Top Sandwich Restaurants in The United States of America (USA)

Are you looking for sandwich to eat? There are many restaurants locations spread across the United States. Some of the top restaurant chains where you can easily order your sandwiches are listed below:


Subway was founded on the 28th of August 1965, in the United States of America by Fred De Luca and Peter Buck. Subway is one of the world’s leading fast food/ restaurant franchise with over 41,512 branches in over 100 countries globally. However, 57.6% (23,928), of the franchise’s location are situated in the US. Subway has been adjudged to be the biggest and largest restaurant franchise and single-brand restaurant chain worldwide.

Subway has its main headquarters at Milford Connecticut, with regional centres in Amsterdam (for Europe), Brisbane (For Australia and New Zealand), Beirut and Singapore (For Asia) and Miami (for Latin America) respectively. Subway has regularly and consistently been ranked among the top 500 Entrepreneur Franchise since 2007. In addition, this fast food/restaurant global franchise was ranked as the fastest growing fast food/restaurant franchise in 2015, and was placed 3rd on the Top global franchise list the same year.

The submarine sandwich or sub is the franchise’s main cum core product. Additionally, subway sells other products which include; paninis, wraps, salads and doughnuts, muffins and cookies. Also, English muffins, flatbread and breakfast sandwiches are also sold by Subway. The Biggest Meatiest Tastiest sandwich or B.M.T (which has been adjudged to be Subway’s best-selling sandwich) Is made up of salami, ham and pepperoni. As an ever evolving franchise, Subway added Triple Cheese, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Chipotle Steak and Cheese, as well as the Italian Biggest Meatiest Tastiest as four variations paninis to its menu on April 18, 2017.

However, Subway’s menu varies regionally; the franchise also takes cognisance of religious and cultural beliefs when putting its menu together, depending on the Region, Country, State and community involved.   In 2006, the franchise opened a branch in a suburb of Cleveland Ohio, around the Mandel JCC of Cleveland (United States of America). During the Press Release by Jared Fogle (Former spokeswoman of the Subway fast food chain) who attended the opening event, the franchise highlighted and announced a slight modification to the menu which includes the use of soy-based cheese product and no pork-based product. However, the menu remained virtually identical to menus in other Subway fast foods. Relatively, Subway restaurants (opened in 2001) in India do not serve or sell beef products in respect and consideration to Hindu religious beliefs.

Subway restaurant chain also take into account the nutritional content of its products.  In some of the fast foods in Texas, subway introduced and added brownies and gluten-free bread in 2011, and also made a 15% reduction of the salt content in its sandwiches. With regards to the Ireland and United Kingdom’s (UK) Government targets, the franchise cut down the salt content (while making pledges and commitment to subsequent reductions) by about 33%. The Heart Research Charity in the UK endorsed Subway’s restaurant range of Low Fat Subs.

With respect to marketing and advertising, Subway spent $516,000,000 on measurable adverts in the year 2011. The franchise is the 2nd biggest advertiser after McDonalds in America, using slogans like Eat Fresh amongst others.


Arby’s is a fast food chain located in the United States of America. The franchise was founded on the 23rd July, 1964 by Forrest Raffel and Leroy Raffel in Boardman, Ohio. Arby’s is owned by Inspire Brands, and was adjudged to be the second largest sandwich chain in the United States behind Subway by Food and Wine in October 2017. Arby’s fast food chain has about 3,472 branches worldwide as at 2019.

Arby’s has its headquarters at Sandy Springs, Georgia, which is a suburb in the State of Atlanta, and is located in every State except Vermont and Rhode Island. Also, the franchise has branches in Africa (Egypt), Asia (South Korea), the Middle East (Kuwait, Qatar), Canada and Turkey. RTM Partners LLC, Buffalo Wild Wings and Arbys IP Holder Trust are some of the subsidiaries of Arby’s franchise.

An Array of Market Fresh sandwiches are sold at Arby’s; these include Roast Beef and Swiss, Roast Chicken Caesar, Roast Turkey and Swiss and Roast Ham and Swiss. All sandwiches except Roast Chicken Caesar are accompanied by mayonnaise, green leaf lettuce, spicy brown honey mustard, red onion rings, sliced Swiss cheese and tomato slice, The Ultimate BLT and Roast Turkey Ranch and Bacon are additions to the array of Market Fresh Sandwiches.

Arby’s has consistently added and improved its menu and sandwiches over time. In 2002, the Ultimate BLT was introduced. Consequently, the franchise in 2003 expanded the line of sandwiches and included the Italian Beef ‘N Provolone, Philly Beef Supreme, Pot Roast and French Dip ‘n Swiss sandwiches. These were specialty sandwiches served on baguettes. In 2005, Arby’s added Turkey Reuben and Corned Beef sandwiches to its menu. Relatively, Arby’s in September 2007, introduced and added Toasted subs sandwiches that were served on a toasted ciabatta roll, to its line of sandwiches. Initially, the toasted subs consisted of Philly Beef Toasted sub, Turkey Bacon Club, Classic Italian Toasted Sub, Philly Beef Toasted sub and the French Dip and Swiss Toasted sub. However, the franchise expanded and included the Chicken Parmesan Toasted Sub and the Meatball Toasted sub to the Toasted Subs line three months later.

