Potbelly Near Me: Menu and Calories

Are you searching for Potbelly near me? This article will provide you a brief history about the restaurant. You will also find useful information about their menu and calories.

Potbelly Menu and Calories

Potbelly menu includes sandwiches, ice cream, soups, and salads. Find below the details of the chain’s menu and calories. You can sign up for Potbelly Perks program on their website or app.

A Wreck Salad1 salad630
A Wreck Salad1 half430
A Wreck Sandwich1 original – 155.9g650
A Wreck Sandwich1 half – 78g340
A Wreck Sandwich1 big870
A Wreck Sandwich Flat1 flat560
Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Sandwich1 original530
Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Sandwich1 square430
Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Sandwich1 big740
Bacon, Egg & Cheddar Sandwich Flat1 flat480
Balsamic Dressing1 order – 2 fl oz270
Belly Bites – Grilled Cheese1 order420
BLTA Sandwich1 original – 146.1g730
BLTA Sandwich1 big960
BLTA Sandwich Flat1 flat640
Blueberry Maple Sandwich1 square590
Breakfast Mediterranean Sandwich1 original410
Breakfast Mediterranean Sandwich1 square400
Breakfast Mediterranean Sandwich1 big600
Breakfast Mediterranean Sandwich Flat1 flat360
Broccoli Cheddar Soup1 bowl350
Broccoli Cheddar Soup1 cup230
Broccoli Cheddar Soup1 side170
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing1 order – 2 fl oz240
Calicado Sandwich1 original600

Calicado Sandwich1 big770
Calicado Sandwich Flat1 flat510
Cheesesteak with Cheese Whiz Sandwich1 original620
Cheesesteak with Cheese Whiz Sandwich1 big790
Cheesesteak with Provolone Sandwich1 original630
Cheesesteak with Provolone Sandwich1 big810
Cheesesteak with Provolone Sandwich Flat1 flat540
Chicken Enchilada Soup1 bowl270
Chicken Enchilada Soup1 cup180
Chicken Enchilada Soup1 side140
Chicken Pot Pie Soup1 cup280
Chicken Salad Salad1 salad700
Chicken Salad Salad1 half460
Chicken Salad Sandwich1 half310
Chicken Salad Sandwich1 original600
Chicken Salad Sandwich1 big790
Chicken Salad Sandwich Flat1 flat510
Chili1 bowl370
Chili1 cup250
Chili1 side180
Chocolate Brownie Cookie1 cookie420
Classic Tomato Soup1 bowl240
Classic Tomato Soup1 cup160
Clubby Sandwich1 original640
Clubby Sandwich1 big830

Clubby Sandwich Flat1 flat550
Clubhouse Salad1 salad730
Clubhouse Salad1 half480
Egg & Cheddar Sandwich1 square370
Egg & Cheddar Sandwich1 original410
Egg & Cheddar Sandwich1 big560
Egg & Cheddar Sandwich Flat1 flat360
Farmhouse Salad1 half450
Farmhouse Salad1 salad680
Fat Free Vinaigrette1 order – 2 fl oz160
Fire Ball Sandwich1 original760
Fire Ball Sandwich1 big960
Fire Ball Sandwich Flat1 flat670
Garden Side Salad1 salad230
Garden Vegetable Soup1 bowl110
Gonzo Bonzo Salad1 salad490
Gonzo Bonzo Salad1 half350
Grilled Cheese Sandwich1 half280
Grilled Cheese Sandwich1 original530
Grilled Cheese Sandwich1 big700
Grilled Cheese Sandwich Flat1 flat440
Grilled Chicken & Cheddar Sandwich1 half320
Grilled Chicken & Cheddar Sandwich1 original610
Grilled Chicken & Cheddar Sandwich1 big820
Grilled Chicken & Cheddar Sandwich Flat1 flat520

