Top Burger Restaurants in The United States of America (USA)

Are you looking for burger to eat? The good news is that there are many burger restaurants or locations across the United States of America (USA). Thanks to many giant restaurant chains that specialize in making burgers as part of their menu. In this articles, you will find some of these top burger restaurants. They are not just ranked top in term of revenue, they also have good geographical spread nationwide. So, with their numerous branches, it is not hard to find burgers to eat especially if you stay in the city.

Below are some of the top burger restaurants you will easily find in the United States of America.


Mcdonald’s is one of the biggest fast-food chains globally, initially known for its tasty hamburger. With its headquarters in Oak Brooks, Illinois, MacDonald’s was initially formed by two brothers, Maurice and Richard McDonalds, in 1948 in Californian. And over the years, the brand has gone global with shops in places like Japan, Canada, and the United Kingdom. With the company’s worldwide reach, they have more investors and shareholders, which has made it easier for the brand to reinvest and improve its products and services over the years.

Earlier, at the start of the business, the brothers grew their business as customers patronize their tasty meals. Furthermore, they were able to develop ways of making more hamburgers, fries, and other products with a friend who uses technology to produce a useful machine. And the company had always invested in technology to improve their services to customers over the years.

The brand has strategically made their product reachable with the opening of McDonald Kiosk in every location they find suitable. It can be observed that a new McDonald’s spot is popping up every minute, which goes to show the popularity and acceptance of their fast food. Its self-servicing products had made it much easier for customers to purchase their favorite and tasty fast food items. And their shop has become accessible to everyone with kiosks in almost every reachable distance.

McDonald’s’ strength lies in understanding the need for fast, cheaper, and tasty food items for their customers. Customers do not have to wait extended hours to be served with the delicious hamburger, cheeseburger fries, and chips, which is the company’s primary menu. It is effortless to go into a McDonald’s shop and get served faster than most fast food spots, representing another attractive feature of the company.

However, the brand had failed in the bid to branch out to other avenues such as pizzas. They have dropped that approach after it received negative reviews and focused on what they have been initially known for, like the hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, and so on. On further analysis, the business’s pizza branch failed because it deviated from the company’s initial aim to serve its customers faster than most other spots. For it took more extended hours for the pizzas to get ready and served to the customers.

McDonald’s has remained one of the popular global fast foods for its tasty products, fast and affordable services. But there is a need for the board to be innovative with the demand in the industry. Some upcoming competitions are becoming as commercial as McDonald’s, so there is a need for improved services and products. The customers remain the focus in this industry, and there is a need to keep satisfying their hunger.


Hardees is one of the best fast-food chains in the Southern and Midwestern states of the United States of America. Wilber Hardee opened the first Hardee restaurant in North Carolina in the late 1960s, and they were known for their hamburger, fries, and milkshakes, which cost 45 cents. Over the years, they have added more meals to their menu as more branches open up all over the states.

In 1997, CKE Restaurants Holdings INC became part of the company, with majority shares. The merger saw the transformation of the fast-food company across the United States and the world. Furthermore, there are over 40 Hardees outlets in the United States and over ten globally. And they have grown over the 60 years of their existence.

Check out the delicious menu that has been developed over time in the restaurants. Customers will find biscuits and roast beef sandwiches, which are the popular meals, and they are made from scratch. They have continued to upgrade their menu with new meals and delicacies being added regularly. The thick burger, which is 100% beef and introduced in the year 2000, has become popular with customers and other dishes on the menu.

Customers can further enjoy quality services as well as coupons when you register on their websites. They will get coupons to enjoy free meals and other benefits when they make use of the platform. With the Hardees app, customers can find the closest Hardee’s restaurant and enjoy these quality meals. It is also efficient to check out the menus online and make orders from the comfort of your home.

The Hardees offer to drive through and sit in services and are available all day. They have adequate space where you can have an excellent breakfast, lunch, or dinner with friends and families. Also, they can enjoy quality meals and services which are affordable. With its user-friendly platforms, customers will enjoy seamless services on their platform. They will also enjoy fantastic customer services from reliable and resources, customer representatives.

The apps have become very useful to locate the closest Hardees in or out of the country. Hardees have continued to grow in the state and globally, and you can ensure that you enjoy your favorite American delicacies anywhere.


Culver’s restaurant chain is a famous brand located in the Midwestern area of the United States of America. They have been known for their tasty butter burger and frozen custard which the people in this region have found appealing. The fast-food chain is a family-owned business, by Craig and his parents, George and Ruth. In between them, they have vast experience in restaurants and fast food business. For the parents had owned a restaurant at a time, and Craig had worked for McDonald’s, is one of the popular fast-food chains which culminated their experience in the food industry.

With over thirty years of the operation of the Culver food chain, initially kicking off in Sauk City, Wisconsin, they had managed to open up branches all over the Western States in the US. Their recipes have been known to be tasteful and this has been the main selling point of this fast-food chain.  Customers have travelled to the Midwest to have a taste of the delicacies offered by the Culver’s fast-food chain. Since you can only find them in the Midwestern, you will expect tourists to put them on their must-do list while visiting any of the Midwestern states.