Furthermore, a Smokehouse Brisket Sandwich was introduced to Arby’s line of sandwiches in October, 2013. This was followed by the addition of gyros to the menu in September, 2014. Arby’s fast food franchise in August 2015, introduced sliders (a series of five small sandwiches). The price started at $1.29 and varied according to location. This brought about an increase and rise in sales at most of the locations. Also, the franchise introduced four chicken sandwiches that used a buttermilk-based breaded breast filet. Also, Smokehouse Pork Belly Sandwich was introduced as a new sandwich by Arby’s in October, 2016.

The franchise in early 2006, signed a contract and agreement with Pepsi to serve as the franchise’s exclusive soft drink provider. With respect to advertising, Arby’s use Ving Rhames as the narrator for commercials. The Franchise has ran several adverts to promote its products, including a television advertising campaign, (which featured an Arby’s Head of Sandwiches Spokesperson) to promote its variety of meats.


Jimmy John’s LLC is a fast food and restaurant franchise based in the United States of America, and owned by the Inspire Brands. It was founded by Jimmy John Liautaud in 1983 (37 years ago).  After graduating second to last in class at Elgin Academy in 1982, Jimmy John Liautaud’s father gave him the options of either enlisting in the Army or starting a business. Liautaud chose the latter and was given $25000 to start a hot dog business by his father in exchange for a 48% stake in the business. After taking into consideration the cost implications of a hot dog business, Liautaud opted to open a sandwich shop; this gave rise to the Jimmy John’s franchise. In year 2 of his sandwich restaurant venture, Liautaud bought out his father’s stake and became sole owner. With over 2800 branches (as of October 2018), Jimmy John’s LLC remains one of America’s top sandwich franchise.

Jimmy John’s has its headquarters at Champaign, Illinois, and can be found in all States in America except Connecticut, Maine, Hawaii, Alaska, Vermont, Rhode Island and New Hampshire.  Jimmy John’s has been named number one on the Entrepreneur 2016 Franchise 500. Also, the Restaurant franchise was ranked as the second most popular restaurant for business Meals by expense reporting program certify. Relatively, Jimmy John’s in 2015, was named among the top 10 most promising franchises for entrepreneurs by

The need for growth and expansion led Liautaud to go into partnership with Weston Presidio, a San Francisco based private equity firm, which has expertise in real estate. He sold 33% stake to Weston in January 2007. Consequently, the partnership yielded benefits, with 100 real estate deals closed in the first year alone. Jimmy John’s staked their reputation on freshly made food with the best ingredients available, with a mission statement centred on meat products made in the USA, bread that’s baked fresh daily and sustainable practice.

Jimmy John’s has an array of menu for its customers. These include a five bread options comprising of Thick-Sliced Wheat, French, Unwich, 9-Grain and Six-inch Lil John (Smaller version of French bread). In addition, the franchise offers seventeen different numbered sandwiches, the Jimmy John’s B.L.T (or J.J.B.L.T), and a combination of all meats called the Gargantuan. Ham, Capicola, Tuna, Roast beef, Turkey, Salami, Bacon, provolone cheese (or a combination of two or more meats or cheese) are some of the composition of Jimmy John’s 17 sandwiches. Jimmy John’s menu also includes Triple chunk chocolate, oatmeal raisin cookies and kosher dill pickles. In the same vein, Jimmy John’s has 5 chips flavours which include BBQ, Regular, Jalapeno, Thinny and Salt and Vinegar.

Jimmy John’s franchise has been involved in philanthropic work over the years. The franchise donated $1 million to a foundation that supports families of disabled or killed soldiers known as the Folds of Honour Foundation in September 2014. Also, $125, 000 was donated to the Champaign Parks Foundation to support the Youth Scholarship Program by Jimmy John’s in November 2016. In continuance of its philanthropic works, the franchise donated $100, 000 to “Eat (Red) Save Lives” to offer HIV/AIDS medication in Sub-Saharan Africa in June 2017.


Jersey Mike’s subs is a private fast food and restaurant venture based majorly in the United States of America. The franchise specialises in making and supplying hot and cold submarine sandwich and other food products.  It was founded in 1956 (64 years ago) in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. Peter Cancro is the CEO of Jersey Mike’s subs.  Jersey Mike’s subs is renowned for its fresh sliced and fresh grilled subs.

At the tender age of 14, Cancro started working part-time at Mike’s submarines (a neighbourhood sandwich shop). In 1975 when the shop was up for sale, Peter Cancro’s mother encouraged him to purchase it; he was 17 years old and a high school senior. Cancro enlisted the help of his football coach (who was also a banker), and was able to raise $125, 000 in 3 days to buy the shop. In 1987, Peter Cancro took the decision to franchise the restaurant, and by 2014, Jersey Mike’s subs had seven hundred and fifty (750) branches and locations, and about six hundred and fifty (650) in some stages of development. By 2015, a total of 197 new branches and locations were added taking the total number of the franchise’s branches to over a thousand (1000). Relatively, Jersey Mike’s restaurant’s branches are becoming more prominent and gaining a larger presence in Southern California, which is a part of the West Coast.

