Golden Corral Near Me – Menu and Calories

Are you searching for Golden Corral near me? You can use the map below to find the closest Golden Corral restaurants to your location. You will also get to know about the varieties of menu that the restaurant offers its guests.

Golden Corral Menu

The Golden Corral menu categories are Hot Buffets, Salad Buffet, Breakfast Buffet, Hot Soups & Potato, Bakery & Desserts and Beverages. Below is the detailed list of menu to expect at the restaurants.

24 Karat Carrot Cake1 slice – 72g240
Apple Cobbler1 piece – 95g180
Aunt B’s Fried Chicken3 oz – 85g240
Baby Back Pork Ribs1 piece – 87g190
Bacon3 pieces – 13g60
Bacon Quiche1 slice – 113g290
Baked BBQ Chicken Leg1 leg – 91g140
Baked Fish w/ Lemon Herb Sauce3 oz – 85g150
Baked Mandarin Orange Chicken Leg1 leg – 91g160
Baked Potato1 potato – 173g160
Baked Sweet Potato1 potato – 130g110
Baked Teriyaki Chicken Legs1 leg – 91g150
Banana Nut French Toast1 piece – 115g280
Banana Pecan Oatmeal Cookie – No Sugar Added1 cookie – 29g100
Banana Pudding0.5 cup – 112g240
BBQ Baked Beans0.5 cup – 130g160
BBQ Beef3 oz – 85g120
BBQ Boneless Ribs3 oz – 85g200
BBQ Chicken Breast1 breast – 234g350
BBQ Chicken Leg1 leg – 74g150
BBQ Chicken Leg Quarter1 piece – 221g490
BBQ Pork3 oz – 85g170
BBQ Pork Ribs3 oz – 101g220
BBQ Pork Spare Ribs1 rib – 145g290
Beef Liver & Onions4 oz – 113g210

Beef Pot Pie1 piece – 117g190
Beef Taco Meat1⁄4 cup – 57g110
Blue Cheese Crumbles2 tbsp – 14g50
Blue Cheese Dressing2 tbsp – 30g150
Boneless BBQ Pork Ribs3 oz – 63g120
Boneless Buffalo Chicken Wings2 wings – 113g180
Boneless Ribs3 oz – 85g210
Bourbon Street Chicken3 oz – 85g170
Bread Pudding0.5 cup – 110g270
Broccoli Coleslaw0.5 cup – 58g100
Brown Gravy2 oz – 57g20
Buffet Sirloin Steak3 oz – 85g130
Buttered Noodles0.5 cup – 80g200
Buttermilk Biscuit1 biscuit – 59g230
Caramel Pecan Sticky Roll1 roll – 99g310
Carrot Raisin Salad0.5 cup – 64g110
Charro Beans0.5 cup – 115g100
Cheese Grits0.5 cup – 128g170
Cheese Pizza1 slice – 86g210
Cheese Sauce1⁄4 cup – 58g70
Cherry Pie1 slice – 97g260
Chicken Cacciatore1 piece – 201g280
Chicken Fried Steak1 serving – 61g150
Chicken Salad0.5 cup – 103g250
Chocolate Cake w/ Cherries1 slice – 50g160

Chocolate Chess Pie1 slice – 112g380
Chocolate Chip Cookie1 cookie – 14g60
Chocolate Chip Pancakes1 pancake – 45g150
Chocolate Crinkle Cookie1 cookie – 15g70
Chocolate Fountain2 tbsp – 38g210
Chocolate Fudge1 piece – 30g130
Chocolate Pudding – No Sugar Added0.5 cup – 108g120
Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream0.5 cup – 87g90
Chocolate White Chip Cookie1 cookie – 14g60
Chopped Peanuts2 tbsp – 18g110
Chorizo & Eggs0.5 cup – 115g200
Coconut Cookie1 cookie – 17g70
Cold Beets1⁄4 cup – 60g20
Coleslaw0.5 cup – 61g110
Cornbread Skillet1 piece – 52g150
Corned Beef Hash0.5 cup – 127g230
Corn-on-the-Cob1 ear – 84g70
Country Fried Steak2.5 oz – 71g180
Creamed Chipped Beef0.5 cup – 145g170
Creamed Spinach0.5 cup – 125g170
Diced Ham3 oz – 85g110
Down Home Mac & Cheese0.5 cup – 125g260
Egg & Sausage Casserole0.5 cup – 125g240
Egg Salad0.5 cup – 93g200
Eggs Benedict1 order – 139g320

