Krystal Launches Pick 5 for $5.99 at Select Locations

For those who are ardent fans of Krystal, Pick 5 for $5.99 may not be totally strange to them. But to some, this will be a total new offering.

Whether you are existing fan of the chain or you are just getting to know about the Krystal’s Pick 5 for $5.99, what is important is for you to know exactly what this offering entails. That is the only way you can actually make the most of this offer.

So, what is Krystal’s Pick 5 for $5.99 all about? It is a mix and match offering which allow you to pick five offerings from a select menu for just $5.99. This time around, the available menu items from which you can pick five for $5.99 include Krystal, Cheese Krystal, Chik, Nashville HOT Chik, Chili Cheese Pup, Classic Pup, Corn Pup, Apple Turnover, Small Drink, Small Tots, Small Fry, and Sundae.

Krystal’s Pick 5 for $5.99 is available for drive-through or online ordering at participating locations. You can also order for dine-in or delivery at few select restaurants.

For people who may like to add beverage, they can get medium drink for just $0.50 while the large drink goes for $0.70.

Krystal’s Pick 5 for $5.99


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