Sweetgreen Menu and Calories

Here, you will find Sweetgreen menu and their calories. We understand that not everybody is just after the price of fast food menu. Some actually want to have a fair idea of the calories the food they want to buy contain. In this article, the focus is on Sweetgreen menu and calories.

Find below the list of Sweetgreen menu and calories:

ItemServing SizeCalories
Apple Almond Crunch398 grams510 Calories
Apples29 grams15 Calories
Arugula48 grams15 Calories
Avocado87 grams160 Calories
Baby Spinach53 grams15 Calories
Balsamic Vinaigrette30 grams150 Calories
Balsamic Vinegar15 grams15 Calories
Black Lentils55 grams60 Calories
Blackened Chicken80 grams130 Calories
Blue Cheese30 grams110 Calories
Buffalo Chicken Bowl382 grams450 Calories
Caesar Dressing30 grams100 Calories
Cashew Pesto Sweet Potatoes174 grams320 Calories
Ceviche Dressing30 grams110 Calories
Chicken Pesto Avocado427 grams620 Calories
Chicken Pesto Parm395 grams530 Calories
Chicken Tostada415 grams610 Calories
Chickpeas43 grams45 Calories
Chopped Pickles35 grams5 Calories
Chopped Romaine75 grams15 Calories
Citrus Shrimp + Avocado487 grams620 Calories
Citrus Shrimp + Avocado (MIA)487 grams620 Calories
Crispy Chicken Salad395 grams340 Calories
Crispy Rice14 grams40 Calories
Crispy Rice Bowl389 grams600 Calories

Crispy Tofu Bowl384 grams670 Calories
Crunchy Omega Boost342 grams350 Calories
Cucumbers40 grams5 Calories
Extra Virgin Olive Oil15 grams130 Calories
Fish Taco338 grams530 Calories
Garden Cobb426 grams650 Calories
Garlic Chili Shrimp Bowl356 grams430 Calories
Garlic Chili Shrimp Bowl (TX)356 grams430 Calories
Goat Cheese34 grams90 Calories
Green Goddess + Sweet Potato362 grams420 Calories
Green Goddess Avocado Salad429 grams590 Calories
Green Goddess Ranch30 grams140 Calories
Guacamole Greens427 grams550 Calories
Hard Boiled Egg50 grams70 Calories
Harvest Bowl362 grams700 Calories
Harvest Bowl (TX + MIA)362 grams710 Calories
Harvest Bowl (TX)362 grams710 Calories
Hot Honey Chicken411 grams670 Calories
Hot Honey Mustard Sauce30 grams100 Calories
Jasmine Green Iced Tea475 grams0 Calories
Kale Caesar319 grams410 Calories
Lime Cilantro Jalapeno Vinaigrette30 grams140 Calories
Lime Squeeze15 grams5 Calories
Miso Bowl364 grams650 Calories
Miso Bowl (Beet Mix)364 grams640 Calories

Miso Roasted Corn Bowl382 grams670 Calories
Miso Root Vegetables (Beets)35 grams25 Calories
Miso Root Vegetables (Sunchokes)35 grams30 Calories
Miso Sesame Ginger Dressing30 grams160 Calories
Nuoc Cham Dressing30 grams25 Calories
Parmesan Crisps20 grams100 Calories
Pecans14 grams90 Calories
Pesto Vinaigrette30 grams150 Calories
Pickled Carrots + Celery30 grams5 Calories
Raw Beets40 grams15 Calories
Raw Carrots23 grams10 Calories
Raw Red Beets1 Serving15 Calories
Red Onions7 grams5 Calories
Remoulade Dressing30 grams60 Calories
Roasted Almonds14 grams80 Calories
Roasted Chicken78 grams110 Calories
Roasted Corn + Pepper Bowl382 grams610 Calories
Roasted Corn + Peppers65 grams70 Calories
Roasted Sesame Tofu75 grams160 Calories
Roasted Shrimp (MIA)79 grams70 Calories
Roasted Shrimp (TX)70 grams60 Calories
Roasted Steelhead86 grams150 Calories
Roasted Sweet Potatoes39 grams40 Calories
Rosemary Focaccia94 grams230 Calories
SgFaves, Crispy Chicken Salad393 grams320 Calories

Shredded Cabbage25 grams10 Calories
Shredded Kale43 grams20 Calories
Shroomami408 grams690 Calories
Southwest Caesar400 grams430 Calories
Spicy Broccoli33 grams25 Calories
Spicy Cashew Dressing30 grams110 Calories
Spicy Cashew Pesto30 grams150 Calories
Spicy Garden Greens408 grams440 Calories
Spicy Sunflower Seeds13 grams70 Calories
Spring Mix48 grams10 Calories
Sweet Carrot + Sweet Potato320 grams430 Calories
Sweetgreen Hot Sauce28 grams10 Calories
Tomatoes46 grams10 Calories
Tortilla Chips16 grams80 Calories
Veggie Caesar353 grams380 Calories
Warm Portobello Mix65 grams70 Calories
Warm Quinoa100 grams120 Calories
Warm Wild Rice95 grams190 Calories
Whole Wheat Bread (AUS)34 grams80 Calories
Whole Wheat Bread (BOS)34 grams80 Calories
Whole Wheat Bread (CHI)34 grams80 Calories
Whole Wheat Bread (DEN)56 grams110 Calories
Whole Wheat Bread (HOU)34 grams80 Calories
Whole Wheat Bread (LA)34 grams80 Calories
Whole Wheat Bread (MIA)34 grams80 Calories

Whole Wheat Bread (NY)34 grams80 Calories
Whole Wheat Bread (PHL)40 grams80 Calories
Whole Wheat Bread (SF)34 grams80 Calories
Whole Wheat Bread (SMV)40 grams80 Calories
Za’atar Breadcrumbs15 grams45 Calories

Sweetgreen menu

About Sweetgreen

Sweetgreen is a fast-casual dining restaurant owned by three friends, Nicolas Jammet, Nathaniel Ru, and Jonathan Neman, who graduated from Georgetown University business school. It is one of the casual restaurants for Americans to eat healthy fast food as they are focused on serving salads and other nutritious meals. They opened their first restaurant in 2007 in Washington DC before finally moving the headquarters to Los Angeles in 2016.

Being run by business graduates, the restaurant had expanded rapidly across the United States. With over 109 shops in operation, Sweetgreen can be found in places like California, Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Florida, Texas, Boston, and Washington, D.C. They have over 3000 employees work at various capacity all over the branches. It has remained privately owned and run by the three friends. Their performance in the industry had gained them much popularity and awareness, having won awards like the 2020 Webby Award for Food & Drink in the category Apps, Mobile & Voice.

Customers can make quick order using their websites or from your smartphone, either android or IOS users. Find where they are based from the platform and check out their fantastic and healthy menu directly. Some of the regular meals in this menu include crispy chicken salad, misco bowl, green goddess plus sweet potato, valkyrea extra crispy custom, crispy rice bowl, and much more.

Customers can attest to eating real food at this restaurant. They are prepared using fresh ingredients to ensure good and healthy food. They can feed your workers, as they make orders for lunch. Sweetgreen provides a calm and appealing environment to have a good time and eat healthy meals. Find the closet Sweetgreen, make an order, visit any of their branches and maintain a healthy eating habit. Get good and nutritional food prepared by top chef us.

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