Jersey Mike’s subs restaurant has its headquarters located at Wall Township, New Jersey and is part of the overall Jersey Mike’s Franchise System Inc. The restaurant has about 1,592 opened branches and locations in America, with about 124 currently being developed across the United States. In addition, Jersey Mike’s restaurant has three locations at Queensland, in Brisbane Australia, as well as two branches in Ontario, Canada.  The Franchise was named America’s fastest growing limited Service chain in 2019. Also, Jersey Mike’s subs was named as the Country’s fastest growing sandwich chain in the 2017 Restaurant News Top 100.  Jersey Mike’s subs restaurant regularly sends its prospective store managers, as part of a 6 to 8 weeks training programme to the original store in its headquarters at Point Pleasant.

The restaurant franchise has a distinct and unique menu line which serves submarine sandwiches according to order. These sandwiches come in 3 sizes; 5 inch Mini, 7 inch Regular and 14-15 inch Giant. Also, cheeses and meats are sliced as ordered or needed. The sandwiches can be best topped off with condiments when ordered the “Mike’s way”, which involves the addition of tomatoes, oregano, sliced onions, salt and spices, and shredded lettuce. In addition, there is a signature cherry pepper relish, as well as the juice; a mixture of olive oil and red wine vinegar. A variety of breakfast sandwiches are served in the morning at some of Jersey Mike’s branches. Jersey Mike’s premium meats and cheeses are sliced on the spot in front of the customers, piled high on in-store baked bread and served by customer friendly teams. In addition to selling awesome submarine sandwiches, Jersey Mike’s restaurant also offer chips, desserts, chips and drinks.


Firehouse subs restaurant is a fast food casual restaurant based predominantly in the United States of America. It was founded twenty-six years ago in 1994 by two brothers, Chris Sorensen and Robin Sorensen; they were fire fighters. Firehouse subs has its headquarters at Jacksonville Florida, and has branches in other countries. In 26 years of existence, the restaurant has opened more than 1,180 branches in 46 States across the USA. Also, firehouse subs have other locations and branches internationally; these include Puerto Rico (13 locations), Canada (37 locations) and Mexico. The restaurant specialises in serving Submarine sandwiches, as well as Hot subs.

The Sorensen brothers after serving in the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department decided to go into business. After several attempts at other businesses, Robin and Chris decided to venture into the restaurant chain. Subsequently, the first Firehouse subs restaurant was opened and launched in Jacksonville, Florida on October 10, 1994. Presently, Firehouse subs restaurant is working on expanding its market in Minnesota, Southern California and Northern Ohio amongst others. In 1995, Firehouse subs tried to go into franchising, however, the restaurant shelved the idea and bought back all the franchised locations. Consequently, Robin and Chris Sorensen decided to focus their operations mainly around the Jacksonville area on company owned stores. By 1998, the first firehouse subs restaurant outside Florida was opened, and the restaurant chain eventually surpassed 10.

Firehouse subs restaurants adopted a different approach to franchising using consultants in 2000 and by 2002; the restaurant chain opened its 50th branch. Franchising expanded a year later and firehouse subs opened its 100th branch. Relatively, firehouse subs restaurant celebrated the opening of its 600th and 1000th branches in 2012 and July 2016 respectively. International expansion of firehouse subs restaurants started in 2011 in the United States Territory of Puerto Rico. This was followed by the opening and launching of the first branch (through a partnership with OnFire Restaurant Group) at Oshawa, Ontario Canada in October, 2015.

Firehouse subs has a unique menu whose names (Firehouse Hero, Hook and Ladder and Engineer) were derived taking inspiration from the Firehouse. The menu line consists of hot specialty subs, salads and other seasonal items. The restaurant subs are prepared with hearty and hot cheeses and meats, on a toasted sub roll, and served with condiments and vegetables. The Sorensen brothers are in charge of developing and maintaining the menu albeit working closely with the restaurants Director of Product Development.

In line with its customer’s satisfaction approach, Firehouse subs in 2015 initiated FIREHOUSE REWARDS (A digital loyalty reward program). This enabled customers to redeem and earn points for every visit on a smartphone app. In addition, the “Firehouse subs Public Safety Foundation” was founded as a non-profit section  of the organization after Hurricane Katrina in 2005, with a view to offering lifesaving impacts on local heroes and their communities. Since inception, the Foundation has donated over $53 million to local heroes across 49 States in America and Puerto Rico.

Firehouse subs restaurant has received a plethora of recognition and awards in America and beyond. Currently, the restaurant is ranked number one on America’s favourite fast-casual chain and as the 4th favourite sandwich chain in America. Also, it was ranked top among fast casual brands by Technomic’s Consumer brands in the area of food quality, taste, flavour, service and hospitality in 2019.


McAlister’s Deli is a fast food and restaurant chain located in America. The restaurant chain was founded in 1989 (31 years ago) by Don Newcomb at Oxford, Mississippi.  McAlister’s Deli restaurant is primarily owned by the Focus Brands which is affiliated to an Atlanta based firm; Roark Capital Group (RCG).

McAlister’s Deli is headquartered at Atlanta Georgia, and currently has over four hundred and fifty (450) branches and locations, in about 28 States in America. The locations range from the North (Michigan), to the South (Florida), East (Virginia) and West (Arizona) respectively. Recently, Market Researcher Technomic named and recognised McAlister’s Deli as one of the top five restaurants chain amongst consumers.

