Friendly’s Features New Food Specials

For people that crave new flavors, it may be time for you to visit Friendly’s restaurant to enjoy any of it new food specials. Among Friendly’s new food specials are:

Hunka Chunka PB Fudge Lava Cake: This is peanut butter filled warm chocolate cake, framed by 3 scoops of Hunka Chunka PB Fudge® ice cream, topped with fudge, peanut butter, chocolate chips and a REESE’S® PEANUT BUTTER CUP. It contains 2490 calories

Sirloin Steak: Deliciously tender, juicy 6oz sirloin cooked to perfection and served with broccoli and piled high garlic red skin mashed potatoes. It contains 570 calories.

Fisherman’s Platter: You can choose 3 servings of fried shrimp, a tavern-battered cod fillet and/or clam strips. Mix and match them as you like. It is served with golden fries, coleslaw, your choice of tartar or cocktail sauce and lemon wedge.  The calories level is 1730/1530.

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