Taco John’s Menu and Calories

In this article, you will get to know about Taco John’s menu, the menu serving size and their calories. Please we like to mention here that we don’t focus attention on menu prices. We are more interested in the calories of the menu rather than their prices. So, below are Taco John’s menu and calories.

Taco John’s Menu and Calories

Bacon & Potato Breakfast Burrito1 burrito – 217g540
Bacon Breakfast Egg Burrito1 burrito – 201g470
Bacon Potato Oles Scrambler1 order – 439g1080
Bacon Potato Oles Scrambler1 small – 269g660
Bacon Scrambler Burrito1 burrito – 246g550
Bean Burrito1 burrito – 187g360
Beef & Potato Burrito1 burrito – 237g510
Beef Burrito1 burrito – 187g440
Beef Quesadilla1 quesadilla – 246g560
Beef Super Nachos1 small – 192g420
Beef Super Nachos1 order – 358g800
Beef Taco Salad1 salad – 361g540
Breakfast Egg Burrito1 burrito – 187g410
Breakfast Sausage Egg Burrito1 burrito – 232g570
Cheese Roll-Up1 order – 56g180
Cheesy Quesadilla1 quesadilla – 161g450
Chicken & Potato Burrito1 burrito – 237g480
Chicken Quesadilla1 quesadilla – 246g530
Chicken Taco Salad1 salad – 361g500
Chips1 side order – 57g270
Chips & Nacho Cheese1 side order – 142g380
Chips & Queso1 side order – 191g430
Churro1 order – 55g200
Combination Burrito1 burrito – 187g400
Crispy Taco1 taco – 92g170

Crunchy Chicken & Potato Burrito1 burrito – 251g580
Crunchy Chicken Taco Salad1 salad – 383g630
Grilled Beef Burrito1 burrito – 247g590
Grilled Chicken Burrito1 burrito – 247g580
Junior Bacon Breakfast Burrito1 burrito – 102g190
Junior Sausage Breakfast Burrito1 burrito – 113g230
Mexi Rolls4 pieces – 112g370
Mexican Donut Bites1 order – 91g290
Potato Oles1 small – 142g480
Potato Oles1 medium – 198g670
Potato Oles1 large – 255g860
Ranch Burrito1 burrito – 203g440
Refried Beans1 side order – 269g320
Sausage & Potato Breakfast Burrito1 burrito – 246g530
Sausage Potato Oles Scrambler1 order – 475g1190
Sausage Potato Oles Scrambler1 small – 298g750
Sausage Scrambler Burrito1 burrito – 274g650
Side Salad1 salad – 92g40
Single Street Chicken Taco1 taco – 92g170
Single Street Sirloin Steak Taco1 taco – 92g180
Sirloin Steak Super Nachos1 order – 372g810
Sirloin Steak Super Nachos1 small – 192g410
Softshell Beef Taco1 taco – 113g210
Softshell Chicken Taco1 taco – 113g180
Stuffed Grilled Taco1 taco – 210g540

Super Burrito1 burrito – 251g440
Super Potato Oles1 order – 478g1090
Taco Bravo1 taco – 184g320
Taco Burger1 order – 142g270


About Taco John’s

Taco John’s is a Cheyenne, based quick-service food restaurant located in Wyoming; it serves Mexican-inspired fast food (which it calls “West-Mex”). The chain was established in 1969 in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and it currently consists of more than 400 restaurants in nearly 27 states, mainly in the Midwest and Mountain regions.

Taco John’s has always all about bringing the flavors since the very first taco stand. From handmade salsas and classic Crispy Tacos with freshly-made shells to their signature Potato Olés®, they sure know how to OléThe Day.

Since then, Taco John’s restaurants have been popping up across the Midwest, gradually transforming to include drive-thrus and interior seating that’ll bring their customers the unique flavors that made Taco John’s famous. Their menu also evolved to add bold originals such as PotatoOlés, Meat and Potato Burritos, and the holiday specialty: Nachos Navidad.

They even started Taco Tuesday and trademarked it.  Presently, Taco John operates and franchises about 400 restaurants in 23 states, making it among the largest Mexican restaurant brands in America.

They are continually growing across the country; nevertheless, certain things never change. For instance, they never compromise their food quality standards, signature bold flavors, dedication to using real ingredients, and their commitment to Olé the Day!

Taco John’s triumphed in the 1970s and 1980s by cultivating a win-win partnership with its franchisees. Franchisees paid Taco John’s a franchise fee, along with royalties on income from their stores. In return, they are supported by Taco John’s. In the earlier years, Taco John’s would ship a prefabricated 12- by 30-foot taco stand from Wyoming; the stand was complete with kitchen appliances and other essential fixtures.

Afterward, the company constructed or outfitted larger structures with seating instead of shipping prebuilt units. (One of the original prefabricated units was still operating in 1995 in Des Moines, where it had been a lunchtime favorite with high school students since 1973.) Later, Taco John’s would work to make sure its franchisees were being offered the support and training required to make their stores prosperous.

Thus anytime the franchisees make a profit, so did Taco John’s. As word spread that a Taco John’s franchise was an excellent investment, the company got a regular supply of franchisee candidates.

Taco John’s iconic Mexican quick-service brand, known worldwide for trademarking Taco Tuesday, is heating expansion in 2018 after a record-breaking year in franchise commitments.

With 116 new commitments the preceding year, Taco John’s more than doubled duties from 2016. The nearly 50-year-old brand established ten recent locations in 2017, such as freestanding locations, mall units, and convenience store co-developments. Furthermore, Taco John’s opened its first airport location at John F. Kennedy International Airport.

As of 2019, Taco John’s resolved to penetrate the food truck market by releasing its first food truck to celebrate the brand’s 50th anniversary.

As a result of its fusion of distinctive flavors and south-of-the-border spices, Taco John’s menu provides many signature items, such as Meat and Potato Burritos, original Street Tacos, and Potato Olés. Taco John’s also serves epic specials like Taco Tuesday.

Since the beginning, Taco John’s has been bringing its bold take on Mexican fare to higher levels. And it gets much better. What commenced as a single taco stand in 1968 is now a standout business built on forward-thinking and latest trends.  And presently that the company has reached a 50-years-going-strong milestone, the business is prepared to roll out the bigger. Bolder. Better. Taco John’s.

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