The first McAlister’s Deli restaurant originally opened in a renovated gas station; as of today, most of the restaurant’s locations retain the features and elements of the first store. These features include a nostalgic black and white tile and a garage door. Approximately ten (10) years after opening the restaurant (in 1999), the founder Newcomb sold the franchise for an undisclosed fee to Michael. j. Stark and Philip Freeman (The current CEO and Executive respectively).  Relatively, in 2005, McAlister’s Deli 170 locations and branches across 19 States were acquired by the Roark Capital Group (RCG). Also, most of the restaurants locations and branches are managed and owned by single or family owned operators, and franchise groups such as the Saxton Group, JME, DMAC 81 LLC and more.

The fast food chain is famous for its soups, sandwiches, baked potatoes (giant spuds), desserts, McAlister’s Famous Sweet Tea and salads. In addition, the restaurant is known for offering excellent catering services with a collection of unique sandwich trays, a hot spud bar and box lunches amongst others. Also, McAlister’s Deli offers take- out and dine-in services to meet the needs of its esteemed customers.


Jason’s Deli restaurant is a privately owned delicatessen and fast food/ restaurant based in the United States of America. It was founded forty-three (43) years ago (on 30th November, 1976) by the late Joe Tortorice Jr, alongside Pat Broussard, Rusty Coco and Pete Verde, who are his partners. Majority of Jason’s Deli restaurant franchise is owned by Deli Management Inc.; the Parent company.

The restaurant has its main headquarters at Beaumont, Texas and has about 295 locations in 29 States across America. Jason’s Deli restaurant specialises in making and selling Sandwiches, potatoes and salads to its esteemed customers. As at 2011, the restaurant franchise reportedly had a revenue of approximately $500 million.

Having been raised in families that owned and invested in the food business sub sector, Rusty Coco and Joe Tortorice Jr in tandem with their partners, opened the first Jason’s Deli restaurant location at 112 Gateway Street in Beaumont, Texas. This branch or location is still in existence as of today. Jason’s Deli restaurant delved into franchising chain by 1988, consequently, the location at Tucson, Arizona became the first franchised store.

Jason’s Deli fast food franchise has a customer friendly and standard Deli Style Menu comprising of Muffalettas and Po’boys (traditional sandwiches). All of the Delis are made up of a daily soup selection, as well as a salad bar. The salad bar has the following items; cucumber, lettuce, sunflower seeds, crispy onions, giardiniera, peas, broccoli, coleslaw, bacon bits, feta and topped with jalapeno ranch. Additionally, Jason’s Deli top five Deli dishes as at 2018 include; Garden Fresh Salad Bar, California Club, Club Royale, Reuben THE Great and Plan Jane in that order. The Jason’s Deli House Chips or Ruffles and Bread are some of the other food items available at the restaurant. Some of the bread include the Ham and Cheese240-410 calories Bread choice and the Turkey and Cheese 250-420 calories Bread choice among others.

The franchise has overtime made adjustments to its menu, in a bit to satisfy both consumer and health needs. Trans fats was eliminated from the menu after a five-year plan by April 2005. This was subsequently followed by the removal and total elimination of high fructose corn syrup from foods in October, 2008. In addition, Monosodium Glutamate or MSG was eliminated from all foods in Jason’s Deli restaurant. It wasn’t just elimination of items from the menu however, as exemplified by the introduction of gluten-free products to the Deli. Also, the Deli comes with free ice cream in another monumental display of the restaurant’s excellent customer satisfaction and service delivery.

As with every excelling business and venture, Jason’s Deli restaurant has garnered recognition, md received some awards in the United States. These include winning the 2008 National Restaurant News Golden Chain Award in 2008. Also, the franchise sandwich won the Gold Award at the 2006 and 2007 Restaurants and Institutions Consumers Choice Awards. In addition, Jason’s Deli ranked number one in annual sales in QSR Magazine’s Top 10 list of Restaurant groups with under 300 branches in August 2008.


Portillo’s restaurant is a fast food chain based in the United States of America. The casual restaurant chain was founded 57 years ago (on April 9, 1963) in Villa Park, Illinois by Dick Portillo. Initially, it was named the DOG HOUSE. The franchise, which is now owned by the “Berkshire Partners”, is renowned for its excellent hot dogs, Maxwell Street Polish and Italian Beef. All these are Chicago style foods.

The franchise has its headquarters at Oak Brook, Illinois and has about 60 branches and locations across States in the United States of America.  Some of the locations include Minneapolis, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Southern California and Wisconsin amongst others. Portillo’s restaurant reported a total revenue of $339 million in 2017.

Image: Portillo’s

After serving in the marines, Portillo used his savings to open a hot dog stand (subsequently named the hot dog house) alongside Frank, his brother. Portillo noticed that the hot dog house wasn’t yielding enough profits; this led to more research and investigations on how to improve the business by the founder.  Subsequently, Portillo learned new techniques and approaches to improve his hot dog house business, and by 1967, the hot dog house was doing well and hence, was renamed as Portillo’s.

