Perkins Near Me: Menu and Calories

For people searching for Perkins near me, this article will give you a brief history of the restaurant, its menu and calories.

Perkins Menu and Calories

One peculiar thing about Perkins Restaurants & Bakery is that, it sells breakfast all through the day. Below are its menu and calories:

2% White Milk1 order – 564g340
A-1 Tangler Burger1 burger – 482g1160
All American Breakfast1 platter – 230g350
Apple Cinnamon Muffin1 muffin – 201g630
Apple Juice1 order – 562g280
Applewood Smoked Bacon2 slices – 14g70
Apricot Syrup2 fl oz – 56g120
Balsamic Glazed Salmon Skillet1 order – 667g950
Banana Nut Muffin1 muffin – 201g790
BBQ Smoked Chicken Sandwich1 order – 363g640
Belgian Waffle1 waffle – 187g460
Belgian Waffle Platter1 platter – 290g620
Big BLT Sandwich1 order – 140g420
Biscuits2 biscuits – 180g650
Blue Cheese Dressing2 fl oz – 50g270
Blueberry Banana Buttermilk Pancake Breakfast1 platter – 481g660
Blueberry Muffin1 muffin – 199g650
Blueberry Pancakes3 pancakes – 280g570
Breaded Fantail Shrimp4 shrimp – 182g290
Breakfast Potatoes1 side – 142g280
Brioche French Toast2 slices – 225g640
Brioche French Toast Platter1 platter – 324g730
Buttermilk Pancake Platter1 platter – 347g700
Buttermilk Pancakes3 pancakes – 243g540
Buttermilk Short Stack Pancakes3 pancakes – 243g540

California Avocado Eggs Benedict1 order – 548g1020
Caramel Apple Pie1 slice – 203g500
Caramelized Red Onions1 side – 28g20
Cheeseburger Fries1 platter – 814g2040
Chicken Noodle Soup1 bowl – 228g260
Chicken Strips1 platter – 306g870
Chicken Strips Dinner1 order – 292g800
Chicken Strips Melt1 order – 420g1290
Chicken Strips with Honey Mustard Dressing1 platter – 256g750
Chicken Tortilla Soup1 bowl – 250g15
Chicken, Bacon & Broccoli Pasta1 order – 693g1120
Chocolate Chip Cookie1 cookie – 70g310
Chocolate Chip Mammoth Muffin1 muffin – 199g720
Chocolate French Silk Pie1 slice – 173g760
Chocolate Walnut Brownie1 brownie – 124g560
Chorizo Flats1 platter – 369g950
Cinnamon Roll1 roll – 187g710
Cinnamon Roll French Toast1 slice – 221g670
Cinnamon Roll French Toast Platter1 platter – 321g810
Classic Eggs Benedict1 order – 458g650
Coconut Cream Pie1 slice – 208g640
Coffee1 order – 220g0
Corned Beef Hash & Eggs1 platter – 317g520
Country Biscuit & Eggs Breakfast1 platter – 460g860
Country Club Melt1 order – 356g990

Country Fried Steak & Eggs1 platter – 414g740
Country Fried Steak Dinner1 order – 310g570
Country Sausage Biscuit Breakfast1 platter – 515g1330
Cranberry Juice1 order – 350g170
Cream Gravy1 side – 60g35
Crimini Mushrooms1 side – 56g15
Crispy Fries1 platter – 198g570
Crispy Tots1 platter – 198g470
Decaffeinated Coffee1 order – 220g0
Double Catch Dinner1 order – 544g1330
Egg in a Hole1 platter – 407g1060
English Muffin1 muffin – 76g230
Everything Skillet1 skillet690
Fabulous Five Breakfast1 platter – 68g170
Farmer’s Omelet1 omelet – 308g660
Fat Free Chocolate Milk1 order – 338g240
Fat Free Italian Dressing2 fl oz – 50g15
Fish ‘n Chips Dinner1 order – 472g1290
French Dip Sandwich1 order – 345g750
French Dressing2 fl oz – 50g230
French Toast3 slices – 490g490
French Toast Platter1 platter – 294g620
Fresh Broccoli1 side – 127g120
Fried Pickles1 platter – 283g790
Fried Pickles with Ranch1 platter – 169g490