They offer exceptional services, and their meal is served freshly made with the menu that is available each day. Diners should note that they should expect different flavours of food and drinks each day. Culver’s tends to provide its customers with varieties of meals and beverages that they will find tasty. The spot is the perfect joint for the family to have dinner and enjoy some of the delicacies the western culture has to offer. A taste of their burger will leave you craving for more and give you the most western feel for an outsider.

Culver’s is fast becoming a national favourite with records of over 100,000 customers over the years. This is not surprising with the steady improvement of the brand since its inception in the food industry. Customers seem to be enjoying their tasty meals as well as their fantastic customer services. They have continued to improve the quality of their services, including a beautiful ambience to keep customers relaxed. At the same time, they enjoy the ever delicious butter burger and frozen custard, which is their main attraction.

They have managed to expand across the Midwestern states with the help of investors as the business has grown to be one of the top fast-food franchises in the US.


The Whataburger is popularly known for its Whataburger, justaburger, whatactach, which is a fish sandwich. It provides one of the tastiest menus for American families to dine in their distinct stores with it’s a framed orange and white logo, which is much noticeable on the roof of their building. They have continued to provide tasty meals and a pleasant dining environment for American families for over 60 years.

It was a family-owned business founded in 1950 by Hamon Dobson and Paul Burton, until 2019, when Venture Capital Company took a considerable stake in the franchise. Its headquarters is located in San Antonio, Texas, in the United States, and they have branches all over the Southeast and Southwest states in America.

Customers can enjoy outstanding services when you visit any of their restaurants. The places are spacious with less design, with pictures that show the Whataburger history and people associated with the brand. It is the perfect place for your friends and family to have a good time with a tasty southwestern burger. Since it is a regional restaurant, outsiders will always treasure the experience, and they still look forward to dining at the Whataburger when they visit the region.

Furthermore, their services are fast and pleasant, and you can get your orders popping in within minutes. There is no rush hour with how they handle their services for customers will likely not find any line in the restaurants, for they have a fast system of service. They are open 24 hours so that you can pop up to their restaurants for late-night snacks as well as for your breakfast.

Like other companies in the food and restaurant industry, the Whataburger app is available on the playstore and Apple store. With the apps, you can order their tasty delicacies and enjoy them at the comfort of your home with friends and family in any location they are operating. The applications allow customers to view the list of meals available on their menu and then make a list of what they want on the cart and complete their order. You can also enjoy rewards and points that will be useful when you use their online apps while you have a pleasant time with the delicious meals.

Jack in The Box

Jack in the Box is one of the popular fast-food chain companies in the United States of America, with over 2000 locations in America. Robert Oscar Peterson founded the food chain in 1951, and they have their headquarters in San Diego, California, in the United States. Jack in the Box is now a public company, and it is traded in the NASDAQ, where people can get shares of the company.

Operating in over 21 states in America, and they are known for their hamburger and famously for their taco. You can find other products when you drive into Jack in the Box, including chicken tenders, cheeseburger sandwich, egg roll, breakfast burritos, and other meals. Their attempt to be more profitable has focused on a broader range of customers than the younger generation.

Jack in the Box, through its promotion and campaign, had targeted the older but yet hippie generation. This stride was to avoid competition with other top fast-food chains in the country. Furthermore, the company had decided to focus on its drive-in services and takeaways, which has become an integral part of their business. And they have remodeled most of the branches all over the country to fit into drive-in services.

Notwithstanding, they have not neglected their restaurants where people can sit and enjoy a quality meal with friends and families. The board of directors had reinitiated lower prices on their menu to bring back customers who have favored other companies that offer lower prices. And they have focused more on providing faster services while still maintaining their standard of the meal being served.

They have continued to focus on satisfying their customers in their approach, which is one reason for the innovations. They have a user-friendly platform, and you can follow them on popular social media platforms. You can find all the available meals on their menu on the platforms and the necessary information about the company.

Sonic Drive-In

In the bid to control traffic of people coming to the restaurant, Sonic Drive-In, Troy Smith developed an in-car parking restaurant in 1953. After a series of delivering jobs, he just got back from the war and bought a restaurant that he developed into a park-in drive service. With headquarters in Oklahoma, United States, the company has grown to over 3000 locations globally.

The drive-in system works on the principle of people coming in with their cars, making orders through the intercom. Their charges get delivered fresh as they wait in their vehicles as quickly as possible. Sonic Drive-in services are available in 46 states in the United States, and they have become a popular spot for fast food. However, the brand continued to focus on its quick services and quality meal as its prime focus over the years.

Customers have been known to give positive reviews about their meals and services. The Sonic Drive-In is unique, and they are known for their drive in concept and other quality features and services. People usually have a carnival-like enjoyment when they take advantage of their happy hours and enjoy their excellent menu, including onion rings, corn dog, slushes, milkshakes, chill dogs, and a host of other meals.