The quest for franchising led Dick Portillo to partner with Harold Reskin in 1970, thereby opening Portillo’s second branch or location at a shopping mall belonging to Reskin. From 1972-1989, Portillo’s expanded his fast food chain by opening other locations in America. These include; Barney’s that primarily serves BBQ meals, and the franchise’s first drive through, located in the Downers Grove area. In addition, Portillo’s grew to more than 25 branches and stores in the 90’s in Chicago Illinois. The Honey Jam Café was opened as an upscale Pancake House by Portillo’s fast food and restaurant franchise in 2010. This served as a breakfast and lunch café.

Portillo’s restaurant has a unique and distinct menu, which has expanded over time to meet the general and specific nutritional needs of its customers. Initially, the menu only featured hot dogs, tamales, French fries and soft drinks. However, the menu has now been enriched by items like fresh salads, Italian beef sandwiches, chocolate cake and char-grilled burgers.  Also, the franchise added and introduced the Barnelli’s Pasta Bowl to one of its location menu in 1993. This comprised an array of pastas enshrined with gourmet salads, home-cook ribs, hand-made sandwiches and homemade sauces. Relatively, the franchise opened its catering unit, called “Portillo’s Home Kitchen” in 1999 to enhance customer satisfaction.


Pot Belly Sandwich Shop is a global public restaurant and fast food chain present in the United States of America and other countries like the United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, India, Kuwait and Canada. The restaurant is famous for selling submarine sandwiches, as well as other nutritional edibles like salads, soups and ice cream to its mammoth and esteem customers.

Pot Belly Franchise was founded on January 14, 1977 (43 years ago), by Peter Hastings. The headquarters is located at “the Gogo Building, 111. N. Canal Street, Chicago, Illinois, United States of America”. The restaurant chain has about 474 branches and locations as of December 29, 2019. Also, Pot Belly Sandwich Shop reported a revenue of $409.707 million in 2019.

Hasting opened the first Pot Belly restaurant at 2264 North Lincoln Avenue in Chicago in a space previously occupied by Hindsight (an antique store owned by Hasting). The restaurant was decorated with items and materials taken from Hindsight. Pot Belly Restaurant was purchased by Bryant Keil in 1996; Keil immediately franchised the restaurant and opened the second store in 1997. Subsequently, more than 300 locations of Pot Belly Sandwich Shop were opened by Keil in different States and Columbia District.

The first drive-through Pot Belly Restaurant was opened in Glen Ellyn, Illinois on 5th November, 2007. This was followed by another drive-through in Waukegan, Illinois shortly. The first two International Pot Belly Locations were opened in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2011. In July,2015, the first European location or store was opened in London at Westfield Stratford City. Relatively, in July 2016, the franchise opened its first store in Toronto, Canada. Also, Pot Belly Company opened its first Indian location in December, 2017 with subsequent location at Cyber City, Gurgaon.

Pot Belly Sandwich shop has a menu which features various sandwiches, shakes, malts, cookies, smoothies and salads, including BLTA, Skinny Mushroom Melt, Turkey Club, Tuna Salad, Smoked Ham, Turkey Breast, Skinny T-K-Y, Skinny Hammie, Roast Beef, Pizza Sandwich amongst others.


Charleys Philly Steak is a restaurant and fast food chain predominantly based in the United States of America.  It was founded in 1986 (34 years ago) by Charley Shin at the Ohio State University Campus. It was previously referred to as Charley’s Grilled Subs and Charley’s Steakery.

Charleys Philly Steaks is headquartered in Columbus in the State of Ohio. The restaurant chain is a subsidiary of Shin’s Gosh Enterprise. With a reported 600 branches and locations in 45 and 19 States and countries respectively, Charleys Philly Steaks remains one of the most consumer friendly fast food chain in the world.

As a real estate student in Ohio State University, Shin took time to work in a Korean/Japanese restaurant owned by his mother.  While on their way to a family vacation to New York, Shin and his family took a wrong turn and ended up in Philadelphia, and subsequently Shun got introduced to the Philly Cheesesteak for the first time. At 22 years, Charley Shin launched his first restaurant in 1986.  The quest for growth and expansion led to the opening of a second location in a mall in Lancaster Ohio in 1989; this was swiftly followed by the opening of a third location afterwards inside a convention centre.  Charleys Philly Steaks decided to and ventured into franchising the restaurant chain in 1991. In addition, more than 70 of the restaurant chain locations are in military bases. The restaurant can also be found in strip centres, airports, and retail shopping centres globally.

The Cheesesteak sandwiches is the main composite of Charleys Philly Steak‘s menu. Some of these sandwiches include the Philly Cheesesteak, Philly Chicken, Philly Veggie and a Turkey Cheddar Melt amongst others. The restaurant’s Cheesesteaks is enriched with premium and nutritionally sufficient ingredients such as hand-cut vegetables, all-white meat chicken, the USDA choice steak and all-natural cheeses. Additionally, natural Lemonades and loaded Gourmet Fries can be found as part of Charleys Philly Steaks ‘menu.


As with most consumer driven enterprises, Zoe’s kitchen is renowned for providing excellent services to its array of esteemed customers. Zoe’s kitchen is one of the world’s leading fast food and casual restaurant chain . It is part of the famous CAVA Group and is characterized by food products which include Sandwiches, Pitas, Salads, Soups, Kebobs to mention but a few.

