How to Get Wendy’s Free Cheeseburger

Are you aware of the Wendy’s Free Cheeseburger? If you are aware, do you know how to be part of this food deal? This article will guide you on how to score the deal.

Personally, I like free things. Why do I need to pay for what I can get free? If you maintain this attitude, you may be surprised at how much costs you can save in one year. One of the ways Wendy’s is helping people through this stay at home period is by giving free cheeseburger for every mobile order. The free cheeseburger features quarter-pound of beef, American cheese, tomato, lettuce, pickle, mayo, ketchup, and onion on a toasted bun.

What would you do with the free cheeseburger? Well, I am saying that you should over-eat because there is a freebie somewhere. You can reserve the free cheeseburger for your next meal. You can even share it with your friend. What of if you put a smile on the face of someone who cannot afford to buy a meal. If you do such especially in this critical time, such act of kindness will not be easily forgotten.

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How to get the Wendy’s Free Cheeseburger

To get the free cheeseburger is very simple. Just follow these procedures:

  • Log in to your Wendy’s account
  • Select the free Dave’s Single offer
  • Place your mobile order

Please note that the free burger can only be redeemed once during the span of the deal.

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