Golden Corral Is Reopening With Different Styles

Golden Corral has started reopening its restaurant locations that were shut down in the month of March due to COVID-19 pandemic but not as the buffet-style the chain is known for.

This time around, the chain is reopening some of its locations with cafeteria-style dining and family-style service. Why the change in style? Golden Corral is simply complying with the “No-Buffet” rules which forbid restaurants from operating buffet style in which customers serve themselves.  The rules are put in place to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic and also to guarantee the safety of customers. The cafeteria-style dining and family-style service models are adopted to enable the chain comply with variations in local and state guidelines. The cafeteria-style eliminates the need for guests to retrieve utensils themselves. In the case of family-style dining, the staff will be delivering food to customers’ tables.

Other measures that the chain is putting in place to ensure the safety of its customers include:

  • Enforcement of rigorous cleaning standards for customer touch points
  • Checking of customers’ temperatures
  • Mounting of hand sanitizing stations
  • Spacing of tables to keep customers apart
  • Delivery of drinks to customers’ tables

Some locations are open for takeout only, especially the locations in North Carolina and Maryland while few locations in Florida now operate the usual buffet style.

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You would recall that the chain closed its company-owned restaurants in the month of March while some of the franchised locations were offering takeout and delivery. With this development, Golden Corral was left with no option other than to ask its staff of about 2,290 in number to go home. However, as part of the company’s social responsibility, the company was willing to help the affected employees seek unemployment benefits. At the same time, the chain agreed to provide food for the staff and their families in order to cushion the effects of the sudden loss of job.

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