Sonny’s BBQ Menu and Calories

Here, you will find Sonny’s BBQ menu and their calories. We understand that not everybody is just after the price of fast food menu. Some actually want to have a fair idea of the calories the food they want to buy contain. In this article, the focus is on Sonny’s BBQ menu and calories.

Find below the list of Sonny’s BBQ menu and calories:

ItemServing SizeCalories
1000 Island Dressing32 grams120 Calories
Add American Cheese1 slice70 Calories
Add Cheddar Cheese1 slice110 Calories
Add Chicken – White Meat186 grams370 Calories
Add Chicken Breast110 grams150 Calories
Add Chicken Tenders136 grams370 Calories
Add Chopped Brisket145 grams540 Calories
Add Pulled Chicken145 grams240 Calories
Add Pulled Pork145 grams350 Calories
Add Sliced Brisket114 grams370 Calories
Add Sliced Pork114 grams290 Calories
Add Sliced Turkey114 grams190 Calories
Add Swiss Cheese1 slice110 Calories
Baby Back Ribs454 grams750 Calories
Baby Back Ribs Dinner607 grams1510 Calories
Baby Back Ribs, Lunch497 grams1130 Calories
Baked Potato212 grams290 Calories
Baked Sweet Potato190 grams230 Calories
Balsmaic Vinagrette32 grams70 Calories
Banana Peppers1 oz10 Calories
Banana Pudding161 grams320 Calories
Bar-B-Q Sauce, Authentic Sweet2 tbsp70 Calories
Barq’s Root Beer431 grams190 Calories
BBQ Beans, Large2268 grams3360 Calories
BBQ Beans, Medium908 grams1340 Calories

BBQ Beans, Small454 grams670 Calories
BBQ Salad571 grams740 Calories
Beef Chili255 grams350 Calories
Bread Pudding1 oz70 Calories
Broccoli113 grams30 Calories
Broccoli Salad1 oz120 Calories
Broccoli, Large2268 grams650 Calories
Broccoli, Medium908 grams260 Calories
Broccoli, Small454 grams130 Calories
Brunswick Stew245 grams210 Calories
Buttermilk Ranch Dressing32 grams110 Calories
Captain Wafers1 packet30 Calories
Carrot Sticks1 oz10 Calories
Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich276 grams390 Calories
Cheddar Cheese1 oz110 Calories
Cherry Coca-Cola431 grams250 Calories
Chicken & Wild Rice245 grams170 Calories
Chicken and Pork683 grams1410 Calories
Chicken Noodle Soup245 grams100 Calories
Chicken Salad1 oz100 Calories
Chicken Wings, Dry-Rub321 grams800 Calories
Chicken Wings, Sauced373 grams890 Calories
Chocolate Chip Cookies226 grams1000 Calories
Chocolate Pudding1 oz35 Calories
Chopped Brisket454 grams1680 Calories

Chopped Brisket Appetizer145 grams540 Calories
Chopped Brisket Dinner579 grams1430 Calories
Chopped Brisket Sandwich218 grams760 Calories
Chopped Brisket, Lunch497 grams1230 Calories
Cinnamon Apples113 grams120 Calories
Cinnamon Sugar Donut Holes with Sweet Tea Glaze237 grams1050 Calories
Clam Chowder245 grams180 Calories
Coca-Cola431 grams230 Calories
Coca-Cola Zero431 grams0 Calories
Coleslaw, Large2268 grams2930 Calories
Coleslaw, Medium908 grams1170 Calories
Coleslaw, Small454 grams590 Calories
Corn Nuggets206 grams650 Calories
Corn on the Cob78 grams100 Calories
Cornbread68 grams180 Calories
Crinkle Cut Fries189 grams480 Calories
Croutons1 oz120 Calories
Daisy Cottage Cheese1 oz25 Calories
Dark Meat, Re-order421 grams720 Calories
Diced Beets1 oz10 Calories
Diced Bell Peppers1 oz5 Calories
Diced Cantaloupe1 oz10 Calories
Diced Celery1 oz5 Calories
Diced Cucumbers1 oz5 Calories
Diced Red Onions1 oz10 Calories

Diced Tomatos1 oz5 Calories
Diced Turkey1 oz50 Calories
Diced Watermelon1 oz10 Calories
Diet Coke431 grams0 Calories
Family Feast (Feeds 4)4788 grams7270 Calories
Family Feast (Per Serving)1197 grams1820 Calories
Fanta Orange431 grams270 Calories
Fried Okra209 grams520 Calories
Fried Pickles265 grams660 Calories
Fruit Cocktail1 oz20 Calories
Garden Vegetable245 grams100 Calories
Garlic Bread44 grams160 Calories
Grapes1 oz20 Calories
Greek Salad1 oz70 Calories
Green Beans122 grams30 Calories
Green Beans, Large2268 grams570 Calories
Green Beans, Medium908 grams230 Calories
Green Beans, Small454 grams110 Calories
Gumbo Soup with Rice245 grams130 Calories
Half Chicken Dinner – Dark & White Meat656 grams1180 Calories
Half Chicken Dinner – White Meat724 grams1440 Calories
Hi-C Flashn’ Fruit Punch431 grams190 Calories
Hi-C Poppin’ Pink Lemonade431 grams190 Calories
Homemade Apple Cobbler293 grams760 Calories
Homemade Coleslaw101 grams130 Calories