There is so much fun you can catch with the Sonic Drive-in set up and their services. They offer a free birthday meal when you register with the fast-food app, along with other benefits like free coupons to buy meals on the platform. It is easy to make orders and enjoy more rewards and points with the application with mobile applications.

With the use of advanced technology, Sonic Drive had not been left behind with mobile apps in the food industry. The Sonic Drive-in app enables customers to make orders and pay with their phone. They can stay ahead of the cue using their mobile phones and gain points while they enjoy immense rewards available with the application. With mobile apps, customers can stay on with the latest changes and read about the platform’s meals’ ingredients and nutritional information. Sonic Drive-in is unique, and it has maintained this style over the years.


Wendy’s has become a household name in American and also has many stores globally since Dave Thomas founded it in 1969. It has developed to be among the top three hamburger franchises in America and has its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, in the United States. The founder named the company after his daughter, and it has been known for its square hamburger but does have a special hamburger like Burger King Whopper.

Following a merger with Triarc Companies INC in 2006, Wendy’s is now being run under the Wendy’s Company. The company is among the top food chains in the industry, with over 6000 branches globally and being operated under a business structure that makes it easy to use efficiently. It is chain cooperation, the quality of the food, the stores’ design, and the food menu are totally in control of the cooperation. Simultaneously, the restaurants’ interior design, the uniform, and warfare of the staff, including their wages, uniform, and pricing, are left in the control of the business owner.

The business strategy had made it easier to spring up in fast-food restaurants in different places. Customers can still enjoy the fantastic food menu offered by Wendy’s, although the services may differ. Their menu always includes hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, salads, French fries, breakfast sandwiches, desserts, and beverages. You are still sure of one Wendy’s store’s tasty meals to another, no matter the slight changes you may observe.

At Wendy’s, you can get a hamburger as cheap as $1.49, which is the junior burger. They use fresh beef to make their burger and other useful ingredients to give the burger its unique taste. They use a practical and straightforward approach to make it easy for customers to order for their services. Customers can download their user-friendly apps on Playstore and Apple stores and make orders anywhere.

They also have a great reward system that rewards customers that uses their platforms, as they earn points that can easily be redeemed. Customers can order for pickup or delivery from their websites or apps. And you can be sure of quality services from well-trained staff both online and offline.

Burger King

Burger King Holdings is presently the owner of the Burger King franchise, which has gone through several ownerships in the past century. With a global reach, the business is worth millions of dollars with thousands of employees worldwide. The Burger Kings is one of the most popular restaurants in the United States, serving some of the best recipes of burgers you can find. They are profoundly known for their signature burger known as the Burger King whooper.

Initially founded in 1953 under the name of Insta-Burger King in Jacksonville, Florida, which is still the headquarters till date. The Burger King is presently running as a corporation, with the Brazilian firm 3G Capital operating the majority shares and made the present structural adjustment the company is working on. The company has been profitable to its shareholders over the years and had grown to a successful franchise.

The Burger King menus are usually made up of hamburger, French fries, milkshakes, soft drinks and desserts. They have also been known to have different kind of sandwiches and hamburgers, made up of beef, chicken, fishes, beans and other vegetables for vegetarians and other ingredients. They have continued to make great burger and sandwiches which have been their selling points right from the first owners of the franchise.

Over the years, they have continued to improve on the quality of customer services to their customers. With the advancement in technology, they have introduced mobile payment and mobile app, which make it easy for customers to enjoy their quality services. Customers can make an order from their phones, and they will have freshly made meals delivered in quick time. In the area of convenience, they have placed the company ahead of their competition in the industry.

Customers can always have a good time in the fantastic atmosphere of the Burger King restaurants or enjoy a quick takeaway service. They have several vendor stores for drive-ins and ordering for your favourite Burger King meal. It is a global franchise, and you can find them in the most popular location in the world. As their brand continues to grow in popularity, with branches springing up around the world, they have been focusing on improving customer satisfaction. Although their prices are bit higher but affordable than most in the industry, the quality of their meal and services are one of the best in the industry.

Five Guys Burger and Fries

The Five Guys Burger and Fries is one of the most popular fast-food restaurants online. The company can be regarded as the most talked-about restaurants on social media, which can be attributed to the marketing strategy. Furthermore, their popularity can also be attributed to their tasty hamburger and fries, which is their everyday meal served in this restaurant. And they have continued to engage customers who have reviewed their products and services positively online.

It is a family-owned business, by the Murrell family, with its first restaurant started in 1986, at Arlington County, Virginia. And ever since then, they have spread all over the United States and the globe. The Five Guys Burger and Fries is one of the fast-food businesses having received numerous awards in the food industry, which has further boosted their popularity.

They are fondly known for their white and red checkered tiles in their building. And the inside is spacious with wooden tables suitable for family meals. On their menu, customers will commonly find the best hamburgers, hot dogs, milkshakes and French fries. These meals are tasty and delicious and are served fresh. The environment is pleasant for having a good time with family, friends and colleagues. Five Guys Burger and Fries were known for its fantastic publicity which was further boosted when President Obama was seen making an order on the counter of Five Guys Burger and Fries at Washington DC in 2006. Obama then claimed that he had been a fan of the restaurant for a long time and always patronized their meals.

