Pollo Tropical Near Me: Menu and Calories

Are you searching for Pollo Tropical near me? This article will give you a highlight about the history of the restaurant, its menu and calories. You also use the map below to find the nearest restaurant locations within your area.

Pollo Tropical Menu and Calories

Pollo Tropical menu includes marinated and grilled chicken, platters, salads & soups, sandwiches & wraps, side dishes, drinks, desserts, kids meals and signature sauces. Pollo Tropical also offers family meals. Find below more details about its menu and calories.

BBQ Sauce1 fl oz50
Black Beans1 small180
Black Beans1 regular280
Brown Rice1 small290
Brown Rice1 regular370
Caesar Dressing1 fl oz290
Caribbean Chicken Soup1 cup150
Caribbean Chicken Soup1 bowl300
Caribbean Ribs with Guava BBQ Sauce0.5 rack920
Chicken BLT Sandwich1 sandwich570
Chicken Caesar Salad1 salad510
Chicken Caesar Wrap1 wrap700
Chicken Mango Salad1 salad480
Chicken Quesadilla Salad1 salad1060
Chicken Quesadilla Wrap1 wrap690
Chipotle Chicken Sandwich1 sandwich430
Chipotle Mayo1 fl oz160
Chipotle Ranch Dressing1 fl oz260
Chocolate Chip Cookie1 cookie250
Cilantro Garlic Sauce1 fl oz160
Classic Chicken Sandwich with Peppadew Sauce1 sandwich430
Crispy Chicken BLT Sandwich1 sandwich700
Crispy Classic Chicken Sandwich with Peppadew Sauce1 sandwich560
Curry Mustard1 fl oz150
Flan1 order210

Fresh Salsa1 fl oz5
Garlic Mojo Sauce1 fl oz80
Grilled Chicken Breast2 pieces240
Guava BBQ Pork Sandwich1 sandwich400
Guava BBQ Sauce1 fl oz60
Ketchup1 fl oz35
Key Lime Pie1 slice550
Mango Sweet Tea1 regular220
Mango Sweet Tea1 large350
Mango Tea1 regular10
Mango Tea1 large20
Mashed Potato & Gravy1 small280
Mashed Potato & Gravy1 regular430
Mojo Roast Pork with Sauteed Onions5 pieces370
NY Cheesecake1 slice460
Pecan Pie1 slice510
Peppadew Spread1 fl oz150
Pineapple Rum Sauce1 fl oz60
Pollo Bites5 pieces260
Pollo Bites Caesar Salad1 salad690
Pollo Bites Caesar Wrap1 wrap790
Pollo Bites Mango Salad1 salad670
Pollo Bites Quesadilla Salad1 salad1250
Pollo Bites Quesadilla Wrap1 wrap770
Quatro Leches1 order430

Red Beans1 small150
Red Beans1 regular250
Romaine Lettuce1 small10
Romaine Lettuce1 regular20
Romaine Lettuce & Brown Rice1 small160
Romaine Lettuce & Brown Rice1 regular280
Romaine Lettuce & White Rice1 small190
Romaine Lettuce & White Rice1 regular330
Romaine Lettuce, Yellow Rice & Veggies1 small190
Romaine Lettuce, Yellow Rice & Veggies1 regular320
Spicy Poyo-Poyo1 fl oz100
Sweet Tea1 regular220
Sweet Tea1 large350
Unsweet Tea1 regular10
Unsweet Tea1 large15
White Rice1 small330
White Rice1 regular440
Yellow Rice with Veggies1 small320
Yellow Rice with Veggies1 regular400

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About Pollo Tropical

Pollo Tropical is an American Caribbean themed restaurant chain founded by Larry and Stuart Harris in Miami, Florida in 1988. The restaurant has gone through some ups and down. As at 1993, the restaurant had just 8 locations before it went public. But within a year after the restaurant went public, it was able to open 19 locations. But unfortunately, some of these new locations closed within the first twelve month calendar.

In 1998, Carrols Restaurant Group acquired Pollo Tropical. The new owner expanded the restaurant aggressively as they were able to more than 65 company-owned locations. They also had new franchised locations both in the Latin American and Caribbean areas. However, Pollo Tropical became a subsidiary to Fiesta Restaurant group in 2012 when the latter was was spun-off from Carrols Restaurant Group. Pollo Tropical has about 145 locations while its headquarters is based in Miami-Dade County, Florida.

Pollo Tropical Near Me

If you are searching for Pollo Tropical near me, you can use the map below to find out if the restaurant has locations in your area. You may as well visit the restaurant website for more information.

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