WaBa Grill Menu and Calories

Here, you will find WaBa Grill menu and their calories. We understand that not everybody is just after the price of fast food menu. Some actually want to have a fair idea of the calories the food they want to buy contain. In this article, the focus is on WaBa Grill menu and calories.

Find below the list of WaBa Grill menu and calories:

Item Serving Size Calories
Chicken + Veggies Mini Bowl 1 serving 310
Chicken Bowl 1 serving 760
Chicken Mini Bowl 1 serving 340
Chicken Plate 1 serving 950
Chicken Veggie Bowl 1 serving 710
Family A La Carte, All Broccoli 1 order 120
Family A La Carte, Broccoli & Carrots 1 order 130
Family A La Carte, Brown Rice 2 servings 640
Family A La Carte, Chicken 1 order 1230
Family A La Carte, Mixed Veggies 1 order 150
Family A La Carte, Organic Tofu 1 order 900
Family A La Carte, Pork Veggie Dumplings 20 pc 840
Family A La Carte, Rib-Eye Steak 1 order 1510
Family A La Carte, Salad 1 order 360
Family A La Carte, Sweet & Spicy Chicken 1 order 1100
Family A La Carte, WaBa (Chicken & Steak ) 1 order 1460
Family A La Carte, White Rice 2 servings 740
Garlic Serrano Sauce 1 oz 45
Half-Ocado 1 serving 150
Jumbo Shrimp Bowl 1 serving 540
Jumbo Shrimp Plate 1 serving 660
Jumbo Shrimp Veggie Bowl 1 serving 530
Loaded Miso Soup with Chicken 1 serving 150
Loaded Miso Soup with Tofu 1 serving 160
Miso Soup 1 serving 30

Organic Tofu + Veggies Mini Bowl 1 serving 330
Organic Tofu Bowl 1 serving 670
Organic Tofu Mini Bowl 1 serving 370
Organic Tofu Plate 1 serving 830
Organic Tofu Veggie Bowl 1 serving 600
Pork Veggie Dumplings (10 pc) 10 pc 420
Pork Veggie Dumplings (5 pc) 5 pc 210
Ranch Dressing 1.5 oz 150
Rib-Eye Steak Bowl 1 serving 780
Rib-Eye Steak Plate 1 serving 1070
Rib-Eye Steak Veggie Bowl 1 serving 670
Side of Brown Rice 10 oz 320
Side of Chicken 4.5 oz 270
Side of Salad 1 serving 190
Side of Salmon 4 oz 140
Side of Shrimp 2 pc 50
Side of Steak 3.5 oz 290
Side of Steamed Veggies 1 serving 50
Side of Sweet & Spicy Chicken 4.5 oz 240
Side of Tofu 6 oz 270
Side of White Rice 10 oz 370
Signature House Salad 1 serving 470
Spicy Asian Salad 1 serving 530
Spicy Sesame Dressing 1 oz 70
Spicy Waba Sauce 1 oz 60

Sweet & Spicy Chicken + Veggies Mini Bowl 1 serving 290
Sweet & Spicy Chicken Bowl 1 serving 680
Sweet & Spicy Chicken Mini Bowl 1 serving 320
Sweet & Spicy Chicken Plate 1 serving 860
Sweet & Spicy Chicken Veggie Bowl 1 serving 640
Sweet Chili Sauce 1 oz 50
Teriyaki Sauce 1 tbsp 30
WaBa (Chicken & Steak ) Bowl 1 serving 800
WaBa (Chicken & Steak ) Plate 1 serving 980
WaBa (Chicken & Steak ) Veggie Bowl 1 serving 770
Waba Sauce 1 oz 60
WaBa Sesame Dressing 1 oz 110
Waba Teriyaki Sauce 1 tbsp 30
Wild Caught Salmon Bowl 1 serving 600
Wild Caught Salmon Plate 1 serving 730
Wild Caught Salmon Veggie Bowl 1 serving 580

WaBa Grill menu

About Waba Grill

WaBa Grill is a private fast food and restaurant chain based in the United States of America. The restaurant’s name is Korean; which means “come and try”. The enterprise operates as a teriyaki house offering casual, fast and health conscience meals and services, to its array of customers and consumers. Also, WaBa Grill meals and cuisines are made and prepared using fresh and nutritionally sufficient ingredients. In 2014, Restaurant Business named the fast food chain as one of the fastest growing Small Chains in the United States of America.

WaBa Grill restaurant was founded in 2006 by Eric Lee at the City of Industry, in sunny Southern California. The franchise is headquartered at the Greater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, California, and has over 140 locations in America. However, the company opens approximately 10 new locations and franchises yearly since inception, and aims to expand its locations, stores and franchises to 2,000 in the next few years. Relatively, the interiors in each of the locations are well designed, modernized and outstanding. Also, WaBa Grill provides and guarantees a clean, safe and ambient environment for consumption of sumptuous meals and cuisines. Additionally, staffing is exquisite and remarkable, while customer service is exceptional and mind blowing.

The first store or location was opened in 2006; it was originally called “Fresh Grill”. This was followed swiftly by the opening of more locations around the West Coast area of California few years later.  After experiencing and having monumental successes in Los Angeles, WaBa Grill went into franchising and promoted the brand using the unique slogan; “Eat Smart, Be Healthy”. Approximately 6 years after franchising, the restaurant expanded its location and branches to 130. Subsequently, the enterprise opened its first location in the State of Arizona in 2015; this became the first branch outside California

WaBa Grill fast food menu is made up of specialty plates, rice bowls (which comes with vegetables) and plates cuisines and beverages. Each plate is served with salad, fruit and rice. Some of the plates and specialty plates include; Chicken Steak Plate, Chicken Salad Plate, Rib Plate, Salmon Plate and Shrimp Plate.  Also, the components of the menu are prepared using freshly acquired quality ingredients; Salads are made shortly before they are served, veggies are thoroughly steamed at appropriate and recommended temperature. In addition, the cuisines at WaBa Grill restaurant come with low calories and fats.  Therefore, WaBa Grill fast food chain is the ideal place to be for healthy and wonderful meals at affordable prices.

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