Homemade Peach Cobbler343 grams860 Calories
Homestyle Mac and Cheese162 grams320 Calories
Honey Mustard Dressing32 grams170 Calories
Hot Links454 grams1410 Calories
House Dry-Rubbed Dinner559 grams1420 Calories
House Dry-Rubbed Ribs454 grams950 Calories
House Dry-Rubbed Ribs, Re-order432 grams970 Calories
House Dry-Rubbed, Lunch576 grams1130 Calories
Italian Dressing32 grams120 Calories
Kid’s Chicken Tenders136 grams370 Calories
Kid’s Fruit Juice – Apple Juice191 grams190 Calories
Kid’s Grilled Cheese107 grams390 Calories
Kid’s Hamburger148 grams440 Calories
Kid’s Hot Dog101 grams310 Calories
Kid’s House Dry-Rubbed Ribs2 bones290 Calories
Kid’s Ice Cream113 grams130 Calories
Kid’s Mac ‘n’ Cheese162 grams320 Calories
Kid’s Pulled Pork Sandwich165 grams440 Calories
Kid’s Sliced Turkey Sandwich158 grams360 Calories
Kid’s Sweet & Smokey Ribs2 bones330 Calories
Lettuce Blend1 oz5 Calories
Loaded Baked Potato Soup245 grams260 Calories
Loaded Tots without Meat595 grams1680 Calories
Mac & Cheese, Large2268 grams4540 Calories
Mac & Cheese, Medium908 grams1810 Calories

Mac & Cheese, Small454 grams910 Calories
Minute Maid Lemonade431 grams190 Calories
Original BBQ Beans163 grams240 Calories
Pasta Salad1 oz60 Calories
Pibb Xtra431 grams230 Calories
Pork 3 Ways798 grams1890 Calories
Potato Salad1 oz60 Calories
Potato Salad, Large2268 grams4540 Calories
Potato Salad, Medium908 grams1810 Calories
Potato Salad, Small454 grams910 Calories
Pulled Chicken454 grams740 Calories
Pulled Chicken Appetizer145 grams240 Calories
Pulled Chicken Dinner579 grams1060 Calories
Pulled Chicken Lunch497 grams930 Calories
Pulled Chicken Sandwich218 grams450 Calories
Pulled Pork454 grams1090 Calories
Pulled Pork Appetizer145 grams350 Calories
Pulled Pork Dinner579 grams1240 Calories
Pulled Pork Sandwich223 grams670 Calories
Pulled Pork, Lunch497 grams1040 Calories
Pulled Pork, Re-order389 grams730 Calories
Quarter Chicken, Lunch (Dark Meat)465 grams870 Calories
Quarter Chicken, Lunch (White Meat)465 grams920 Calories
Raisins1 oz90 Calories
Real Bacon Bits1 oz250 Calories

Redneck Egg Rolls340 grams930 Calories
Ribs & Chicken708 grams1590 Calories
Ribs & Smoked Wings631 grams1490 Calories
Roasted Corn1 oz25 Calories
Salad Bar, Baco’s Bacon Bits1 oz120 Calories
Salad Bar, Blue Cheese Dressing1 Serving160 Calories
Salad Bar, Coleslaw1 oz35 Calories
Salad Bar, Diced Eggs1 oz45 Calories
Salad Bar, Diced Pineapples1 oz15 Calories
Salad Bar, French Dressing1 Serving140 Calories
Salad Bar, Garbonzo Beans1 oz25 Calories
Salad Bar, Macaroni Salad1 oz35 Calories
Salad Bar, Peaches1 oz25 Calories
Salad Bar, Ranch Dressing1 Serving140 Calories
Salad Bar, Saltines Crackers1 packet25 Calories
Salad Bar, Sunflower Seeds1 oz170 Calories
Salad Bar, Watergate Salad1 oz50 Calories
Seafood Salad1 oz60 Calories
Seagram’s Ginger Ale431 grams0 Calories
Shredded Pepper Jack Cheese1 oz90 Calories
Side of Potato Salad136 grams270 Calories
Side Salad273 grams170 Calories
Sliced Brisket454 grams1470 Calories
Sliced Brisket Dinner524 grams1250 Calories
Sliced Brisket Sandwich186 grams590 Calories