Zoe’s Kitchen was founded twenty-five years ago (June 1995) at Homewood, Alabama in the United States of America, by Marcus Cassimus and Zoe Cassimus. The fast casual restaurant chain is headquartered at Plano, Texas. Also, Zoe’s Kitchen has evolved to about 258 locations spread across 17 States in America. Zoe’s Kitchen entered into partnership with American Airlines on the 24th of September, 2018 to serve light snacks and other foods in the Airline’s main cabin seats.

Zoe’s kitchen (originally founded as Zoe’s Kitchen Inc.) wasn’t franchised initially; Cassimus retained a 51% stake in every new location opened. The first location was opened in October, 1995 at Downtown Homewood. This was swiftly followed by the opening of the second branch or location in 1999 at Hoover, around the Riverchase area. A third location was subsequently opened in the downtown area of Birmingham in 2001. In the fall of 2001, Zoe’s Kitchen took a gigantic step and opened its first location outside the State of Alabama in Nashville Tennessee.

Consequently, Zoe’s Kitchen ventured into franchising in 2011, and by August, it had about 11 franchises. Being a consumer friendly enterprise, the restaurant chain monumentally launched and introduced its online ordering services and mobile loyalty app in 2011 and 2013 respectively. This went a long way in enhancing the restaurant’s customer satisfaction and service delivery goals.  By August 2018, Zoe’s Kitchen became a subsidiary of CAVA Group Inc. after the privately held Mediterranean Restaurant chain purchased it. This led to an increases in the number of locations and franchises.

Zoe’s Kitchen is famous for having a distinct menu featuring Mediterranean-inspired comfort foods. These foods are made with high quality and fresh ingredients embedded in originally made recipes. The menu comprises of starters like Hummus Trio, Mediterranean Baked Feta, Basil Pesto Hummus and Red Pepper Hummus amongst others. The array of salads includes Quinoa salad, Greek salad, Chicken salad and fruit plate, Live Mediterranean salad, the tossed Greek etc. Other cuisines served by the restaurant include, the chicken salad sandwich and the pimento cheese sandwich. Also, Zoe’s Kitchen made provisions for Vegetarians, Vegans and Gluten free nutritionists in it’s menu.


Schlotzsky’s restaurant is a subsidiary of the Focus Brands. The fast Casual restaurant franchise was founded in the year 1971 (49 years ago) in Austin Texas, United States of America by Dolores and Don Dissman. With specialty in serving and providing unique pizzas, sandwiches, wraps, salads and pastas, Schlotzsky’s remains one of the world’s finest restaurant and fast food chain.

The franchise has its headquarters located at Atlanta, in the State of Georgia, and has over 350 branches and locations (mostly in the Southwest and Southern regions). Schlotzsky’s restaurant franchise is renowned to have distinct slogans such as “Every Bite Lots Better” and “All Round, Lots Better” amongst others. Also, Schlotzsky’s restaurant is famous for its excellent spacing, friendly staff and well-seasoned foods,

After Dion and Dolores opened the enterprise in 1971, Schlotzsky’s was franchised in the year 1981 when three moguls in the real estate sector (John Wooley, Gary Bradley and Jeff Wooley) bought it for a fee reported to be below $3 million. However, in 1982, a split between Gary and the Wooley brothers saw the latters, keep and maintain the restaurant chain, while the former took the real estate business. In December 1995, Schlotzsky’s restaurant traded on NASDAQ as BUNZ, after going public. In 2001, the restaurant franchise experienced a monumental peak with reported sales of over $400 million.  The Focus Brands acquired Schlotzsky’s fast food chain on November 21st, 2006; and immediately worked on growth, expansion and reimaging. These included updating its locations and stores, improving the franchise’s menu, upgrading table services and introducing cinnabon. Relatively, Schlotzsky’s Austin Eatery was introduced in 2016 at Duluth, Georgia. by the franchise. This was primarily aimed at providing Austin-inspired foods to Millennials.

Initially, the restaurant’s menu comprised of an original Muffuletta sandwich made up of black olives, mixed meats and cheeses on a toasted bun. However, expansion and adjustment was made to the menu to include soups, toasted wraps, specialty pizzas amongst others. Some of the sandwiches served at Schlotzsky’s restaurant include Smoked Turkey Breast, Turkey Bacon Club, Angus Roast Beef and Cheese, to mention but a few. Similarly, pepperoni and double cheese, BBQ Chicken and Jalapeno, Fresh Veggie, Smoked Turkey and Jalapeno, Grilled Chicken and Pesto and Chicken Alfredo are some of the specialty pizzas in Schlotzsky’s menu. In addition, the restaurant offers the Turkey Avocado Cobb salad, Cranberry Apple, Pecan and Chicken Salad, Hearts of Romaine Chicken Caesar salad and the Garden salad as part of its salad menu.


Newk’s Enterprise is an American based fast food and restaurant chain founded in 2004 (16 years ago) by Don Newcomb and Chris Newcomb and Debra Byson in Oxford, Mississippi. The fast food chain specializes in food products such as sandwiches, salads, flatbread and soups. In 2014, the company recorded and reported a revenue of $141 million, and has about 5000 full and part time employees.

The fast food chain is headquartered in Jacksonville, Mississippi, and has over 100 locations, and branches in 13 States. Newk’s fast casual restaurant has provision for customers to make online orders, coupled with an online nutrition calculator and an allergen calculator.