Ham, Mushroom, Egg & Swiss Sandwich1 original470
Ham, Mushroom, Egg & Swiss Sandwich1 square410
Ham, Mushroom, Egg & Swiss Sandwich1 big640
Ham, Mushroom, Egg & Swiss Sandwich Flat1 flat420
Hammie Sandwich1 skinny340
Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup1 bowl150
Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup1 cup100
Homestyle Chicken Noodle Soup1 side80
Italian Sandwich1 half390
Italian Sandwich1 big1030
Italian Sandwich1 original760
Italian Sandwich Flat1 flat670
Loaded Baked Potato Soup1 bowl310
Lucky 7 Sandwich1 original870
Lucky 7 Sandwich1 big1170
Lucky 7 Sandwich Flat1 flat780
Mac & Cheese1 cup300
Meatball Sandwich1 half350
Meatball Sandwich1 original670
Meatball Sandwich1 big870
Meatball Sandwich Flat1 flat580
Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich1 half280
Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich1 original560
Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich1 big760
Mediterranean Chicken Sandwich Flat1 flat470

Mediterranean Salad1 half430
Mediterranean Salad1 salad630
Mediterranean Sandwich1 half240
Mediterranean Sandwich1 original470
Mediterranean Sandwich1 big620
Mediterranean Sandwich Flat1 flat380
Mini Cookies2 cookies190
Mini Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies12 cookies1150
Mint Chocolate Chip Brownie Cookie1 cookie350
Monkey Business Sandwich1 original1000
Monkey Business Sandwich1 big1400
Monkey Business Sandwich Flat1 flat910
Mushroom Melt Sandwich1 skinny350
Oatmeal1 cup180
PB&J Sandwich1 big1530
PB&J Sandwich Flat1 flat960
Pizza Sandwich1 half380
Pizza Sandwich1 original580
Pizza Sandwich1 big840
Pizza Sandwich Flat1 flat490
 Vinaigrette1 order – 2 fl oz210
Powerhouse Salad1 half400
Powerhouse Salad1 salad570
Prime Rib Sandwich1 original710
Prime Rib Sandwich1 big940


Prime Rib Sandwich Flat1 flat620
Roast Beef Sandwich1 original620
Roast Beef Sandwich1 big830
Roast Beef Sandwich1 half320
Roast Beef Sandwich Flat1 flat530
Sandwich Flats – Cheesesteak with Cheese Whiz1 flat530
Sausage, Egg & Cheddar Sandwich1 original690
Sausage, Egg & Cheddar Sandwich1 square560
Sausage, Egg & Cheddar Sandwich1 big940
Sausage, Egg & Cheddar Sandwich Flat1 flat650
Smoked Ham Sandwich1 original610
Smoked Ham Sandwich1 half320
Smoked Ham Sandwich1 big810
Smoked Ham Sandwich Flat1 flat520
Sugar Cookie1 cookie500
T-K-Y Sandwich1 skinny300
Toasted Turkey BLT Sandwich Flat1 flat530
Toasty Turkey BLT Sandwich1 original620
Toasty Turkey BLT Sandwich1 big850
Tuna Salad Salad1 salad500
Tuna Salad Salad1 half360
Tuna Salad Sandwich1 big360
Tuna Salad Sandwich1 original530
Tuna Salad Sandwich1 half280
Tuna Salad Sandwich Flat1 flat440

Turducken Sandwich1 original640
Turducken Sandwich1 big870
Turducken Sandwich Flat1 flat550
Turkey Breast Sandwich1 half290
Turkey Breast Sandwich1 original550
Turkey Breast Sandwich1 big740
Turkey Breast Sandwich Flat1 flat460
Turkey Club Sandwich1 half380
Turkey Club Sandwich1 original740
Turkey Club Sandwich1 big1010
Turkey Club Sandwich Flat1 flat650
Uptown Salad1 salad760
Uptown Salad1 half490
Vegetarian Sandwich1 half350
Vegetarian Sandwich1 original630
Vegetarian Sandwich1 big850
Vegetarian Sandwich Flat1 flat540
Wrecking Ball Sandwich1 original960
Wrecking Ball Sandwich1 big1280
Wrecking Ball Sandwich Flat1 flat870

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About Potbelly

Potbelly Sandwich Shop is a sandwich restaurant chain founded by Peter Hastings in Chicago in 1977. Peter Hastings started the first store at Hindsight, an antique store owned by him, at 2264 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago. The company has expanded to more than 474 locations in the United States and other international markets in the United Kingdom, Kuwait, Canada, and the United Arab Emirates. The chain is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, United States. It is listed on NASDAQ with trading ticker symbol PBPB. It is among Russell 2000 Component.

Potbelly Near me

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