Pizza Pro Menu and Calories

Here, you will find Pizza Pro menu and their calories. We understand that not everybody is just after the price of fast food menu. Some actually want to have a fair idea of the calories the food they want to buy contain. In this article, the focus is on Pizza Pro menu and calories.

Find below the list of Pizza Pro menu and calories:

ItemServing SizeCalories
Beef Pizza, Large1 slice200 Calories
Beef Pizza, Medium1 slice200 Calories
Beef Pizza, Personal1 slice130 Calories
Beef Pizza, School Large1 slice300 Calories
Cheese Pizza, Large1 slice170 Calories
Cheese Pizza, Medium1 slice180 Calories
Cheese Pizza, Personal1 slice120 Calories
Cheese Pizza, School Large1 slice260 Calories
Cheesestick1 piece80 Calories
Chicken Fajita Sub0.5 sub sandwich370 Calories
Ham & Cheese Sub0.5 sub sandwich350 Calories
Ham Pizza, Large1 slice220 Calories
Ham Pizza, Medium1 slice230 Calories
Ham Pizza, Personal1 slice150 Calories
Ham Pizza, School Large1 slice330 Calories
Italian Club Sub0.5 sub sandwich360 Calories
Italian Sausage Pizza, Large1 slice200 Calories
Italian Sausage Pizza, Medium1 slice200 Calories
Italian Sausage Pizza, Personal1 slice130 Calories
Italian Sausage Pizza, School Large1 slice300 Calories
Meat To Please Pizza, Large1 slice280 Calories
Meat To Please Pizza, Medium1 slice280 Calories
Meat To Please Pizza, Personal1 slice180 Calories
Meat To Please Pizza, School Large1 slice430 Calories
Pepperoni Pizza, Large1 slice240 Calories

Pepperoni Pizza, Medium1 slice240 Calories
Pepperoni Pizza, Personal1 slice150 Calories
Pepperoni Pizza, School Large1 slice350 Calories
Pro Deluxe Pizza, Large1 slice260 Calories
Pro Deluxe Pizza, Medium1 slice140 Calories
Pro Deluxe Pizza, Personal1 slice160 Calories
Pro Deluxe Pizza, School Large1 slice390 Calories
Pro Special Pizza, Large1 slice290 Calories
Pro Special Pizza, Medium1 slice290 Calories
Pro Special Pizza, Personal1 slice180 Calories
Pro Special Pizza, School Large1 slice640 Calories
Sausage Pizza, Large1 slice210 Calories
Sausage Pizza, Medium1 slice210 Calories
Sausage Pizza, Personal1 slice130 Calories
Sausage Pizza, School Large1 slice310 Calories
Veggie Pizza, Large1 slice200 Calories
Veggie Pizza, Medium1 slice210 Calories
Veggie Pizza, Personal1 slice140 Calories
Veggie Pizza, School Large1 slice300 Calories

About Pizza Pro

Pizza Pro is one of the most popular restaurant chains in the Southeast of the United States. Scott Stevens founded it in 1985 in Jacksonville, Arkansas, from which he started opening more stores. Due to the restaurant’s success and the demand of its delicacies, he decided to go into franchising to spread and create awareness about the restaurants across the state. The franchises all offer dine-in, drive-thru, take out, and delivery services across all the operating locations. Pizza Pro is a community-based business, and they are designed to provide community support based on the need of the location.

Pizza Pro menu

While the company’s main objective is to offer quality food, they also consider that the customers are properly taken care of while in the restaurants. There are different types of toppings, desserts and drinks for customers to enjoy the restaurants. Customers have the opportunity to build their pizza, where they can select the ingredients, and it will be prepared fresh for them. Try their pizzas and their sandwich and get a feel of the positive reviews by other customers about the restaurant. The environment is always coy, designed to make the customers feel relaxed with their family and friends, with friendly attendants always smiling to make your day more pleasant.

One of the reasons for their success in their franchise business is that they provide good business models and training to those that apply. This ensures that all the franchise opening up adheres to providing quality meals and amazing services across all locations. Being inducted into the community with their community support services such as being involved in non-profit programs, school programs, and many community service projects, they become more popular across any location they set up. They have become loved, popular, and patronized in every location they have been set up. This is due to their business plan in giving back to the society.

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