In 2004, the first Newk’s eatery store or location was opened by the Newcombs. They adopted a similar concept to McAllister’s Deli; their previous restaurant. By 2013, the fast casual restaurant developed a newly designed logo, to go with the company’s rebranding.  In 2014, a private equity firm (The Sentinel Capital Partners) bought Newk’s eatery, and cited the restaurant’s potential, propensity and desire for growth as the motivating factor behind the purchase and acquisition. The new owners immediately rolled out plans for growth and expansion, and by 2018, the fast casual restaurant witnessed tremendous growth with more stores opened in different States in America.

Newk’s menu encompass an array of gourmet that is made from scratch. These include; California-style pizzas, deserts, coffee, specialty drinks, wine and fresh foods. Salads available at Newk’s restaurant include; Shrimp Remoulade salad, Newk’s favourite salad, Black and blue salad, cobb salad, Southern salad, Chef salad, Greek salad, to mention but a few. Relatively, a variety of sandwiches form part of the menu at Newk’s eatery; these include the Ham sandwich, Roast Beef sandwich, Turkey Breast sandwich, Club sandwich, and so on. In addition, the Spicy Shrimp pizza, Deluxe pizza, Sausage and Pepperoni pizza, Debra pizza, veggie pizza, Cheese pizza and Margherita pizza forms part of the pizza menu in the restaurant.


Wienerschnitzel restaurant is a subsidiary of the Galardi Group.  Initially known as DER WIENERSCHNITZEL, the fast food chain was founded 59 years ago (1961) in Wilmington, California, United States of America by John Galardi. Because of its specialty in making, selling and distributing hot dog cuisines, Wienerschnitzel is regarded as the largest hot dog chain in the world. In addition, the fast food and restaurant chain has overtime, gained recognition and accolades for its consumer/customer centred approach, tested ant trusted array of menu, excellent staffing and its unmatched zeal for growth and expansion.

Wienerschnitzel is headquartered in Irvine, California, and has over 358 locations. Although most of the company’s branches and stores are located mainly in Texas and California, other locations cut across States in America. Some of these States include; Nevada, Washington, Utah, Arizona, Illinois, Colorado, Louisiana and New Mexico amongst others. In addition, the fast food and restaurant chain has a branch each in Panama and Guam.

The first Wienerschnitzel store was opened in 1961 by the late Galardi at 900 W2est Pacific Coast highway, East of Figueroa Street in Wilmington, Los Angeles, California. The location was operated as a hot dog stand. Relatively, a number of stores located around Denver and other cities were converted into Hamburger Stand restaurants by Galardi in the late 1980s. After the founder tragically passed away on the 13th of April, 2013 due to pancreatic cancer, the fast food chain was taken over by Cynthia Galardi-Culpepper. Consequently, Wienerschnitzel was franchised in 2015, after reaching and signing an agreement with International Food Concepts Inc.

The fast food restaurant has an impressive menu made up of hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches, fries and snacks, Tastee freez ice creams amongst others.  The hot dogs available in Wienerschnitzel are made with USDA approved quality meats and seasoned with a zesty blend of spices. Some of the varieties of hot dog cuisine are Chili Cheese Dog, Chicago Dog, Chili Dog, Kraut Dog, Junkyard Dog, Double Cheese Chili Dog, Mustard Dog, Texas BBQ Dog, Corn Dog and so on.  The Chili Cheeseburger and double cheese burger are some of the array of burgers available on Wienerschnitzel’s menu.

Wienerschnitzel restaurant has employed and adopted a unique strategy for advertising and promoting its business. This includes the use of an A-Frame style roof in most of its restaurants. Also, the fast food chain has an amazing mascot termed The Delicious one, who has been featuring in the company’s advertising work since 1999. The slogan “Derlicious” is often used by the fast food chain for advertising; other slogans that have been used by Wienerschnitzel are “Everyone loves a Wiener”, “Pushing the boundaries of taste”, “Chili Dog Diet, Chili Yum, Chili Chili, Yum Yum” and “Der fun since 61”.  In the same vein, Wienerschnitzel fast food and restaurant chain has sponsored events and competitions in the United States of America. Some examples of such events are “the de facto national dachshund racing championship series for the United states” and “the tongue in cheek Wiener Nationals” to mention but a few.


Fazolis is a private restaurant owned by the Sentinel Capital Partners, that has been in existence since 1988 (32 years ago) in Lexington, Kentucky. The restaurant has Carl. T. Howard as its president and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Being one of America’s and the world’s most renowned restaurants, Fazolis has specialty in serving fast casual Italian-American food products such as Fettuccine alfredo, Ravioli, Meatballs, Lasagna, Breadsticks, Submarine Sandwiches, Salads, Pizza and Spaghetti.

Fazoli’s restaurant has its headquarters at Lexington, Kentucky, United States of America, and is reported to have about 4700 employees. The restaurant franchise has over 319 locations in 22 States in America. However, the company has rolled out expansion plans to encompass primarily the Middle East. Middle Eastern countries scheduled to be covered by Fazoli’s restaurant include; Kuwait, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Oman and Qatar. The expansion plan was made possible by the deal and agreement reached by Fazolis and the World Franchise Associates. Relatively, the quest for growth saw the fast chain restaurant open a location at the Texas Tech University in 2014; this became the franchise’s first campus branch, and epitomized the restaurant’s goal of expanding and taking its service to non- traditional locations.

