Pollo Campero: Home of Assorted Fresh Sides

Pollo Campero can be described as a Home of Fresh Sides for people who may like to complete their meals with their choice of Fresh Sides.

Fresh Sides that you will find at Pollo Camero include French Fries, Corn salad, Campero Rice, Mashed Potatoes, Campero Beans, Sweet Plantains, Coleslaw,  Yuca Fries, and Garden side Salad.

Corn Salad: Smoky corn salad puts all the chain’s flavorful elements to the test. It’s made with rich, buttery, fall-off-the-cob roasted corn, fresh, aromatic peppers tossed with silky feta cheese and fresh cilantro––all tied together with the chain’s pumpkin seeds for an added crunch and a smoky, cool-light dressing.

Mashed Potatoes: Where Southern style meets Campero® style! The chain’s mashed potatoes are seasoned, buttered and fluffed to delicate perfection. They’re then topped with the chain’s savory brown beef gravy for an addictively smooth and heartwarming flavor.

Campero Rice: The chain soak white rice in their flavorful chicken broth until it’s mildly firm and tender, then blend it with the chain’s buttery, black pepper-blended corn, roasted green and red bell peppers, and crunchy yellow onions.

Campero Beans: Take it slow with this beloved Campero® staple: slow-roasted whole, plump and tender beans with hearty chorizo, mild poblanos, chopped onions, and diced tomatoes.

Coleslaw: The chain’s coleslaw packs a savory punch. With crisp, shredded lettuce and tanginess to the core, its lush hints of mayo make for a bite that’s equally creamy and fresh. It’s perfect for sharing with the whole family!

French Fries: Crispy on the outside. Fluffy on the inside. The chain’s Fries sure know how to leave a lasting impression with this perfect combination.

Yuca Fries: These crispy fry alternatives are equally starchy, but pack more moisture and flavor than their potato counterparts. Their nutty flavors shine through whatever sauce you dip them in.

Sweet Plantains: A sweet, caramelized favorite that’s just as much side as it is dessert. Its tender, firm texture and classic flavor make it the ideal pair for either the chain’s savory, traditional fried chicken or creamy vanilla soft serve.

Garden Side Salad: Enjoy some lighter fare without losing the flavor! The chain’s garden-fresh mix with crisp lettuce, ripe cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds and crumbled feta cheese is topped with your choice of dressing: tangy, sweet and sour balsamic, or creamy, buttermilk ranch.

Pollo Campero Fresh Sides

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