Peet’s Coffee & Tea Menu and Calories

Here, you will find Peet’s Coffee & Tea menu and their calories. We understand that not everybody is just after the price of fast food menu. Some actually want to have a fair idea of the calories the food they want to buy contain. In this article, the focus is on Peet’s Coffee & Tea menu and calories.

Find below the list of Peet’s Coffee & Tea menu and calories:

ItemServing SizeCalories
Almond Croissant1 Serving440 Calories
Apple Danish1 Serving360 Calories
Banana Bread1 Serving500 Calories
Berry Crumble Bar1 Serving240 Calories
Blueberry Muffin1 Serving610 Calories
Blueberry Scone1 Serving360 Calories
Brownie1 Serving450 Calories
Butter Croissant1 Serving310 Calories
Caramelized Queen Tart1 Serving490 Calories
Chocolate Chip Cookie1 Serving440 Calories
Chocolate Croissant1 Serving400 Calories
Chocolate Hazelnut Brioche Knot1 Serving390 Calories
Chocolate Scone1 Serving330 Calories
Chouquette1 Serving50 Calories
Gougere1 Serving50 Calories
Ham & Cheese Croissant1 Serving430 Calories
Honey Bran Muffin, Reduced Fat1 Serving440 Calories
Lemon Bread1 Serving570 Calories
Maple Walnut Scone1 Serving540 Calories
Morning Glory Muffin With Coconut, Vegan1 Serving540 Calories
Peanut Butter Cookie, Vegan1 Serving340 Calories
Vanilla Cranberry Scone, Vegan1 Serving320 Calories
White Chocolate Cranberry Cookie1 Serving330 Calories

About Peet’s Coffee and Tea

Peet’s Coffee & Tea, Inc. is the leading premium coffee and tea company in the United States. The company was founded in 1966 in Berkeley, California, by Alfred Peet. Peet was an early coffee  authority who eventually became generally regarded as a specialty coffee grandfather in the U.S. Nowadays, Peet’s Coffee & Tea delivers excellent quality coffees and teas in a range of ways, offering the highest quality coffee beans and tea leaves in the world, adhering to stringent high quality and flavor requirements, and managing stock quality through its exclusive direct store distribution and merchandising scheme.

Peet’s is committed to strategically extending its market across many outlets while retaining the exceptional consistency of its coffees and teas.

Peet's Coffee & Tea menu

Peet’s has offices in a variety of transportation centers, including many airports such as William P. Hobby Airport, George Bush Intercontinental Airport, Reno-Tahoe International Airport, John F. Kennedy International Airport, Philadelphia International Airport, Sacramento International Airport, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Hollywood Burbank Airport, and the three main airports in San Franc.

Peet is in Northeast Portland, Oregon. In 2003, the first full-service Peet’s coffee bar on a university campus was opened in the Clark Center building at Stanford University. Peet’s coffee is now usually offered at all Stanford dining venues. In 2005, UC Berkeley opened its own Peet franchise on campus in Dwinelle Hall and as a campus restaurant near its current dining room. Similarly, coffee bars were opened in 2009 at the UW–Madison Memorial Union, Villanova University and UC San Diego.

Their menu includes: Golden Latte pairs of hand-pulled espresso with turmeric, honey and ginger steamed in milk. Mighty Leaf Green Tea Tropical, steamed with turmeric, they also add yuzu, ginger and a hint of honey to their Golden Tonic.

Hand-pulled, bold Espresso Forte is the base for each of their espresso drinks. Customers apply steamed milk or sugar, whichever suit their tastes. They also try one of their various regular selections of coffee, brewed every 30 minutes. The freshest cup is the best cup.

Whether brewed as a pot of exclusive loose leaf or infused with one of their signature handmade, hand-stitched silk tea bags, every cup of Mighty Leaf’s entire leaf tea collection offers a one-of-a-kind experience.

From pastries and cookies to hot breakfasts and on-the-go options, they only deliver new and tasty options to suit every appetite of the morning.

For more than 50 years, their mission has been to deliver the best coffees and teas in the world without compromise. Since 1966, they have travelled in the search of a better blend, a better cup of coffee, a better service for their customers.

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