Zoe’s Kitchen Menu and Calories

For people who don’t know much about Zoe’s Kitchen menu and calories, this article will provide useful information to you. We have not only covered the chain’s menu and calories, you will also get to know about brief history of the company. Please note that we don’t provide menu price here. Essentially, we focus more about letting customers aware of the calories of the menu options they choose.

Below are Zoe’s Kitchen menu and their calories:

Item Size Calories
Baked Falafel 1 side order 165
Baked Falafel Pita 1 serving 460
Balanced Bites 1 side order 390
Basil Pesto Hummus 1 serving 410
Braised White Beans 1 side order 240
Cauliflower Rice Bowl 1 serving 270
Cauliflower Rice Bowl with Chicken 1 serving 490
Cauliflower Rice Bowl with Falafel 1 serving 450
Cauliflower Rice Bowl with Harissa Salmon 1 serving 470
Cauliflower Rice Bowl with Lamb 1 serving 560
Chicken & Orzo Soup 1 bowl 130
Chicken & Orzo Soup 1 cup 70
Chicken Kabobs 1 order 290
Chicken Roll-Ups 1 serving 560
Chicken Salad & Fruit Plate 1 serving 740
Chicken Salad Sandwich 1 sandwich 700
Chocolate Chip Cookie 1 cookie 590
Classis Hummus 1 serving 420
French Baked Feta 1 serving 500
Fresh-Squeezed Limeade 1 serving 210
Greek Chicken Pita 1 serving 460
Greek Salad 1 serving 490
Gruben Sandwich 1 sandwich 570
Harissa Red Pepper Hummus 1 serving 320
Harissa Salmon Pita 1 serving 450

Hibiscus Green Tea 1 serving 0
Hummus & Salad Plate 1 order 690
Hummus Duo & Veggies 1 side order 430
Hummus Trio 1 serving 610
Kids Chicken Salad Sandwich 1 order 440
Kids Greek Salad 1 serving 35
Kids Grilled Chicken Fingers 1 serving 230
Kids Ham & Cheese Piadina 1 serving 280
Kids Hummus 1 serving 150
Kids Pasta Bowl 1 serving 280
Kids Pizza Piadina 1 serving 340
Kids Salmon Kabob 1 serving 170
Kids Shrimp Kabob 1 serving 90
Live Med Salad 1 serving 590
Marinated Slaw 1 side order 170
Mediterranean Chicken 1 serving 260
Mediterranean Lamb Kafta 1 serving 350
Mediterranean Lentil Soup 1 cup 170
Mediterranean Lentil Soup 1 bowl 330
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl 1 serving 480
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl with Chicken 1 serving 700
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl with Falafel 1 serving 660
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl with Harissa Salmon 1 serving 680
Mediterranean Salad Trio Bowl with Lamb Kafta 1 serving 770
Modern Mediterranean 1 side order 400

Moroccan Chicken Piadina 1 serving 620
Pasta Salad 1 side order 220
Pita Bread 1 side order 100
Pita Chips 1 side order 180
Power Grain Bowl 1 bowl 380
Power Grain Bowl with Chicken 1 bowl 600
Power Grain Bowl with Falafel 1 bowl 560
Power Grain Bowl with Harissa Salmon 1 bowl 580
Power Grain Bowl with Lamb Kafta 1 bowl 670
Power Grains 1 side order 295
Protein Power Plate 1 serving 520
Quinoa Salad 1 serving 320
Roasted Vegetables 1 side order 110
Rosemary Ham & Mozzarella Piadina 1 serving 680
Rustic Lamb Pita 1 serving 590
Salmon Kabobs 1 order 330
Shrimp Kabobs 1 order 170
Side Greek Salad 1 order 190
Sorrentina Bakes Ravioli 1 side order 250
Spinach & Mushroom Piadina 1 serving 620
Steak Kabobs 1 order 490
Steak Roll-Ups 1 serving 780
Steak Stack Sandwich 1 sandwich 540
Tomato Bisque Soup 1 cup 320
Tomato Bisque Soup 1 bowl 490

Tossed Greek Salad 1 serving 780
Turkey Stack Sandwich 1 sandwich 450
Turmeric Rice 1 side order 190
YaYa’s Hand-Made Chocolate Cake Slice 1 serving 600
Zesty Lemon Cookie 1 cookie 400

About Zoe’s kitchen

As with most consumer driven enterprises, Zoe’s kitchen is renowned for providing excellent services to its array of esteemed customers. Zoe’s kitchen is one of the world’s leading fast food and casual restaurant chain . It is part of the famous CAVA Group and is characterized by food products which include Sandwiches, Pitas, Salads, Soups, Kebobs to mention but a few.

Zoe’s Kitchen was founded twenty-five years ago (June 1995) at Homewood, Alabama in the United States of America, by Marcus Cassimus and Zoe Cassimus. The fast casual restaurant chain is headquartered at Plano, Texas. Also, Zoe’s Kitchen has evolved to about 258 locations spread across 17 States in America. Zoe’s Kitchen entered into partnership with American Airlines on the 24th of September, 2018 to serve light snacks and other foods in the Airline’s main cabin seats.

Zoe’s kitchen (originally founded as Zoe’s Kitchen Inc.) wasn’t franchised initially; Cassimus retained a 51% stake in every new location opened. The first location was opened in October, 1995 at Downtown Homewood. This was swiftly followed by the opening of the second branch or location in 1999 at Hoover, around the Riverchase area. A third location was subsequently opened in the downtown area of Birmingham in 2001. In the fall of 2001, Zoe’s Kitchen took a gigantic step and opened its first location outside the State of Alabama in Nashville Tennessee.

Consequently, Zoe’s Kitchen ventured into franchising in 2011, and by August, it had about 11 franchises. Being a consumer friendly enterprise, the restaurant chain monumentally launched and introduced its online ordering services and mobile loyalty app in 2011 and 2013 respectively. This went a long way in enhancing the restaurant’s customer satisfaction and service delivery goals.  By August 2018, Zoe’s Kitchen became a subsidiary of CAVA Group Inc. after the privately held Mediterranean Restaurant chain purchased it. This led to an increases in the number of locations and franchises.

Zoe’s Kitchen is famous for having a distinct menu featuring Mediterranean-inspired comfort foods. These foods are made with high quality and fresh ingredients embedded in originally made recipes. The menu comprises of starters like Hummus Trio, Mediterranean Baked Feta, Basil Pesto Hummus and Red Pepper Hummus amongst others. The array of salads includes Quinoa salad, Greek salad, Chicken salad and fruit plate, Live Mediterranean salad, the tossed Greek etc. Other cuisines served by the restaurant include, the chicken salad sandwich and the pimento cheese sandwich. Also, Zoe’s Kitchen made provisions for Vegetarians, Vegans and Gluten free nutritionists in it’s menu.

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