Five Guys Near Me – Menu and Calories

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Five Guys Menu

Hamburger Bun1 bun – 77g260
Hamburger1 burger – 265g700
Bacon Burger1 burger – 279g780
Cheeseburger1 burger – 303g840
Bacon Cheeseburger1 burger – 317g920
Bacon Hot Dog1 hot dog – 181g625
Cheese Hot Dog1 hot dog – 186g615
Bacon & Cheese Hot Dog1 hot dog – 200g695
Hot Dog1 hot dog – 90g285
Little Hamburger1 little burger – 171g480
Little Bacon Burger1 little burger – 185g560
Little Cheeseburger1 little burger – 190g550
Little Bacon Cheeseburger1 little burger – 204g630
Toppings – Mushrooms1 order10
Toppings – Jalapeno Peppers1 order – 11g3
Toppings – Mayonnaise1 order – 14g100
French Fries – LittleCooked in peanut oil1 order – 227g526
Toppings – Green Peppers1 order – 25g5
Toppings – Onions1 order – 26g10
Toppings – Lettuce1 order – 30g4
French Fries – RegularCooked in peanut oil1 order – 411g953
Toppings – Tomatoes1 order – 52g9
French Fries – LargeCooked in peanut oil1 order – 567g1314
Hamburger Patty1 patty – 94g220
Grilled Cheese Sandwich1 sandwich – 110g430

Veggie Sandwich1 sandwich – 209g440
Milkshake Mix-Ins – Bacon1 serving – 14g80
Milkshake Mix-Ins – Dark Vanilla Syrup1 serving – 18g51
Toppings – BBQ Sauce1 serving – 28g60
Milkshake Mix-Ins – Banana1 serving – 35g75
Milkshake Mix-Ins – Cherry1 serving – 35g98
Milkshake Mix-Ins – Chocolate1 serving – 35g100
Milkshake Mix-Ins – Coffee1 serving – 35g7
Milkshake Mix-Ins – Malted Milk1 serving – 35g151
Milkshake Mix-Ins – Oreo Cookie Pieces1 serving – 35g163
Milkshake Mix-Ins – Oreo Creme1 serving – 35g225
Milkshake Mix-Ins – Peanut Butter1 serving – 35g225
Milkshake Mix-Ins – Salted Caramel1 serving – 35g108
Milkshake Mix-Ins – Strawberry1 serving – 35g50
 Shake Base1 serving – 396g670
Toppings – Mustard1 serving – 5g0
Whipped CreamMilkshake topping1 serving – 7g20
Toppings – Cheese1 slice – 19g70
Relish1 tbsp – 15g15
A.1.A.1. Original Sauce1 tbsp – 17g15
Toppings – Ketchup1 tbsp – 17g15
Toppings – Hot Sauce1 tsp – 5g0
Toppings – Bacon2 slices – 14g80
Toppings – Pickles6 chips – 28g5


Five Guys near me


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For those who may not know much about Five Guys Burgers and Fries, this American fast casual restaurant chain was founded by Janie and Jerry Murrell with their sons, Jim, Chad, Matt, and Ben in 1986 in Arlington, Virginia, United States. The fifth guy which is the fifth son was born two years after and he has been part of the burger restaurant. The decision for the first four guys to start the business instead of them to go to college has actually paid off.

Over the years, the Five Guys have been able to perfect their system thereby making the restaurant to become a go-to for fresh and juicy burger.  The restaurant has been able to expand very fast through franchise system. In fact, within eighteen months that the restaurant began franchising, the Five Guys were able to sell options above 300 unites. The restaurant has since expanded to more than 1,500 locations across the United States and other countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Kuwait, Republic of Ireland, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Spain and the United Arab Emirates. The restaurant also has about 1,500 locations in pipeline.

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