Waffle House Closes Locations in United States

Waffle House has closed no fewer than 365 locations across the United States of America. This is not unconnected with the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic.

The information for the closure of the locations was made available on the chain’s Facebook page in the morning hour on Tuesday. However, this does not mean that Waffle House has closed all its location in the United States. There are still about 1,627 that are still open.

I think this move is an attempt of the chain to ensure that they keep their employees and customers safe. Waffle House has about 45,000 employees. I believe this closure will continue until there is positive improvement of situations across the United States.

What this means to Waffle House customers is that, services may not be available in all the restaurant locations. Customers may need to find out which locations are still open before they set to place their orders.

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