They have a global reach, and you can find branches in Italy, North Korea, Germany, the United Kingdom and other places. Their restaurants are comfortable and cosy, and your meal gets delivered on time. And customers get attended to well-trained representatives to ensure quality services. Their prices are competitive and closer to those of their competitors.

Download the apps from playstore or apple stores and make orders straight from your smartphone. From their online platform, you can find the closest location, check out their menu and make orders. You can enjoy their delicious menu from the comfort of your home when you order online. Their services are quick and fast, and always customers centred.

Carl’s Jr

Carl’s Jr was founded by Carl Karcher and his wife Margareth Karcher from a small hot dog cart in 1941. The business has grown over the years with branches worldwide including the United States, Mexico, Australia and Europe. CKE Restaurants’ Holdings INC took over the company in 1966, which is responsible for the expansion of the branch globally.

Carl and his wife started with selling hot dogs at a dime along with soft drinks before they added hamburgers along the way as they expanded. Right now, the menu of the restaurant includes hamburgers, French fries, chicken, salad and soft drinks. And with an experience in initially operating Carl’s drive-in barbecue, they understand the need for fast delivery services and packages.

Presently, the franchise has grown to more than 3000 branches both in the United States and over 38 countries. You can always find Carl’s Jr restaurants close to you by running a quick online search or using their mobile app to find the nearest location to you. Americans and non-Americans can enjoy the tasty feel of American hamburgers and other delicacies abroad by finding Carl’s restaurant close to their location.

Carl’s Jr is one of the best places to relax with family and friends for lunch or dinner. The atmosphere is fantastic, welcoming and large for a family hangout. They have friendly customer services to attend to the customers and meet up with their needs. Customers can find excellent positive reviews of their meals and services, which are encouraging to say the least.

Customers can get the latest news and updates from the company by following their social media handles. These platforms enable customers to connect directly with the company in real-time. Get to view menus from your smartphone, as you follow them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and they all make you feel closer to the company no matter your location.

Image: Carl’s

In and Out Burger

The In and Out Burger is an American food restaurant that is predominantly found in the Southeast region. Esther and Harry Snyder founded it at Irvine, California in 1948 and the company is presently run by their grandchild, Lynsi Snyder as President of the company. The restaurant has its mark in history as the first to establish a drive-through service in California.

Unlike most fast-food chains, the In and Out Burger did not go public, to maintain their identity over the years. They have become predominant in the southeast of the United States and can be found in Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Texas and Utah. The In and Out Burger can boost the best customer services in the region, which may be due to the high wages paid to their workers compared to other food chains.

Over the years, the restaurant has been known for the three unique hamburgers, which includes hamburgers, cheeseburger and double-double burger, which is on the menu regularly. Other meals you can find in the menu include French fries, varieties of milkshakes, sauce, soft drinks and beverages amongst other meals. Customers can check their websites to find the nearest location and also the meals available on the menu.

The In and Out Burger is conspicuous in its building design with the white red and yellow colours. These colours are patterned in the uniform worn by staff of the restaurants, which can be distinguished from other fast-food restaurants. However, the interior and exterior design differ from one location to another, based on building law and regulation in the state. Nevertheless, the interior is designed to ensure comfort, the flow of traffic, whether inside or through the drive-thru services. Lynsi Synder, the present president of the company, has continued to maintain the standard the restaurants are known for over the years, thus keeping the standard of the restaurants.

Steak n Shake

Steak N Shake was founded by Gus Belt in Normal, Illinois, United States, in early 1934. Over the 80 years of its operations, the casual restaurant has maintained its standard of delivering freshly prepared steakburger and milkshakes. Gus started the restaurants with just steaks and milkshake on its menu. He will prepare the steaks in front of the customers with milkshakes to go along with it. The casual restaurant became very popular in Illinois, and it expanded through the United States.

Presently, the company is run by Sardar Biglari under Biglari Holdings, with over 600 restaurants operating globally. They have franchised the company, which has seen it open branches all over the United States, South East Asia and Europe. Although the restaurants have added more meals to their menu over the years, Biglari took over in 2008 to ensure that they focus on Burger, milkshake and fries which the company was known for. Since the take over in 2008, the company had been making profits as it had expanded over the globe.

Usually, a Steak n Shake restaurant comes with a drive-thru, sit down and window corner where customers can order for what is on the menu. Although not all of the franchise restaurants have such features, there may be slight differences in the structure of the franchise, the menu is always the same standard.

Customers can use the website and social media to learn more about the menus, location, rewards and other useful services that will profit the customers. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest. This online presence has made it easier for customers to make orders and enjoy great rewards. The restaurant always made the customers their focus, and that has continued to make them popular with their customers. And it’s steaks has been it’s main attraction to customers over the years of operation.

