The Habit Burger Grill Near Me: Menu and Calories

Are you searching for The Habit Burger Grill near me? If you are in California, the restaurant has more than 170 locations there. This article also contains a brief history about the restaurant, its menu and calories.

The Habit Burger Grill Menu and Calories

The Habit Burger Grill serves charbroiled burgers, fresh salads, grilled chicken sandwiches, and beach-inspired favorites, like fresh albacore tuna sandwiches. The restaurant also offers Bacon, Cheese, Avocado or Mushrooms additional. Lettuce wrapped available upon request. Find below the details of its menu and calories.

American Cheese1 slice – 18g70
Bacon2 strips – 14g100
BBQ Bacon Charburger – Seeded Bun1 burger – 305g630
BBQ Bacon Charburger – Wheat Bun1 burger – 330g680
BBQ Chicken Salad without Dressing1 salad – 365g450
BBQ Sauce2 tbsp60
Bleu Cheese Dressing2 tbsp80
Butter Blend Spread2 tsp50
Caesar Salad Dressing2 tbsp180
Caesar Salad with Dressing1 salad – 269g450
Caramelized & Grilled Onions1 order – 1 oz35
Charburger – Seeded Bun1 burger – 260g470
Charburger – Wheat Bun1 burger – 290g520
Chicken Caesar Salad with Dressing1 salad – 388g690
Chicken Club – Sourdough1 sandwich – 371g730
Chicken Sandwich – French Roll1 sandwich – 410g730
Chocolate Malted Shake1 malt860
Chocolate Shake1 shake820
Chocolate Sundae1 sundae990
Chunky Avocado1 scoop – 55g90
Cobb Salad Dressing2 tbsp150
Coffee Malted Shake1 malt720
Coffee Shake1 shake680
Croutons6 croutons – 12g40
Crumbled Blue Cheese2 tbsp – 14g50

Double Charburger – Seeded Bun1 burger – 320g640
Double Charburger – Wheat Bun1 burger – 345g690
Fat-Free Italian Dressing2 tbsp12
French Fries with Salt1 order – 156g440
French Roll1 roll – 132g290
Fresh Albacore Sandwich – Seeded Bun1 sandwich – 233g390
Fresh Albacore Sandwich – Sourdough1 sandwich – 260g450
Garden Salad without Dressing1 salad – 262g100
Grilled Chicken Salad without Dressing1 salad – 355g220
Honey Dijon Dressing2 tbsp140
House Dressing2 tbsp160
Iceberg Lettuce For Wrap1 wrap – 85g12
Kid’s Meal – Charburger with Applesauce1 meal460
Kid’s Meal – Charburger with Fries1 meal – 215g590
Kid’s Meal – Chicken Nuggets with Applesauce1 meal300
Kid’s Meal – Chicken Nuggets with Fries1 meal – 153g430
Kid’s Meal – Grilled Cheese with Fries1 meal – 197g570
Kid’s Meal – Grilled Cheese with Fries1 meal440
Lettuce Wrap Charburger1 burger – 257g290
Mayonnaise1 tbsp100
Mocha Malted Shake1 malt800
Mocha Shake1 shake760
Onion Rings with Salt1 order – 135g500
Pastrami Sandwich – French Roll1 sandwich – 445g900
Pastrami Sandwich – Sourdough1 sandwich – 400g860

Ranch Dressing2 tbsp120
Santa Barbara Cobb Salad with Dressing1 salad – 490g840
Seeded Bun1 bun – 65g190
Side Caesar Salad with Dressing1 salad – 119g220
Side Salad without Dressing1 salad – 113g45
Sourdough Bread2 slices – 86g200
Strawberry Malted Shake1 malt800
Strawberry Shake1 shake760
Strawberry Sundae1 sundae940
Sweet Potato Fries1 order – 227g374
Swiss Cheese1 slice – 18g70
Tartar Sauce2 tbsp160
Teriyaki Charburger – Seeded Bun1 burger – 300g510
Teriyaki Charburger – Wheat Bun1 burger – 330g560
Teriyaki Sauce1.5 tbsp34
Thousand Island Dressing2 tbsp130
Tri Tip Sandwich with Teriyaki – French Bread1 sandwich – 335g540
Unsweetened Apple Sauce Cup1 cup50
Vanilla Ice Cream Cone1 cone330
Vanilla Malted Shake1 malt750
Vanilla Shake1 shake710
Vanilla Sundae1 sundae840
Veggie Burger – Wheat Bun1 burger – 310g470
Wheat Bun1 bun – 92g240
Whipped Cream2 tbsp15

About The Habit Burger Grill

The Habit Burger Grill is an American fast casual restaurant was founded as a family owned business in Santa Barbara, California in 1969. Being a family owned business, the expansion seemed to be slow until 2007 when KarpReilly acquired majority interest in the company. After the acquisition, The Habit began to expand rapidly by opening more company-owned and franchised locations. In 2014, the company made its initial public offering in which it was able to raise about $83.7 million. After the company’s share was listed, its price doubled immediately.

The Habit now has more than 250 locations in the United States and other countries such as China and the United Arab Emirates. If you are in the United States, you will find The Habit in Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, and North Carolina. Other locations are Pennsylvania, Utah, Virginia, and Washington. The headquarters is based in Irvine, California, United States. California is where most of the restaurant locations are based.

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The Habit Burger Grill Near Me

If you are searching for The Habit Burger Grill near me, you can use the map below to see if there are any locations around you. Alternatively, you can visit the restaurant website for more detailed information.

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