Fazoli’s Brings Black Pepper Shrimp Alfredo

Fazoli’s has brought back the popular Black Pepper Shrimp Alfredo!  How is the Black Pepper Shrimp Alfredo made? Fazolis simmer 15 shrimp in a black pepper Alfredo sauce and then pour that over al dente fettuccine.

Thereafter, it is topped with imported Parmesan cheese and fresh sliced green onion and Italian herbs.  The rich and creamy Alfredo sauce is balanced with the sharp notes of black pepper.  There is no doubt that customers will enjoy the Black Pepper Shrimp Alfredo with 15 shrimp loaded in each entrée. You will definitely have enough to last you until your very last bite!  To cap it all, the green onion known as scallions gives you a pleasant bite. If you are a lover of shrimp and and/or fettuccine Alfredo, there is possibility that you will also fall in love with this black pepper shrimp Alfredo!

However, if Fettuccine Alfredo is your choice, Fazoli’s has also brought it back as part of its menu. The Baked Fettuccine Alfredo, the perfectly-cooked fettuccine is covered with Alfredo sauce. It is then topped with a blend of mozzarella and provolone cheeses and baked at 490° until the cheese is perfectly melted and browned.

You can enjoy Fazoli’s favorites with drive-thru, carryout and delivery. It will interest you to know that Fazoli’s has a rewards point system. The rewards help you to earn one point for every dollar spent either in the restaurant or online.You can redeem your points when you earn up to 25 points. You can learn more about the Fazoli’s rewards point system

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