Hooters Reopens Dine-In Service in Over 150 Locations

After a long period of shut down of dine-in service in most of the fast food restaurants as a result of COVID-19, people can now have a sigh of relief as few restaurants are beginning to open dine-in services.

Hooters has announced that guests can now enjoy dine-in service in more than 150 locations which they recently reopened. The chain assured the public that the locations have fulfilled local and state mandates and guidelines. Therefore, these locations are now safe for dine-in service.

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However, for safety of the guests, people are expected to maintain social distancing of six feet apart. There is limit to the number of people that can be allowed into the restaurant per time. All locations will provide hand sanitizer both at the entrance and every strategic locations in the restaurant. All team members are to wear their gloves and face masks at all times and they are to wash their hands frequently. The chain is also putting other measures in place in order to ensure that guests and team members are safe.

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