Paris Baguette Introduces New Menu Beginning From March 17

Beginning from March 17, 2021, customers visiting Paris Baguette will be greeted with arrays of new menu ranging from Pastries to Bread, Cake and Beverages.

Details of the new menu are as follows:

Pastries: In the pastries menu categories, there will be Strawberry Jam Filled Croissants, Filled Donut, and Everything Croissant with Cream Cheese Filling.

  • Filled Croissants: This is a twist on Paris Baguette’s classic croissants filled with light and airy cream fillings available in Matcha, Espresso, Mango and Chocolate.
  • Strawberry Jam Filled Donut: This features handcrafted donut packed with sweet, strawberry jam and finished with a sugar dusting.
  • Everything Croissant with Cream Cheese Filling – This is just an upgrade of your favorite breakfast. It features a flaky croissant filled with cream cheese and finished with Everything Bagel Seasoning.

Breads: Under bread category is the Brioche Rolls which features a set of 4 light and fluffy buttery brioche rolls.

Cakes: Lovers of cakes are not left behind. The chain is introducing Berry Vanilla Chiffon Cake. The Berry Vanilla Chiffon Cake contains three layers of luscious vanilla chiffon cake filled with silky vanilla soft cream and fresh sliced strawberries.

Beverages: For beverage, there is Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew which contains cold brew coffee with a hint of vanilla, topped with thick vanilla sweet cream.

The new menu will be available at all Paris Baguette locations nationwide starting from March 17, 2021.

Paris Baguette menu

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