Sliced Brisket, Lunch465 grams1060 Calories
Sliced Pickles1 oz0 Calories
Sliced Pork454 grams1180 Calories
Sliced Pork Dinner524 grams1140 Calories
Sliced Pork Sandwich201 grams610 Calories
Sliced Pork, Lunch465 grams990 Calories
Sliced Pork, Re-order389 grams740 Calories
Smoked Turkey454 grams770 Calories
Smoked Turkey Dinner524 grams990 Calories
Smoked Turkey Lunch465 grams890 Calories
Smoked Turkey Sandwich186 grams410 Calories
Smoked Wings281 grams760 Calories
Smokin’ Gun Sandwich306 grams870 Calories
Sonny’s Mild BBQ Sauce33 grams50 Calories
Sonny’s Mustard Sauce31 grams30 Calories
Sonny’s Original Sauce37 grams60 Calories
Sonny’s Sampler852 grams1960 Calories
Sonny’s Sizzlin’ Sweet BBQ Sauce33 grams60 Calories
Sonny’s Smokin’ BBQ Sauce35 grams50 Calories
Sonny’s Steakburger317 grams680 Calories
Sonny’s Sweet BBQ Sauce36 grams70 Calories
Sonny’s Sweet Tea431 grams170 Calories
Sonny’s Unsweet Tea431 grams5 Calories
Spicy Pickles1 oz0 Calories
Spinach1 oz5 Calories

Sprite431 grams170 Calories
Sprite Zero431 grams0 Calories
Sweet & Smokey Ribs454 grams1150 Calories
Sweet & Smokey Ribs, Re-order478 grams1060 Calories
Sweet and Smokey Ribs Dinner642 grams1580 Calories
Sweet and Smokey Ribs, Lunch540 grams1250 Calories
Sweet Carolina Sandwich342 grams760 Calories
Sweet Potato Muffins1 muffin50 Calories
Tater tots189 grams540 Calories
Tuna Salad1 oz60 Calories
Vanilla Pudding1 oz35 Calories
White Meat, Re-order421 grams760 Calories
Whole Black Olives1 oz35 Calories
Whole Chicken1406 grams820 Calories
Whole Hog Sandwich341 grams900 Calories

Sonny's BBQ menu

About Sonny’s BBQ

Founded on April 17, 1968 as Sonny’s Real Pit-Bar-Bar-B-Q by Floyd “Sonny” Tillman and his wife Lucille, Sonny’s BBQ has since grown to a renowned barbecue brand in America. Tillman was certain that once people tasted his slow-smoked southern barbecue, they will love it. He moved to his hometown Gainesville, Florida were he opened the first barbecue restaurant; this was the beginning of the transformation of the town into the barbecue epicenter of the world.

As word spread about Sonny’s delicious barbecue and unique southern hospitality, the restaurant became more popular. Soon, people were driving from all across Florida to get a taste of what Tillman was smoking. So endearing the Sonny’s delicacy became that in 1977 the restaurant started franchising to help meet demand across the southern states in the America. By 1998 Sonny’s BBQ had grown to 77 locations across six southern U.S. states. Tillman eventually sold the company to Bob Yarmuth in 1991.

The change in ownership and management didn’t affect the company’s growth. It was named the largest barbecue restaurant in the United States by Restaurant Magazine in 2004, with about 150 units. By 2011, Sonny’s had already garnered over 125 franchises. The management moved its headquarters to Winter Park, Florida in 2012 and formally changed its name to Sonny’s BBQ in 2013.

Sonny’s menu consist of a variety of pork cuts, beef brisket, chicken and turkey, some of which are smoked for up to 12 hours over oak wood before being served. The restaurant offers a range of barbecue fare, from slow-smoked baby back ribs served with its famous sweet BBQ sauce to beef brisket prepared with its signature dry rub. Sandwich offering include sweet Carolina sandwich, which is pulled pork topped. Gun sandwich features smoked sausage, chopped beef brisket, banana pepper and red onion crowned with sweet and barbecue sauce.

A number of side orders called “sidekicks” are also constituents of the menu. They include original recipe Barbecue beans home-style macaroni and cheese, crinkle-cut fries and coleslaw, as well as steamed green beans, backed sweet potatoes and corn on the cob. Different types of salads and dessert helpings with meat recipes are also served at Sonny’s BBQ.

Besides serving food, the over 50 year’s old company emphasizes community support. It introduced the “Random Act of BBQ” which recognizes people who make a difference in the restaurants’ immediate community with a barbecue celebration. Sonny’s BBQ named October 12 as a National Pork Day beginning in 2016. As part of the day of pulled pork partying, Sonny’s will try to break the Guinness World Records titled for the largest serving of pulled pork at its Winter park locations.

The company has been celebrated for its signature pulled pork and ribs and recognized as the “Best Barbecue Chain America” by the daily meal. It is also listed as No. 7 on Orlando Business Journal’s 2018 Golden 100 list of the area’s largest privately held firms.

As part of the company’s BBQ Giving Tuesday Initiative, Sonny’s BBQ supported Surfers for Autism with $10,000 in November, 2018. The initiative was similarly employed to give out free meals to first responders, and raised $109,000 with its partners to support the Bahamas Hurricane relief effort in September, 2019.

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