Buca di Beppo Menu and Calories

Here, you will find Buca di Beppo menu and their calories. We understand that not everybody is just after the price of fast food menu. Some actually want to have a fair idea of the calories the food they want to buy contain. In this article, the focus is on Buca di Beppo menu and calories.

Find below the list of Buca di Beppo menu and calories:

Item Serving Size Calories
Apple Gorgonzola Salad 1 Serving 510 Calories
Baby Portobello Mushroom Risotto 1 Serving 470 Calories
Baked Rigatoni 1 Serving 740 Calories
Baked Ziti 1 Serving 610 Calories
Bianca Pizza 1 Serving 180 Calories
Bruschetta 1 Serving 390 Calories
Brussels Sprouts & Prosciutto 1 Serving 180 Calories
Buca Trio Platter 1 Serving 1170 Calories
Bucatini Amatriciana 1 Serving 940 Calories
Caesar Salad 1 Serving 140 Calories
Celebraton Cake 1 Serving 1450 Calories
Cheese Manicotti 1 Serving 420 Calories
Chicken Cannelloni 1 Serving 460 Calories
Chicken Carbonara 1 Serving 940 Calories
Chicken Limone 1 Serving 400 Calories
Chicken Marsala 1 Serving 410 Calories
Chicken Parmigiana 1 Serving 870 Calories
Chicken Saltimbocca 1 Serving 570 Calories
Chocolate Cake 1 Serving 570 Calories
Chocolate Chip Cannoli 1 Serving 140 Calories
Chocolate Milk 1 Serving 190 Calories
Chopped Antipasti Salad 1 Serving 380 Calories
Colossal Brownie Sundae 1 Serving 1210 Calories
Creamy Short Rib Orecchiete 1 Serving 1030 Calories
Dolce Platter 1 Serving 1830 Calories

Eggplant Parmigiana 1 Serving 890 Calories
Fettuccine Alfredo 1 Serving 740 Calories
Fried Calamari 1 Serving 120 Calories
Fried Mac ‘N Cheese 1 Serving 340 Calories
Fried Mozzarella 1 Serving 360 Calories
Garlic Bread 1 Serving 60 Calories
Green Beans 1 Serving 180 Calories
Homemade Cheesecake 1 Serving 460 Calories
Italian Broccoli Romano 1 Serving 240 Calories
Italian Creme Cake 1 Serving 390 Calories
Italian Sausage 1 Serving 200 Calories
Italian Sausage & Arugula Pizza 1 Serving 210 Calories
Italian Wedding Soup, Bowl 1 Serving 400 Calories
Italian Wedding Soup, Cup 1 Serving 240 Calories
Kid’s Cheese Pizza 1 Serving 430 Calories
Kid’s Chicken Parmigiana 1 Serving 1060 Calories
Kid’s Fettuccine Alfredo 1 Serving 530 Calories
Kid’s Pepperoni Pizza 1 Serving 540 Calories
Kid’s Pisa Punch 1 Serving 60 Calories
Kid’s Spaghetti Marinara 1 Serving 530 Calories
Kid’s Spaghetti with Meatball 1 Serving 560 Calories
Kids Macaroni & Cheese 1 Serving 710 Calories
Lasagna 1 Serving 390 Calories
Linguine Frutti di Mare 1 Serving 640 Calories
Macaroni & Cheese 1 Serving 770 Calories

Margherita Pizza 1 Serving 160 Calories
Meatball 1 Serving 450 Calories
Minestrone Soup, Bowl 1 Serving 180 Calories
Minestrone Soup, Cup 1 Serving 120 Calories
Mixed Green Salad 1 Serving 170 Calories
Mozzarella Caprese 1 Serving 180 Calories
Mozzarella Garlic Bread 1 Serving 70 Calories
Mussels Bianca 1 Serving 580 Calories
Mussels Marinara 1 Serving 600 Calories
Pappardelle Sugo 1 Serving 750 Calories
Penne alla Vodka 1 Serving 530 Calories
Penne San Remo 1 Serving 800 Calories
Pepperoni Pizza 1 Serving 300 Calories
Pizza con Formaggio 1 Serving 190 Calories
Prosciutto Stuffed Chicken 1 Serving 520 Calories
Quattro al Forno 1 Serving 710 Calories
Ravioli al Pomodoro 1 Serving 300 Calories
Ravioli with Meat Sauce 1 Serving 490 Calories
Salmon Sorrento 1 Serving 680 Calories
Sausage & Peppers 1 Serving 230 Calories
Shrimp Florentine 1 Serving 660 Calories
Shrimp Fra Diavolo 1 Serving 650 Calories
Spaghetti Marinara 1 Serving 370 Calories
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce 1 Serving 410 Calories
Spaghetti with Meatballs 1 Serving 630 Calories

