First Watch Near Me: Menu and Calories

Are you searching for First Watch near me? This article will provide you with a brief history of the company, its menu and calories.

First Watch Menu and Calories

First Watch menu includes The Healthier Sides, Eggs, Omelets & Frittatas, Power Bowls, Salads, Sandwiches, Juice Bar, and Beverages. Below are the details of the restaurant menu and calories.

A.M. Superfoods BowlIncludes toast with almond butter1 order1070
Acai Squeeze1 order170
Ancient Grains Protein Bowl1 order1010
Avocado ToastIncludes 2 basted eggs1 order700
Bacon2 slices – 13g73
Blueberry Muffin1 muffin158
Butter – Whipped1 scoop – 14g106
Cheesy Grits1 side order300
Chicken Chimichurri Hash1 order960
Cream of Chicken & Wild Rice Soup1 side order200
Crepeggs – Key West Crepe without side items1 crepe – 401g754
Eggs – Two2 eggs – 92g242
English Muffin1 muffin132
French Toast3 slices585
French Toast – Floridian with Raisin Bread3 slices579
Fresh Seasonal Fruit1 side order200
Fresh Seasoned Potatoes1 side order140
Ham1 side order120
Iced Coffee1 order160
Kale Tonic Fresh Juice1 order140
Links – Sausage2 links – 113g418
Matcha Latte Pancakes1 order690
Million Dollar Bacon1 order350
Morning Meditation Fresh Juice1 order160
Omelette – Acapulco Express without side items1 omelette782

Omelette – Bacado without side items1 omelette855
Omelette – Far West without side items1 omelette433
Omelette – Gravy Train without side items1 omelette908
Omelette – Greek Fetish without side items1 omelette447
Omelette – Ham & Cheese without side items1 omelette564
Omelette – Killer Cajun without side items1 omelette767
Omelette – Mushroom & Cheese without side items1 omelette370
Omelette – The Works without side items1 omelette832
Omelette – Three Cheese without side items1 omelette598
Omelette – Veg’d Out without side items1 omelette577
Pancake – Banana Crunch with Granola1 pancake779
Pancake – Blueberry1 pancake455
Pancake – Cranberry Nut1 pancake588
Pancake – Plain1 pancake445
Pancake – Wheat Germ1 pancake477
Plain Grits1 side order240
Pork Sausage1 side order460
Savory Chicken Sausage Patty1 side order50
Steel-cut OatmealIncludes muffin of the day1 order520
Sweet Iced Tea1 order100
Syrup – Blueberry Compote1 serving – 52g40
Traditional1 order470
Turkey Sausage1 side order280
Waffle – Belgian1 waffle464
Whole Grain Toast with Natural Preserves1 side order310
Wild Blackberry Tea1 order140

About First Watch

First Watch is an American Midscale family style restaurant chain founded by Ken Pendery and John Sullivan in Pacific Grove, California in1983. Before First Watch was established, the founder worked at Le Peep breakfast chain in Colorado. Along the line, First Watch acquired few companies like Egg and I restaurants and The Good Egg. Some of the acquired company restaurants were converted to First Watch restaurants.

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Likewise, First Watch have experienced acquisitions too. In 2011, the restaurant was acquired by Freeman Spogli & Co. In 2017, First Watch was acquired again by Advent International.  The restaurant has since expanded to about 295 locations with large presence in Florida, Ohio, Texas, Arizona and Colorado. The headquarters is based in Bradenton, Florida.

First Watch Near Me

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