Taco Bueno Menu and Calories

Here, you will find Taco Bueno menu and their calories. We understand that not everybody is just after the price of fast food menu. Some actually want to have a fair idea of the calories the food they want to buy contain. In this article, the focus is on Taco Bueno menu and calories.

Find below the list of Taco Bueno menu and calories:

ItemServing SizeCalories
Bean Burrito1 burrito516 calories
Beef Big Freak’n Taco1 taco411 calories
Beef Bueno Burrito1 burrito631 calories
Beef Bueno Chilada Platter1 platter1367 calories
Beef Burrito1 burrito474 calories
Beef Crispy Taco1 taco196 calories
Beef Muchaco1 muchaco516 calories
Beef Muchaco Platter1 platter1511 calories
Beef Mucho Nachos1 order1121 calories
Beef Nacho Salad1 salad717 calories
Beef Potato Burrito1 burrito304 calories
Beef Quesadilla1 quesadilla905 calories
Beef Soft Taco1 taco208 calories
Beef Taco Platter1 platter1204 calories
Beef Taco Rollup1 rollup177 calories
Beef Taco Salad1 salad995 calories
Beef Tex-Mex Bowl1 bowl974 calories
Beef Wholotta Platter1 platter2099 calories
Big Ol’ Beef Burrito1 burrito624 calories
Big Ol’ Chicken Burrito1 burrito566 calories
Big Ol’ Steak Burrito1 burrito614 calories
Black Bean Burrito1 burrito412 calories
Black Beans3⁄4 cup170 calories
Cheese Quesadilla1 quesadilla795 calories
Cheesecake Chimichangas1 piece192 calories

Chicken Big Freak’n Taco1 taco362 calories
Chicken Bueno Burrito1 burrito598 calories
Chicken Bueno Chilada Platter1 platter1318 calories
Chicken Burrito Bowl1 bowl349 calories
Chicken Crispy Taco1 taco171 calories
Chicken Fajita Platter1 platter1325 calories
Chicken Muchaco1 muchaco491 calories
Chicken Muchaco Platter1 platter1505 calories
Chicken Mucho Nachos1 order1088 calories
Chicken Nacho Salad1 salad692 calories
Chicken Potato Burrito1 burrito288 calories
Chicken Quesadilla1 quesadilla870 calories
Chicken Salad Bowl1 bowl494 calories
Chicken Taco Platter1 platter1167 calories
Chicken Taco Rollup1 rollup161 calories
Chicken Taco Salad1 salad946 calories
Chicken Tex-Mex Bowl1 bowl941 calories
Chicken Wholatta Platter1 platter2066 calories
Chips & Guac1 small480 calories
Chips & Guac1 regular629 calories
Chips & Queso1 small435 calories
Chips & Queso1 regular558 calories
Churros3 pieces135 calories
Cilantro Lime Rice3⁄4 cup100 calories
Cinnamon Chips1 order360 calories

Coffee12 fl oz5 calories
Combo #1 – Muchaco, Crispy Taco & Bean Burrito1 combo1227 calories
Combo #2 – Big Freak’n Tacos & Bueno Burrito1 combo1453 calories
Combo #3 – Crispy Tacos1 combo588 calories
Combo #4 – Bueno Burrito & Crispy Taco1 combo827 calories
Combo #5 – MexiDips, Chips & Muchaco1 combo1534 calories
Combo #6 – Chicken Quesadilla & Crispy Taco1 combo1068 calories
Combo #7 – Mucho Nachos & Crispy Taco1 combo1317 calories
Combo #8 – Nacho Salad & Crispy Taco1 combo912 calories
Combo Burrito1 burrito502 calories
Combo Fajita Platter1 platter1362 calories
Guacamole3⁄8 cup164 calories
Mexican Rice3⁄4 cup208 calories
MexiDips & Chips1 order1018 calories
Mucho Tostada1 tostada405 calories
Party Beans3⁄4 cup467 calories
Party Burrito1 burrito319 calories
Party Nachos1 burrito435 calories
Party Quesadilla1 quesadilla398 calories
Party Taco1 taco160 calories
Party Tostada1 tostada354 calories
Queso3⁄8 cup136 calories
Steak Big Freak’n Taco1 taco403 calories
Steak Bueno Burrito1 burrito626 calories
Steak Burrito Bowl1 bowl387 calories

Steak Crispy Taco1 taco192 calories
Steak Fajita Platter1 platter1400 calories
Steak Muchaco1 muchaco512 calories
Steak Mucho Nachos1 order1116 calories
Steak Nacho Salad1 salad713 calories
Steak Quesadilla1 quesadilla950 calories
Steak Salad Bowl1 bowl531 calories
Steak Soft Taco1 taco204 calories
Steak Taco Salad1 salad987 calories
Steak Tex-Mex Bowl1 bowl969 calories
Unsweet Tea12 fl oz5 calories
Veggie Salad Bowl1 bowl387 calories

Taco Bueno Menu

About Taco Bueno

Taco Bueno is a famous fast food restaurant chain situated in the southern United States. It serves traditional Tex-Mex-style tacos, nachos, and burritos, and other Mexican style meals.

In 1967, the chain was established in Abilene, Texas, by Bill R. Waugh, an art graduate from Abilene Christian University.  It now has more than 160 locations in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Colorado, and Texas.

It was initially established to serve fresh and real Mexican food. Nevertheless, they stayed true to their roots by crafting simple recipes in every kitchen rather than serving processed and packaged food like other restaurants.

Regarding the annual quick-service restaurant study conducted by Market Force Information, Taco Bueno ranks as Americans’ best Mexican restaurant chain.

Unlike many of its competitors with over 1500 locations, Texas’s restaurant chain has 175 locations in seven states. Thus it very much smaller compared to many of its competitors.

Like other quick-service restaurants that focus on offering Mexican-inspired cuisine, the bulk of Taco Bueno’s menu includes seasoned meat, cheese blends, flour, corn tortillas, and classic sides and toppings like guacamole, jalapenos, and salsa, etc.

Taco Bueno’s meals are usually high in calories, sodium, and carbohydrates like its major competitors.

Most of the menu items also have Trans fats, of which the American Heart Association advises individuals to consume a maximum of 2g every day.

The chain focuses on the freshness of products, with a salsa made in-house and pinto beans boiled overnight to refry the next morning.

However, their items that are unique to the Taco Bueno menu, they are MexiDips and Chips, with made-in-house tortilla chips, Machacos, which are tacos made with soft pieces of pitas as the shells, and signature guacamole.

Furthermore, Taco Bueno also offers some super-sized meals, which make the chains more unique. The Big Freak’n Taco is a “two-handed beast,” whereas the Wholotta Platter packs in a taco, rice, Machado, refried beans, a side of queso, and a “chilida” — a chili- and queso-covered enchilada.

Since 2007, Taco Bueno has been serving breakfast, many years before other restaurants joined in the culture.

Although numerous people who don’t reside in Texas and Oklahoma might not have heard of the chain, Taco Bueno loyalists are a vocal force on social media.

In 2005, The Company started franchising 2005 and was acquired by TPG Growth last year.

The chain is currently making a franchise push in states like Colorado, Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, and Iowa. The chains happen to be indifferent about international growth, unlike its competitors; instead, it emphasizes expansion in the Southwest. They do things in a Bueno way, and customers always taste the difference.

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