Shake Shack

The Shake Shack kiosk was part of the development and awareness program for developing Madison Square Park in New York. It was founded by Danny Mayer, setting up a small cart in 2001, and it is known as one of the fast-growing casual restaurants in the United States. On the park, the Shake Shack moved on from a cart to a stand in the next three years and added more delicacies to its menu.

From being an idea of creating awareness about the park’s remodelling and promoting New York culture, it developed into a restaurant chain. In late 2014, the business went public at an offer of $21per share to the public. And this has seen the chain expand to over 168 branches in the United States and over 86 locations internationally.

Shake Shack has some of the best reviews you can find from customers, mainly because of its unique delicacies and the great environment. Since its formation, the restaurant has moved from simple hotdogs and milkshakes to an excellent menu list. You can find a range of meals and drinks on their menu, ranging from the chicken burger, hot dogs, fries, frozen custards, beer, wine and other beverages. They have wide varieties on their menu to serve a wide range of people with different tastes. Anyone can find what they are looking for in any Shake Shake restaurants, from the beer-drinking type to the soft drink and non-alcoholic person.

With several locations worldwide, you will expect a different layout, but they have some unique features. They are usually made of glass, giving customers a clear view outside as you enjoy your meal. And most of them with space outside typically have an outside sit down for customers. They are known for their outstanding meals and excellent services. Customers can use their mobile apps to find nearby locations, view what is on the menu and make orders.

White Castle

The White Castle is famously regarded as the pioneer in the hamburger fast-food chain in the United States. It was founded by Walter Anderson, who has been running several restaurants and Billy Ingram, a businessman who mostly handled the company’s business end. The white Castle and its first restaurants were built and in operation in 1921, and they run a unique kind of fast food restaurant, which was not expected at that time.

During the initial operation period, they were responsible for direct sourcing all their ingredients, including the beef for making their meal. The White Castle is predominating in the Midwestern States of the United States, and it has become a regional fast-food chain in the country. White Castle has always remained with the family, and all its branches are family owned and not franchised.

Customers can purchase the square shaped hamburger, which has come to be associated with the company inboxes. They have a fast and excellent delivery service, and their food can be delivered to customers. And you can enjoy their drive-thru services for those who want quick snacks. White Castle also comes with mobile apps where you can check out their daily menu, make orders and find the location close to you.

The buildings of the White Castle are unique, with white enamel on the exterior and enamelled steel in the interior. Its colour choice was to maintain cleanliness and to ensure customers are comfortable around the restaurants. One of the main attractive features of the White Castle meal is that they are affordable across all menus. Customers can get more hamburgers at a lower price than what they will get from other restaurants on the boxes.  Some of the meals customers can find on the menu include hamburgers, commonly known as sliders, crave cases, fries, soft drinks and beverages. Presently, the White Castle is operating in over 300 locations in the United States and has some branches in Asia.

Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburger

Freddy’s frozen custard and steakburger was founded by two brothers Bill and Randy Simon, in Wichita, Kansas, in 2002. They named the restaurants after their father, Freedy Simon, and the restaurants have grown over the years for a relatively new company in the food industry. The business has remained privately owned with over 300 stores in the United States. However, they had to partner as a franchise with Tastebud Group as they opened branches in the Middle East in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon and Kuwait.

Customers can not get enough of their tasty meals, one of the restaurants’ main attractions. Their burger is unique, made to be crispy and with a steak piece that leaves customers groping for more. While their fries are made with special seasoning, they have a delicious sauce delicious when taken along with the fries. Their menu also includes frozen custard, one of the main courses over the years, cheese curd, hot dogs, onion rings, chicken sandwich and veggie burgers.

Freedy’s frozen custard and steakburger have a secret recipe for their fry sauce, which is unique. The fry sauce can be ordered separately and used along with fries and other meals available on the menu. They also consider vegans and those on a diet in their menu, with salads and vegetables on the menu. Freedy offers one best service in America with fast delivery services, especially with their drive-thru services.

They have responsive customer care, and they are known to be active on their social media platform. And this had provided a means for customers to reach out to them quickly. The restaurants are very cozy, and the interior is comfortable, where you can hang out with family and friends. It is one of the best places for families to have breakfast, launch and dinner either as a sit-in or order for takeaways.


Smashburger is one of the new fast-food chains making waves in the country, with branches in over 39 states in the United States and locations present in 9 countries. The fast-food chain was founded by Rick Schaden and Tom Ryan, two veterans in the industry with years of experience. The first Smashburger restaurant was located in Denver, Colorado, United States, and the franchise quickly spread all over the United States.

The restaurant can be found in countries like the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom. They have become popular and patronized by customers based on their delicious smashed hamburger. The veterans developed a unique way of preparing their hamburger on a flat top grill, topping it with flavour and dressings to make them more appealing. Other items on their regular menu will include chicken, turkey, and portobello sandwiches as well as french fries, sweet potato fries, fried pickles, and other meals.

Providing a conducive environment for their customers made Smashburger focused on the sit and dined aspect of the restaurant. The restaurant is built and designed to provide a place where families and friends can enjoy a fantastic meal together. The restaurant is painted with bright red and white, and it is spacious enough for customer flow. Customers will have to make their orders at the restaurant’s center, and the meal will be brought to them in a silver tray with cutlery along to eat. Otherwise, you can order for take-out and enjoy your tasty meal at home.