Frisco Burger1 burger – 589g1610
Fudge Brownie Silk Pie1 slice – 168g710
Garden Salad1 side – 112g110
Glazed Blueberries6 fl oz – 170g200
Glazed Strawberries6 fl oz – 168g140
Granny’s Country Omelet1 omelet – 839g1290
Grapefruit Juice1 order – 562g280
Green Beans & Bacon1 side – 112g45
Grilled Cajun Tilapia & Shrimp1 dinner – 489g460
Grilled Chicken with Mushroom & Asparagus Dinner1 order – 539g580
Grilled Garlic Tilapia & Shrimp Dinner1 order – 500g550
Grilled Ham1 slice – 160g160
Grilled Pork Chop Dinner1 order – 400g560
Grilled Pork Chops Breakfast1 platter – 500g690
Grilled Salmon Dinner1 order – 216g430
Grits1 side – 168g150
Ham & Cheese Omelet with Pancakes1 omelet – 481g1050
Hammin’ Egger Breakfast1 platter – 306g650
Hash Browns1 hash brown – 123g210
Hibachi Fried Chicken Skillet1 order – 632g860
Hibachi Grilled Shrimp Skillet1 order – 644g690
Homemade Meatloaf Dinner1 order – 692g1060
Homestyle Potatoes1 side – 193g210
Honey Mustard Chicken Crunch Salad1 order – 535g980
Honey Mustard Dressing2 fl oz – 50g250

Hot Chocolate1 order – 220g120
Hot Tea1 order – 234g10
Iced Coffee1 order – 369g200
Iced Tea1 order – 344g10
Jumbo Shrimp Dinner1 order – 182g290
Kickin’ Chicken Tortilla Skillet1 order – 843g1020
Kids Mini Chef Salad1 order – 270g300
Kids Silver Dollar Pancake Short Stack1 order – 99g250
Large Eggs2 eggs – 104g170
Lemonade1 order – 350g150
Loaded Potato Soup1 bowl – 286g460
Magnificent Seven Breakfast1 platter – 361g770
Maple-Glazed Pork Chop & Eggs1 platter – 584g1100
Mashed Potatoes & Gravy1 side – 244g240
Meat ‘n Potatoes Omelet1 omelet – 437g1000
Mini Chicken Pot Pie1 order – 316g690
Mini Chicken Pot Pie Combo1 order – 441g780
Mozzarella Sticks1 platter – 204g520
Mushroom & Swiss Omelet1 omelet – 495g950
Oatmeal1 side – 357g390
Onion Rings1 platter – 309g880
Orange Juice1 order – 562g260
Pancake Syrup2 fl oz – 56g140
Patty Melt Pile On Sandwich1 burger – 46g1410
Pick 3 Sampler1 sampler – 592g1630

Pigs in a Blanket Breakfast1 order – 439g950
Pork Roll3 pieces – 84g270
Potato Pancakes3 pancakes – 296g610
Ranch Dressing2 fl oz – 50g170
Raspberry Tea1 order – 330g130
Reuben Melt1 order – 485g1090
Roast Beef & Swiss Sandwich1 order – 299g730
Rye Toast2 slices – 122g390
Sausage Links4 links – 104g460
Sauteed Spinach1 side – 116g70
Scrapple1 side – 112g300
Shrimp, Bacon & Broccoli Pasta1 order – 606g980
Smoked Sausage1 sausage – 116g380
Sonoma Chicken Salad Sandwich1 order – 205g490
Sourdough Toast2 slices – 130g390
Southern Fried Chicken Biscuit Breakfast1 platter – 555g1340
Southwest Avocado Salad1 order – 659g820
Spinach & Mushroom Skillet1 skillet – 530g440
Spring Water1 order – 340g0
Steak & Eggs Breakfast1 platter – 279g390
Steak & Peppers Skillet1 order – 656g800
Steak Medallions & Mushroom Dinner1 order – 326g480
Strawberry & Cream Crisper1 crisper – 101g310
Strawberry Croissant French Toast1 slice – 358g630
Strawberry Croissant French Toast Platter1 platter – 458g760