Howard developed the concept of Fazolis’s restaurant in 1988, and 2 years later, the restaurant opened 5 locations in Kentucky. Fazolis experienced a monumental expansion in the mid-1990s, and had about 35 locations in Indiana, Kentucky and Florida.  The fast food chain experienced more expansion in 1993, with 25 more stores opened. Fazoli’s restaurant experienced franchising in October 2006. Subsequently, Sentinel Capital Partners acquired the restaurant chain in July, 2015 and enhanced the company’s productivity and service delivery. Consequently, the restaurant launched a company loyalty based app to include mobile ordering services.

Fazoli’s has an extraordinarily distinct menu that features pizza, pasta and so on. Consequently, the restaurant chain made adjustments to the menu to include cuisines comprising 8 grams of fats amongst others. Also, protein sufficient foods and vegetables were also incorporated into the menu. In addition, low calorie healthy dishes were added to the array of menu by the company. As of today, the fast chain restaurant has evolved from classic Italian dishes to wonderful cuisines like Chicken Parmigiano, Meatball da vinci, the Primo Italiano, Twice baked Lasagna, Season salads, Baked spaghetti, New York style Cheesecake, to mention but a few. Relatively, Fazolis restaurant provides distinct and fantastic catering services to its league of customers. This goes a long way in emphasizing the restaurant’s service delivery and customer’s satisfaction goals.


Penn Station East coast subs is a subsidiary of Planet subs that specializes in serving food products like freshly made East coast style subs to consumers. The Private fast food chain/ restaurant was established in 1995 by Jeff Osterfield at Cincinnati, Ohio, and has gone on to become one of America’s best and consistent fast food casual chain.

The company has its corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, in the State of Ohio, United States of America.  With a philosophy of bringing and adding quality, freshness and expertise to the restaurant sector, Penn Station Subs now has over 300 locations in 15 States in the South and Midwest regions of America.

Jeff Osterfield developed the idea and concept of opening an East Coast Style Sub restaurant, when he discovered and saw how popular the Cheesesteak sandwich was, during a trip to Philadelphia. After graduating from Miami University in Oxford, Osterfield opened a Jeffrey’s Delicatessen store in 1983, at Dayton Mall. The successes and gains from sales, service delivery and the overall quality of his version of the Cheesesteak sandwich intrigued and motivated him to do more. Consequently, this quest of growth and expansion saw the founder open the first Penn Station fast food restaurant in 1985.

The company subsequently opened more locations and branches in and outside Cincinnati in 1987. The fast casual restaurant ventured into franchising soon after, in 1988 with more stores opened in Nashville and Louisville. Penn Station East Coast Sub’s concept and idea of offering fast dining experience, with a focus on fresh and high quality foods has become a success overtime. The company cum restaurant has become renowned and famous for its excellent staffing, clean, good and comfortable seating space, casual and relaxed ambiance, and supply of quality quick meals at affordable prices.

Penn Station East Coast Subs operates a distinct, nutritionally sufficient menu that take into account the needs of customers. The menu comprises of cuisines made from freshly made bread and other ingredients. At the onset, the fast chain restaurant had just four sandwiches with the Cheesesteak sandwich as the best. However, the menu has evolved to include other cuisines like French fries and lemonades. The restaurant prepares its food and order in front of customers, with fresh meats and ingredients. This has become a trademark of the restaurant and has led to improved sales and rating. Also, Penn Station East Coast subs serve other grilled and cold subs that come in different sizes.


Which Wich Superior Sandwich is a privately held fast casual restaurant, based in the United States of America. The company was founded 17 years ago (in 2003) by Jeff Sinelli in Dallas, Texas. The restaurant specialises in serving salads, wraps and sandwiches to its customers. The restaurant is known for its customer’s friendly and centred business model.

The fast casual chain has its main headquarters at Downtown Dallas, Texas, and has over 400 branches and stores as of December, 2016. These locations cut across 27 States in America and the Columbia district. Also, Which Wich has grown overtime to incorporate 27 more locations in other parts of the world. These include Panama, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Guatemala, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Which Wich was franchised in 2005, and was recognised and named as the fastest growing restaurant chain, in 2007. By 2009, the restaurant was ranked 6th on the list of fast growing restaurant chains by The fast chain restaurant has a trademark ordering system and service which enable customers place orders using red sharple markers. Customers have the opportunity to make sandwich selections, and are able to make a choice of the bread, spreads, cheese and other toppings.

The fast chain restaurant has a menu that gives customers options and varieties. This comprises a combination of cuisines such as meats, avocados, and other products. However, the “wiches” (a customized and specially prepared submarine sandwich) is the restaurant’s main product. The wiches has 10 different categories, coupled with 60 options for toppings. The wiches are either large, super, lettucewiches or spinach wraps.  Additionally, the Which wich restaurant is renowned and famous for serving and offering seasonal wiches.  These wiches remain part of the menu for about 3 months, after which it is made part of the general menu depending on its popularity, acceptability and general patronage.

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