Get the best tasty deal for your money with their smashed hamburger and other delicious meals. With a planned business strategy, you will find these restaurant chains in high traffic areas like campuses and airports. Customer services are among the best you can see in the United States’ fast-food industry, and they are widely spread in over 39 states, with more than 300 branches.

Rally’s Hamburger

The Rally’s Hamburger INC was initially founded in 1985 with its headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Rally’s had maintained its structures over the years, a drive-thru and take out services with no indoor eating services. They have continued with the principle of providing fast services with hamburgers to go at affordable prices, and they have become dominant in the Northeast states of the United States. And as at 1997, they have established over 477 branches in the United States, all running the drive-thru and take out services, except five experimental stations with chairs and table outdoors for eating services.

They have gone into a franchise partnership with CKE Restaurant INC to expand their reach throughout the United States.  And with proper management over the years, the company has grown and made a profit with the franchise partnership. To further expand its business and reach other regions in the United States, Rally’s went into partnership with Checkers fast food in 1887, which was dominant in the Southeast. In the arrangement, both companies still maintained their identity while running a sustainable business arrangement. They run their separate entity, bearing the different business name and identity while maintaining the business structure.

Rally’s offers some of the best fast food menus in the Northeast region of the United States, and they are known for their signature Rallyburger and Big Buford.  You can find some other kinds of meals on their menu, including chicken breast sandwiches, seasoned fries, onion rings, soft drinks, and milkshakes.  The food delivery is essential in their operations, and customers can get the basic items on the menu delivered within 45 seconds. Customers can also use their website for online services to find the closest Rally’s restaurants or make an order. Furthermore, the company has invested in brand management to expand its business awareness, which has continued to increase the productivity of the business.


Jack’s, also known as Jack Hamburger or Jack Family Restaurants INC, was initially founded by Jack Caddell in November 1960. It was initially known as the Jack Hamburger; a name picked up because it was initially a walk-in restaurant in Alabama, where customers can get affordable meals quickly.  Customers can get hamburgers, sodas, fries and milkshake for as low as 15 to 20 cents at the first Jack’s walk-in.

Being one of the most popular fast-food restaurants in the Southeastern United, they have snowballed with over 182 locations in the United States.  The restaurant has been family owned till July 2019, when the business was sold to a private equity investor. And they have continued to expand as a regional fast food restaurant all over the Southeast of the country. It is easy to locate Jack’s restaurant by using the column. Find Jack’s on their website for those unfamiliar with the locations.

Jack’s restaurant had continued to maintain its standard as the earlier days of the founder, Jack Caddell. It has focused on customer satisfaction, which involves providing direct services and engaging the customers when they visit the restaurants in a friendly tone. And the restaurant has grown to be a family-oriented place by building a beneficial relationship with the community through several community programs.

Furthermore, the restaurant had developed from just a walk-in restaurant to offering sit-in services in their earlier days. There are sitting arrangements to ensure enough space for families to have a good time eating in the restaurant and enjoy the quality services available to customers. They also offer catering services which can be used for birthdays, meetings and other occasions. The Jacks have kept to their traditional menu of delicious hamburgers and drinks over the years, although there may be additions to the menu regularly.

Krystal co

Rody Davenport Jr and J.Glenn Sherril partnered together to open the first Krystal Fast Food restaurants in 1932 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The principle was to provide an affordable meal to meet the people’s needs due to the economic downturn during the great depression. Nevertheless, the food quality was top-notch, tasty and at the lowest price possible, making them popular at the inception of fast-food restaurants.

The Krystal fast-food restaurants are mainly found in the Southeast of the United States with over 300 locations presently, and commonly found in states like Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee.  They have been a regional fast-food giant and have become the main attraction or calling points for tourists who visit the South-Eastern part of the United States.  The restaurant is privately owned and presently under Thomas Stager as the President of the business.

Customers can check out the restaurants’ menu on their websites and find the closest location if you want to have the Krystal fast-food restaurants’ tasty feel. The main food on the menu usually includes hamburgers, French fries, chicken, milkshake and other meals.  Krystal fast food is commonly known for its fantastic hamburger, which has a unique square shape, and they are widely referred to as sliders. The hamburger’s recipe has been their unique selling points, which is steamed with onion and gives customers a satisfying taste.

The fast-food restaurants have great positive reviews from customers, which can be placed on their tasty menu and friendly services. Customers can make orders from Krystal restaurants any time of the day, and they offer drive-thru services for fast and efficient services on the go. You cannot miss the Krystal fast-food restaurants with its conspicuous billboard that stand tall and can be seen from a considerable distance off the road. Customers will appreciate the clean interior with excellent customer services for a nice meal with family or friends.

Checkers Drive-in Restaurants

Jim Mattle initially founded the Checkers Drive-In restaurant in 1986 in Mobile, Alabama. However, it is currently being operated by the Oak Hill Capital Partners after the Checkers and Rally restaurants merged in 1999. They have spread all around the Southeast, and the United States’ Midwest states, present in over 28 states.

