Pizza Hut Reintroduces Thin-Crust Pizza

Pizza Hut has announced the reintroduction of its The Edge Thin-Crust Pizza and this will be available at participating locations but just for a limited time.


Of course, while The Edge Thin-Crust Pizza may be new to some customers, the menu is not actually entirely new as it was first launched in 1997. The Edge Thin-Crust Pizza which is cut into 16 pieces features sweet tomato sauce, and an exclusive, signature garlic, herb, and cheese toppings.

One unique thing about The Edge Thin-Crust Pizza is that it comes in three options namely, The Carnivore, The Ultimate, and Pepperoni Lovers.

The Carnivore features pepperoni, Italian sauce, ham, and bacon. The Ultimate features pepperoni, green peppers, Italian sauce, onions, and Roma tomatoes while the Pepperoni Lovers is loaded with pepperoni.

However, customers are also allowed to create their own features with their choice of toppings.

In terms of calories, The Carnivore, The Ultimate, and Pepperoni Lovers contain 180 calories, 170 calories, and 190 calories respectively.

Pizza Hut Thin-Crust Pizza
Pizza Hut

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