Kona Grill Menu and Calories

Here, you will find Kona Grill menu and their calories. We understand that not everybody is just after the price of fast food menu. Some actually want to have a fair idea of the calories the food they want to buy contain. In this article, the focus is on Kona Grill menu and calories.

Find below the list of Kona Grill menu and calories:

ItemServing SizeCalories
Atlantic Roll1 serving510 Calories
Avocado Chicken Club1 serving1330 Calories
Avocado Egg Rolls1 serving970 Calories
Bama Roll1 serving400 Calories
BBQ Chicken Flatbread1 serving1160 Calories
Big BBQ Cheeseburger Sliders1 serving1610 Calories
Butter Cake1 serving910 Calories
California Roll1 serving310 Calories
Carribbean Crab Sliders1 serving1380 Calories
Carrot Cake1 serving2480 Calories
Caterpillar Roll1 serving540 Calories
Checkerboard Roll1 serving470 Calories
Cheeseburger Sliders1 serving1490 Calories
Chicken & Shrimp Lettuce Wraps1 serving810 Calories
Chicken Chili1 serving440 Calories
Chicken Satay1 serving1180 Calories
Chocolate Butter Cake1 serving1020 Calories
Coconut Shrimp Roll1 serving400 Calories
Crab Crunch Roll1 serving490 Calories
Crispy Korean Sandwich1 serving1530 Calories
Crunchy Spicy Tuna Roll1 serving470 Calories
Cuban Sandwich1 serving1650 Calories
Dragon Roll1 serving480 Calories
Edamame (Soybeans), Angry1 serving380 Calories
Edamame (Soybeans), Original1 serving250 Calories

Fiery Shrimp Roll1 serving310 Calories
Firecracker Sashimi1 serving210 Calories
Flamingo Roll1 serving260 Calories
Freshwater Eel Sashimi1 serving290 Calories
Freshwater Eel Sushi1 serving190 Calories
Grilled Salmon & Herb Salad1 serving910 Calories
Hamachi Nachi1 serving400 Calories
Herb Spatzle1 serving460 Calories
House Salad Side1 serving260 Calories
Jalapeno Yellowtail Sashimi1 serving120 Calories
Jambalaya1 plating1080 Calories
KG Deviled Eggs1 serving370 Calories
Kids California Roll1 serving310 Calories
Kids Cheeseburger1 serving530 Calories
Kids Chicken Satay1 serving290 Calories
Kids Chicken Tenders1 serving310 Calories
Kids Flatbread – Cheese1 serving460 Calories
Kids Flatbread – Pepperoni1 serving670 Calories
Kids Grilled Cheese1 serving190 Calories
Kids Grilled Salmon1 serving210 Calories
Kids Shrimp Tempura1 serving220 Calories
Kids Side- Buttered Noodles1 serving160 Calories
Kids Side- Carrot Sticks1 serving120 Calories
Kids Side- French Fries1 serving230 Calories
Kids Side- House Salad1 serving110 Calories

Kids Side- Mac And Cheese1 serving330 Calories
Kids Side- Mashed Potatoes1 serving100 Calories
Kids Side- Orange Bear1 serving90 Calories
Kids Side- Shrimp & Pork Fried Rice1 serving140 Calories
Kids Side- Soybeans (Edamame)1 serving250 Calories
Kids Side- Sweet Potato Fries1 serving240 Calories
Kids Side- White Rice1 serving110 Calories
Kids Sushi Combo1 serving80 Calories
Kona Calamari1 serving1080 Calories
Kona Chopped Salad1 plating1140 Calories
Kona Coffee Glazed Ribs, Starter1 serving410 Calories
Kona Steakhouse Roll1 serving330 Calories
Kona Stir Fry – Beef1 serving710 Calories
Kona Stir Fry – Chicken1 serving660 Calories
Kona Stir Fry – Combo1 serving720 Calories
Lamb Tagine1 serving960 Calories
Las Vegas Roll1 serving530 Calories
Lemon Garlic Shrimp Penne1 serving1580 Calories
Margherita Flatbread1 serving830 Calories
Me Chong Salad1 serving790 Calories
Miso Soup1 bowl60 Calories
Miso-Charred Broccoli1 serving180 Calories
Mumbai Chicken1 serving750 Calories
Oriental Salad Large1 plating530 Calories
Oriental Salad Side1 plating270 Calories