In the years the business has been in operation, it has grown to become one of the largest chains of drive-thru restaurants in the United States. Most of their restaurants offer drive-thru services and walk-up services, with few having in house diners for customers. The Checkers Drive-in restaurant provides one of the best services, with fast delivery, efficient services and quality meals, making them relevant in the industry in these years.

Their main menu includes hamburgers, hot dogs, French fries, milkshakes, chicken, boneless wing, classic wings and all other meals as listed on their website daily. One of the appealing scenes of the drive-thru restaurants is the cleanliness of the surroundings and the staff. They deliver the meal to you in a cheerful way and in a timely fashion as they keep the traffic flowing as fast as possible. Food is served warm and tasty while ensuring that customers do not stay in line for too long.

With many branches scattered all over the Southeast and the Midwest, customers can find the location close to them using the website’s location tab. They also offer services that let you order ahead before you drive into the restaurants. And you do not have to waste much time as you drive through to collect your order using the Order Ahead section on the platform. They have continued to focus on quality meals and outstanding services to satisfy their customers over the years. It is one of the restaurants that has received great positive reviews, both online and offline.

The Habit Burger Grill

The Habit Burger Grill is one of the biggest fast-food chains known for its charbroiled hamburger. It was formed by two brothers in Santa Barbara, California, as they seek to make money to provide people with their unique charbroiled hamburger. The fast-food company has remained a privately run company in its 50 years of operation, and its headquarters Irvine, California, United States. At the moment they have over 288 branches in the United States, with plans for further expansion.

It has expanded all over the United States and abroad, with branches springing up in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. In 2014, the fast-food restaurant went public and went on to raise over $83 million in its initial public offering. Taco Bell and KFC took over the company in early 2020 except for eight locations in Santa Barbara which remain under the initial ownership of Reichard Brothers.

The restaurant has been known for its local delicacy when that started in California. And they have maintained these secret delicacies over the years with their mouth-watering burger and other meals and drinks in its menu. The uniqueness of their hamburger brought the fast-food restaurant great recognition outside the shores of California and all over the United States. In 2014, they were recognized as having the best hamburger in America, after a survey on publication by Consumer Report. In this report, the company asked consumers to rate the fast-food chain in the region, and The Habit Burger Grill came out on top to boost the popularity of the fast-food restaurant. The fast-food restaurant also received the award of the best regional fast-food chain by USA Today in 2019.

Staying through to his original status, the family still maintains its startup branches in California. They serve their food fresh and have never patronized frozen food in any of their restaurants. They always have char in most of the menu such as charburger for they prefer to cook their meal over Charcoal.

Wayback Burger

The Wayback Burger, which was initially known as Jack Wayback Burger, was initially founded in 1991 in Newark, Delaware, the U.S. Its name was changed to Wayback Burger in 2014. The privately-owned fast food restaurant had expanded with locations outside the United States. In the United States, they can be found in New England, New York, Florida, Texas, Ohio, and California. At the same time, the locations outside the United States include Canada, Brunei, Morocco, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, The Netherlands, Sudan, Ireland, Pakistan, and South Africa. The global reach of the Wayback Burgers restaurants can be credited to the sound business management and quality service provided by the customers.

Wayback Burger aims to create a comfortable environment where customers can have quality meals. And this has been the core of their branches springing up globally. Based on the founding principle, they have created a soothing environment where families can enjoy quality meals. The restaurant was designed to accommodate everyone, from the young to the old. And their menu includes Burgers, chicken, fries, and shakes. With fast delivery services, customers can place orders on their website if they have a location nearby.

Wayback Burger has been active in community services, being involved in several fundraising and support programs. They have been specifically involved in many youth development programs, including other community beneficial services. These activities had furthermore improved the patronage of people in these communities. They have become one of the fastest-growing fast-food restaurants in the United States, having received several recognitions for their humanitarian services.

Customers will enjoy excellent services in all Wayback Burger shops. Furthermore, customers can enjoy gifts ranging from $25 to $500, which the customers can use to make orders on the platform. The restaurant is concerned about healthy food. Thus they take the nutrition of their customers important. All these have further improved trust between the customers and the restaurants.

The Farmer Boys

The Farmer Boys is a regional fast food restaurant in the United States, known for its quick services and fresh food. The idea behind the founding of the Farmers Boys was to ensure that customers get crisp and fresh meals straight from the farms, to the kitchen, and then to your table. They do not make use of frozen ingredients as they get a steady supply of fresh ingredients to prepare meals for customers.

The Farmer Boys is a family-owned restaurant, founded by the Havadjias Brothers in 1981. With many years of experience working in restaurants, to raise money for their college education, they were able to run their restaurants efficiently. In 1997, the restaurant was got franchise status, and they grew in number, with the addition of more locations. The brothers were more concerned about providing healthy and nutritious meals to their customers.

