Dickey’s Launches Six New Sandwiches

Dickey’s has announced the addition of six new sandwiches to their menu. These include the Brisket Double Cheese Sandwich, Texas Hot Sandwich, Barbecue Ranch Bird Sandwich, Carolina Style Pulled Pork Sandwich, Kickin’ Buffalo Chicken Sandwich, and the Wild Westerner Sandwich.

Kickin’ Buffalo Chicken Sandwich features sliced slow-smoked chicken, Buffalo sauce, coleslaw, jalapeño slices, and melted cheese on a warm brioche bun.

Carolina Style Pulled Pork Sandwich features hickory-smoked pulled pork drizzled with Carolina Barbecue Sauce and topped with coleslaw on a warm brioche bun.

The Wild Westerner Sandwich features hickory-smoked pulled pork, Texas hot sauce, spicy cheddar kielbasa sausage, onion, cheese, pickles, and jalapeños on a Westerner bun.

The Texas Hot Sandwich features smoked brisket, Texas hot barbecue sauce, and jalapeños served on a warm, toasty brioche bun.

The Brisket Double Cheese Sandwich features chopped brisket topped with melted American cheese and mac n’ cheese on a warm brioche bun

The new Barbecue Ranch Bird Sandwich features pit-smoked chicken breast with a peppery ranch, topped with melted cheese, pickle slices, onion rings, and sweet barbecue sauce on a warm brioche bun.

The new menu lists are available at all participating locations nationwide.

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