Penn Station East Coast Subs Menu and Calories

Here, you will find Penn Station East Coast Subs menu and their calories. We understand that not everybody is just after the price of fast food menu. Some actually want to have a fair idea of the calories the food they want to buy contain. In this article, the focus is on Penn Station East Coast Subs menu and calories.

Find below the list of Penn Station East Coast Subs menu and calories:

ItemServing SizeCalories
Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich1 medium1185 calories
Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich1 small790 calories
Chicken Cordon Bleu Sandwich1 large1580 calories
Chicken Cordon Bleu Wrap1 wrap905 calories
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich1 large1186 calories
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich1 small593 calories
Chicken Parmesan Sandwich1 medium890 calories
Chicken Parmesan Wrap1 wrap658 calories
Chicken Salad Sandwich1 small582 calories
Chicken Salad Sandwich1 medium873 calories
Chicken Salad Sandwich1 large1164 calories
Chicken Salad Wrap1 wrap645 calories
Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich1 medium843 calories
Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich1 small562 calories
Chicken Teriyaki Sandwich1 large1124 calories
Chicken Teriyaki Wrap1 wrap620 calories
Club Sandwich1 medium1169 calories
Club Sandwich1 small779 calories
Club Sandwich1 large1558 calories
Club Wrap1 wrap891 calories
Grilled Artichoke Sandwich1 small542 calories
Grilled Artichoke Sandwich1 large1084 calories
Grilled Artichoke Sandwich1 medium813 calories
Grilled Artichoke Wrap1 wrap595 calories
Grilled Vegetarian Sandwich1 large1229 calories

Grilled Vegetarian Sandwich1 medium921 calories
Grilled Vegetarian Sandwich1 small614 calories
Grilled Vegetarian Wrap1 wrap685 calories
Italian Pizza Sandwich1 small955 calories
Italian Pizza Sandwich1 large1910 calories
Italian Pizza Sandwich1 medium1432 calories
Italian Pizza Wrap1 wrap1111 calories
Italian Sandwich1 small1493 calories
Italian Sandwich1 large2987 calories
Italian Sandwich1 medium2240 calories
Italian Sausage Sandwich1 large1364 calories
Italian Sausage Sandwich1 medium1023 calories
Italian Sausage Sandwich1 small682 calories
Italian Sausage Wrap1 wrap770 calories
Italian Wrap1 wrap1784 calories
Philadelphia Cheesesteak Sandwich1 small648 calories
Philadelphia Cheesesteak Sandwich1 large1297 calories
Philadelphia Cheesesteak Sandwich1 medium972 calories
Philadelphia Cheesesteak Wrap1 wrap727 calories
Reuben Sandwich1 small823 calories
Reuben Sandwich1 large1646 calories
Reuben Sandwich1 medium1235 calories
Reuben Wrap1 wrap946 calories
Tuna Salad Sandwich1 medium846 calories
Tuna Salad Sandwich1 small564 calories
Tuna Salad Sandwich1 large1128 calories
Tuna Salad Wrap1 wrap622 calories

Penn Station East Coast Subs menu

About Penn Station East Coast Subs

Penn Station East Coast Subs is a subsidiary of Planet subs that specializes in serving food products like freshly made East coast style subs to consumers. The Private fast food chain/ restaurant was established in 1995 by Jeff Osterfield at Cincinnati, Ohio, and has gone on to become one of America’s best and consistent fast food casual chain.

The company has its corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, in the State of Ohio, United States of America.  With a philosophy of bringing and adding quality, freshness and expertise to the restaurant sector, Penn Station Subs now has over 300 locations in 15 States in the South and Midwest regions of America.

Jeff Osterfield developed the idea and concept of opening an East Coast Style Sub restaurant, when he discovered and saw how popular the Cheesesteak sandwich was, during a trip to Philadelphia. After graduating from Miami University in Oxford, Osterfield opened a Jeffrey’s Delicatessen store in 1983, at Dayton Mall. The successes and gains from sales, service delivery and the overall quality of his version of the Cheesesteak sandwich intrigued and motivated him to do more. Consequently, this quest of growth and expansion saw the founder open the first Penn Station fast food restaurant in 1985.

The company subsequently opened more locations and branches in and outside Cincinnati in 1987. The fast casual restaurant ventured into franchising soon after, in 1988 with more stores opened in Nashville and Louisville. Penn Station East Coast Sub’s concept and idea of offering fast dining experience, with a focus on fresh and high quality foods has become a success overtime. The company cum restaurant has become renowned and famous for its excellent staffing, clean, good and comfortable seating space, casual and relaxed ambiance, and supply of quality quick meals at affordable prices.

Penn Station East Coast Subs operates a distinct, nutritionally sufficient menu that take into account the needs of customers. The menu comprises of cuisines made from freshly made bread and other ingredients. At the onset, the fast chain restaurant had just four sandwiches with the Cheesesteak sandwich as the best. However, the menu has evolved to include other cuisines like French fries and lemonades. The restaurant prepares its food and order in front of customers, with fresh meats and ingredients. This has become a trademark of the restaurant and has led to improved sales and rating. Also, Penn Station East Coast subs serve other grilled and cold subs that come in different sizes.

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