Strawberry Pancakes1 pancake – 432g730
Strawberry Pancakes Platter1 platter – 546g930
Sugar Free Pancake Syrup2 fl oz – 56g10
Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Bacon Burger1 burger – 461g1100
Sweet Sticky Bun1 bun – 199g790
Sweet Tea1 order – 220g100
The A-1 BBQ Bacon Burger1 burger – 430g1170
The Big Country Sunrise Skillet1 skillet – 540g1160
The Breakfast Burger1 burger – 430g1120
The Chopped Cobb Salad1 order – 485g510
The Classic Burger1 burger – 390g920
The Classic Cheeseburger1 burger – 418g1080
The Everything Omelet1 omelet – 392g550
The Hearty Harvest Omelet1 omelet – 606g570
Thousand Island Dressing2 fl oz – 50g180
Tilapia Grille Dinner1 order – 284g360
Tomato Basil Soup1 bowl – 286g460
Tomato Juice1 order – 562g110
Top Sirloin Steak & Fried Shrimp Dinner1 order – 347g530
Top Sirloin Steak Dinner1 order – 179g250
Tots1 side – 198g470
Tremendous Twelve Breakfast1 platter – 469g920
Triple Decker Club Sandwich1 order – 278g600
Triple Egg Dare Ya1 platter – 563g1380
Turkey & Avocado BLT Sandwich1 order – 363g700

Turkey & Dressing Dinner1 order – 364g510
Turkey Bacon2 slices – 20g50
Turkey Gravy1 side – 60g50
Turkey Sausage Patty2 patties – 84g210
Twice as Nice Breakfast1 platter – 445g740
Twinberry Syrup2 fl oz – 56g120
Ultimate Beef Nachos1 platter – 617g1270
Ultimate Chicken Nachos1 platter – 606g1110
White Balsamic Dressing2 fl oz – 50g120
White Toast2 slices – 83g310
Whole Wheat Toast2 slices – 100g310
Wildberry Pie with No Sugar Added1 slice – 198g470

Perkins Restaurants & Bakery is an American restaurant chain in the casual dining segment founded by Matt and Ivan Perkins in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1958. The restaurant was originally named Perkins Pancake House. Perkins has undergone several business changes. In the 1960s, the restaurant began to expand through franchising. Through an aggressive advertising and expanded menu introduced by one of the chain’s franchisee in the name of Wyman Nelson, the chain started to expand. Within a space of about nine years, Nelson was able to consolidate Perkins with another chain to become Perkins ‘Cake & Steak’. Nelson being in development control of the chain, he was able to open more than 220 locations between 1969 and 1978.

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When Matt and Ivan Perkins retired in 1979, they sold their interest in the company and the company became fully owned by Memphis-based Holiday Inns, Inc. and its headquartered was based in Tennessee. In 1985, a director of Holiday Inns bought over Perkins he renamed the company to Perkins Family Restaurants. The company’s interest was publicly traded as a master limited partnership on the NYSE in 1986. In 1988, Perkins opened its first international location through franchise in Ontario, Canada. In 1997, Perkins Family Restaurants, L.P. was merged with The Restaurant Company. That was how Perkins wholly owned subsidiary of The Restaurant Company.

Another changes happened in 2006 when The Restaurant Company acquired Merie Callender’s.  The name of the company was changed to Perkins & Marie Callender’s, Inc. Through reorganization that took place in 2011, Perkins & Marie Callender’s, Inc was changed into a limited liability company. This made its name to become Perkins & Marie Callender’s, LLC. In 2019, Perkins & Marie Callender’s, LLC sold the company to Huddle House, Inc.  The name of the company is now Perkins LLC.

Perkins Near Me

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