. But it is better to keep myself and family safe. I don’t want to take chance. Immediately I get in, I dispose the hand gloves and the food packs hygienically. Do I need to tell you that I wash my hands with soap? Of course I do. I then put the food in my own plate and then microwave it. I learnt that the virus cannot survive certain level of temperature. Please, mind the type of container you put in the microwave. Once this is done, I am set to enjoy my meal. For now, this has become my routine.

Conclusion: Health is wealth. Prevention is better than cure. If refraining from mingling with people can actually reduce the risk of Coronavirus infection, then I think ordering food online can be helpful. What do you think?” Feel free to share your comment below.

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