You can read about the positive review of the Farmers Boys, mainly based on their crispy and fresh meal. They have stayed true to their mantra “farm to table” in the delivery of meals to their customers. Breakfast is readily available on the platform at any time of the day. It is a family-friendly place, where you can be sure of healthy meals for your family.

Farmer Boys seek to expand its business using the franchise, where the company will agree to compile to the farm to table themes. Prospective business partners will go to over 12-week training courses. The Farmer Boys is one of the best fast food places where you can get value for your money. The regular meals on their menu include hamburgers, onion rings, vegetables, chicken, and much more. Since customers have become conscious of what they put in their body, the Farmers Boys is becoming popular with consumers.


The Fuddruckers fast food restaurant is fondly known for its savoury handful hamburger which is made up of fresh meat grounded on-site and the buns all made fresh on site. And with fresh ingredients, all giving a delicious taste in the mouth. Customers can get the Fuddruckers hamburger in 1/3 pounds, 2/3 pounds, and  1 pound. It is a handful, and you will be satisfied with one full-sized burger and their homemade milkshakes or other drinks on the menu.

The fast-food restaurant was founded by Philip J. Romano in 1979, with its headquarters in Houston, Texas, United States of America. And they have expanded around the United States and the world with 169 locations. They are currently present in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Panama, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, Syria. They also made their presence known in some European countries like Italy, Poland, and Switzerland, after some individuals franchising deals. Most of its branches are originally owned while some are run as individual franchises.

The exterior of the restaurants is conspicuously known for its yellow and white painting. The design varies according to the location, but you cannot miss out on their significant and fresh hamburger and their fantastic menu. Other delicacies available on the menu include chicken, fish, and exotic burgers (buffalo, elk, ostrich, and wild boar). Inside the restaurant, they have unique booths suitable for families to have a good time together. They start grilling your orders, customizing your hamburger to your request when you make an order. Everything is delivered fresh, handmade to your taste at the Fuddruckers fast food restaurant.

Now, if you are confused about making your choice, they have several options that you can choose from and laced your burger with the fresh ingredients available on the table. All the services at this restaurant are to make you be yourself and make your choice about what you desire.

A&W Restaurants

Roy W Allen was the initial founder of the A&W Restaurants when he set up a roadside drink stand during the parade of World War 1 veterans in California. On occasion, he was serving root beer along with hamburgers which became the trademark of the restaurants. After the parade and due to the way people accepted the root beer, he partnered with Frank Wright, and they developed their first A&W restaurant in Sacramento, California in 1922.

The restaurants become popular for their iconic frosty beer, served in mugs that have been placed in a freezer. On their regular menu, they have hot dogs, root beer, cheese curds, hamburger and chicken. The restaurant had grown over the years since becoming a franchise in 1926, with over 1200 branches in over 16 countries. In 2018, the company recorded $1.4 billion in revenue, which was tremendous for a fast-food company.

A&W Restaurant is a unique fast-food franchise with its root beer, and thus it has become popular globally. Being a franchise, you can find different style of the A&W restaurants globally, while some have drive-in features, others are sit-in restaurants style. One thing these restaurants have in common thou is their casual outlook. The atmosphere is designed for customers to feel comfortable as they spend time with their mug of beer and a hamburger or hot dogs to go along with the root beer.

It is the perfect place to hang out with friends and colleague after a long day work for winding down. Customers can hardly find fast-food restaurants like the A&W with its classy and fantastic environment. The customer services are exceptional and welcoming, making the customers feel comfortable with a mug of chilled beer and excellent meals on their menu to keep customers entertained. Customers can get themselves engaged on their social media platform as they read their blogs about various topics on nutrition and food.


John Rosatti was able to create his vision of providing safe and healthy food through the establishment of the Burgerfi restaurant. He opened his first restaurant in Lauderdale by the Sea, Florida in February 2011. The restaurant brought a new angle in the fast-food industry, in eating healthy and unadulterated food. Over the few years of their operation, they have opened over 120 branches across the United States, Mexico, the Middle East, and the United Kingdom. All these restaurants served delicious meal that are nutritious, and you can find more information about their nutritious meal in their website.

The restaurant has been known to source its food from local producers, from the farm to the kitchen. In the case of their Angus beef, which is one of their main courses, the meat is obtained from the local market, from farms  with no trace of hormonal or chemically induced feeds used on the cow. This is part of their approach to ensuring that they serve their customers with healthy meals. Other meals on the menu include VegeFi burger, chicken from Springer Mountain Farms and more. They have recently introduced a spiced fried chicken which is made up of chicken breast mixed with Ghost Pepper Honey, homemade Hot Pickles, Spicy Mayo, and fresh Jalapeños.

In addition to providing safe and healthy food for its customer, they have taken a strong stance on sustainability. With an eco-friendly approach in the scheme of operation in the restaurant, they have taken steps to sustain the environment. And this can be seen in the design of the restaurants’ interiors. For example, the chairs in some of the restaurants are made with Coca-Cola used bottles, their renewable approach in conserving energy with the kind of fans used in the restaurants and the use of recycling papers.

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