Wendy’s Biggie Bag Deal: Facts to Know

Wendy’s Biggie Bag is one of the popular food deals that the chain has had in recent years. How much do you know about this deal?

Why is it called $5 Biggie Bag?

Well, this meal deal is popularly known as $5 Biggie Bag because you just need to pay $5 for this meal deal.

What does Wendy’s $5 Biggie bag come with?

This deal contains your choice of Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger, Double Stack, or Crispy Chicken Sandwich, 4 piece chicken nugget, small fries, and a drink (small). You can upgrade $5 Biggie Bag Experience by $1 to $6 Biggie Bag Meal Deal to have option between crispy chicken BLT and Bacon Double Stack.

Where Can I get this deal?

Customers can get the $5 Biggie Bag deal at participating Wendy’s restaurants across United States. You can place your order via the chain’s website, its mobile app or in-store.

About Wendy

Wendy’s is one of the top ranked fast food restaurants in the United States. The chain which was founded by Dave Thomas on November 15, 1969 in Columbus, Ohio now has its headquarters in Dublin, Ohio.

Wendy’s is trailing Burger King and McDonald’s to secure third position among the hamburger fast food restaurants in the United States. The chain has several company-owned and franchised restaurants spread across the United States especially in North America.

Wendy’s Biggie Bag

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