Taco Bell Launches New $10 Nachos Cravings Pack

You might not be aware that Taco Bell has launched New $10 Nachos Cravings Pack that is very simple and satisfying.

The New $10 Nachos Cravings Pack features four crunchy tacos and four beefy five-layer burritos. The crunchy tacos contains beef, lettuce and cheddar in a hard shell while the beefy five-layer burritos are made of beef, cheddar, sour cream, beans and nacho cheese sauce wrapped up in a flour tortilla.

Taco Bell gives you option of swapping out items or upgrade for a little extra. To make your tacos more enjoyable, you can for either crunchy taco supremes or soft taco supremes. On the other hand, you can swap your regular crunchy tacos for soft tacos or opt for a variation of nacho cheese Doritos locos tacos. However, these will cost you additional charges. Additional charges may vary by location.

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The New $10 Nachos Cravings Pack is available at participating locations.

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