Spicy Arrabbiata Pizza 1 Serving 280 Calories
Spicy Chicken Rigatoni 1 Serving 770 Calories
Spicy Italian Sausage Soup, 1 Serving 490 Calories
Spicy Italian Sausage Soup, Cup 1 Serving 240 Calories
Spicy Shrimp 1 Serving 390 Calories
Spinach Artichoke Dip 1 Serving 390 Calories
Stuffed Shells 1 Serving 380 Calories
Supremo Italiano Pizza 1 Serving 270 Calories
Tiramisu 1 Serving 830 Calories
Tomato Basil Soup, Bowl 1 Serving 620 Calories
Tomato Basil Soup, Cup 1 Serving 310 Calories
Tortellini Bianca 1 Serving 510 Calories
Tuscan Bean Soup, Bowl 1 Serving 160 Calories
Tuscan Bean Soup, Cup 1 Serving 80 Calories
Veal Marsala 1 Serving 490 Calories
Veal Parmigiana 1 Serving 710 Calories
Veggie Pizza 1 Serving 220 Calories
World Famous Meatball 1 Serving 300 Calories

Buca di Beppo menu

About Buca di Beppo

This is an Italian-American restaurant that was founded in the year 1993 by Phil Roberts and it is a replica of “red sauce joints”, an Italian-American family restaurant in the Northeast United States. Phil Roberts the founder is not an Italian man but he wanted his restaurant to have the Italian-American culture.

The restaurant derived the origin of its name from Tuscany dialect which means “pit” or ‘hole” or cellar while Beppo is a diminutive of the name Giuseppe. The restaurant is a franchise and it has 81 establishments: 76 companies owned, 5 Franchises in United Kingdom is owned by Buca inc. which is also owned by Planet Hollywood.

As of 2016, it has 100 locations in the U.S and U.K. it has branches in California, Florida, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and New York.

As of 2019, the chain has 77 restaurants in 24 States; Honolulu is the highest-grossing location. These are sales strategy the restaurant has implemented to float in the global scene and they are: its customer’s gets gift on birthdays and email offers. The restaurant has a good reputation in the nation and this is due to the fact that friends and family are given warm reception. It made a very great attempt to boast its sales in the global scene, in 2005 it introduced Buca Bia menu, meaning “My Cellar”, with less expensive portions for two. When it comes to pricing, the restaurant is very considerate; it offers one of the best menus at an affordable price.

There is nothing that satisfies customers like an appetizing menu and Buca di Beppo has an incredible menu which makes it a place to be. The following are the most popular menu: Apple gorgonzola, Salad, Spicy Chicken Rigatoni, Lasgana, Chicken Limone, Buca Trio Platter and Fried Calamari. There are other incredible menus it offers. One of the most exciting qualities of the restaurant it’s the table service it offers, food can be served in a family style, the Pope table which is available in all its branches and in addition the pope table has a bust of the Pope as a centre piece which is a point of attraction to customers. Some of the restaurant locations have a lunch menu that features individual portions. There are also wine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that go with different cuisines which relaxes the minds of customer. It is a perfect place to celebrate birthdays, bridal shower, graduations, weddings and customers always have an unforgettable memory. Its catering services cater for small groups and large groups as well that’s why customers call it a national favorite.

It has a gift card it offers to loyal customers and this has increased daily sales for the restaurant and it also uses outlets like Face book, Twitter and Instagram to market the restaurant and gets feedback from the populace.

Customer satisfaction and taste are very essential to this restaurant, day by day and year in year out they put their best to give the very best to customers.

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