Original Poke – Rice1 serving560 Calories
Original Poke – Salad1 serving420 Calories
Pad Thai Noodles – Chicken1 serving1260 Calories
Pad Thai Noodles – Combo1 serving1520 Calories
Pad Thai Noodles – Shrimp1 serving1270 Calories
Pan-Seared Tuna Sliders1 serving1760 Calories
Peanut Butter Torte1 serving2020 Calories
Peppered Tuna Tataki Roll1 serving350 Calories
Pepperoni Flatbread1 serving1220 Calories
Philadelphia Roll1 serving340 Calories
Picasso Roll1 serving380 Calories
Poke Naruto, Salmon1 serving310 Calories
Poke Naruto, Tuna1 serving240 Calories
Potstickers1 serving650 Calories
Pulled Pork Sliders1 serving1550 Calories
Rainbow Roll1 serving380 Calories
Salmon & Tuna Naruto1 serving200 Calories
Salmon Sashimi1 serving150 Calories
Salmon Sushi1 serving130 Calories
Salmon Wasabi Sashimi1 serving190 Calories
Seaweed Salad1 serving100 Calories
Shrimp & Lobster Roll1 serving340 Calories
Shrimp & Pork Fried Rice1 serving280 Calories
Shrimp Poke1 serving660 Calories
Shrimp Romesco Flatbread1 serving1020 Calories

Shrimp Sashimi1 serving60 Calories
Shrimp Sushi1 serving70 Calories
Shrimp Tempura Naruto Roll1 serving410 Calories
Shrimp Tempura Roll1 serving310 Calories
Smelt Roe Sashimi1 serving100 Calories
Smelt Roe Sushi1 serving110 Calories
Smoked Salmon Sashimi1 serving90 Calories
Smoked Salmon Sushi1 serving90 Calories
Soft Shell Crab Roll1 serving310 Calories
Spicy Korean Flatbread1 serving840 Calories
Spicy Shrimp Tempura1 serving590 Calories
Spicy Tuna Roll1 serving320 Calories
Spicy Yellowtail Roll1 serving290 Calories
Spider Roll1 serving460 Calories
Sunshine Roll1 serving400 Calories
Sushi Sampler1 serving780 Calories
The Mediterranean Flatbread1 serving950 Calories
Tuna Habanero Crunch Roll1 serving430 Calories
Tuna Sashimi1 serving80 Calories
Tuna Sushi1 serving45 Calories
Turmeric Rice1 serving590 Calories
Umami Mushroom Flatbread1 serving520 Calories
Vegetarian Roll1 serving220 Calories
Voodoo Roll1 serving350 Calories
Wave Roll1 serving340 Calories

Yamada Roll1 serving450 Calories
Yellowtail Sashimi1 serving110 Calories
Yellowtail Sushi1 serving110 Calories
Yuzu Lemon Tart1 serving870 Calories

Kona Grill menu

About Kona Grill

Micheal McDermott was the founder of Kona Grill, established on September 18, 1998, at Scottsdale, Arizona. The restaurant depicts a modern design, with an upscale appearance to create a place to have fun while eating. Since the first Kona Grill restaurant serving tasty American cuisine, sushi and cocktail were established in Arizona, it has opened up over 40 branches across 23 states in the United States of America, including restaurants in three countries.

Kona Grill is an upscale restaurant suitable for your dates, brunch, and dinner. Their online services are quite extensive, and customers can do much more online, like make seat reservations, choosing the best seat available to have a good time. Go to the playstore or Apple store for your smartphone to quickly find the closest locations and make table reservations from the tip of your finger.

Customers can find out about the latest offers and events such as valentine’s day specials and more coming up. Check out their outstanding American Cuisine available on the menu, and make orders online selecting the preferred delivery agency from the available ones on the platform. Customers will enjoy a wide range of menu as you can find online from Diner, brunch, beverages, happy hours, kid menu date night menu, and much more. There have been lots of positive customer reviews about the place. And more has been said about their happy hours which you can learn about from the websites. In addition to a friendly and modern environment, customer service is top-notch with responsive and helpful staff. Here, people can have a quiet meal or a small party with a large booth available to contain family or a group of people that want to have a happy time eating together. For large gatherings, customers should make seat reservations on time to get the best experience with Kona Grill.

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