Tim Hortons Introduces New Bagelbits and 3 New Dream Donuts

Tim Hortons is adding new Bagelbits and three new Dream Donuts to its menu list.

The new Bagelbits which can be described as miniature balls of bagel is a bagel version of the Tim Hortons’ popular Timbits. The bagels are filled with cream cheese in the middle.

Bagelbit comes in two varieties namely Plain Bagelbit and Everything Bagelbit. The Plain Bagelbit is white bread stuffed with cream cheese while the Everything Bagelbit features onion, garlic, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and filled with cream cheese.

The three New Dream Donuts includes Chocolate Truffle Dream Donut, Dulce de Leche Dream Donut and Strawberry Confetti Dream Donut. The 3 New Dream Donuts come with premium fillings and toppings. They are decorated with icing swirls and colorful confetti

The new menus are available at participating Tim Hortons restaurants for a limited time. Bagelbits and the new Dream Donuts are sold at an introduction price of $3 for three and $2.09 each respectively. Nevertheless, prices may vary by locations.

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