French Dressing2 tbsp – 31g120
French Toast1 slice – 94g220
Fresh Steamed Green Beans0.5 cup – 50g70
Fried Breaded Fish1 piece – 57g90
Fried Catfish3 oz – 85g180
Fried Chicken Livers3 pieces – 103g230
Garlic Cheese Stick1 breadstick – 45g120
German Chocolate Cake1 slice – 62g210
Green Bean Casserole0.5 cup – 125g80
Green Beans0.5 cup – 121g35
Grilled BBQ Pork Chop3 oz – 108g180
Grilled Chicken Livers3 pieces – 119g210
Grilled Pork Chop3 oz – 85g150
Grilled Turkey & Cheese Sandwich1 piece – 121g300
Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders1 piece – 81g160
Hashbrown Casserole0.5 cup – 110g100
Honey Butter1 tbsp – 14g80
Honey Chipotle Grilled Shrimp Skewer2 skewers – 97g140
Honey Sesame Chicken1 cup – 144g350
Horchata12 fl oz – 340g230
Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings3 wings – 99g180
Imitation Crab Meat1 tbsp – 17g25
Italian Sausage w/ Onion & Peppers3 oz – 85g190
Kettle Cooked Lima Beans0.5 cup – 120g160
Lemon Meringue Pie1 slice – 128g270

Lettuce Wedge1 cup – 72g10
Lima Beans1⁄4 cup – 42g60
Lite Olive Oil Vinaigrette2 tbsp – 30g70
Macaroni Salad0.5 cup – 114g280
Machaca Beef3 oz – 85g140
Margarita Pizza1 slice – 98g240
Marinated Sirloin Tips3 oz – 85g170
Marinated Vegetables0.5 cup – 50g35
Mini Bacon & Cheese Quiche1 quiche – 86g250
Mini Bacon Steakburger1 burger – 170g290
Mini BBQ Brisket Sandwich1 sandwich – 50g150
Mini Blueberry Muffin1 muffin – 43g120
Mini Chocolate Chip Muffin1 muffin – 45g150
Mini Chocolate Cupcake1 cupcake – 30g100
Mini Pumpkin Cupcake1 cupcake – 32g110
Mini Red Velvet Cupcake1 cupcake – 30g120
Mini Spinach Quiche1 quiche – 86g230
Mini Vanilla Cupcake1 cupcake – 30g110
Mmmm Mmmm Meatloaf3.5 oz – 104g140
Mushroom Gravy2 oz – 57g20
Oh Yeah! Yeast Roll1 roll – 63g180
Omelet1 omelet – 125g270
Orange Chicken1 cup – 167g390
Peach Cobbler1 piece – 95g170
Peaches0.5 cup – 126g70

Peanut Butter Cookie1 cookie – 14g60
Peanut Butter Fudge Tart1 piece – 44g180
Pineapple Supreme Cake1 slice – 71g240
Pistachio Cake – Sugar Free1 slice – 44g100
Pork Barbecue3 oz170
Pork Enchilada1 enchilada – 127g210
Pork Liver Mush1 piece – 63g120
Pork Posole1 cup – 245g130
Pork Ribs3 oz – 85g200
Pot Roast0.5 cup – 130g160
Prime Rib3 oz – 85g280
Pulled BBQ Chicken3 oz – 85g110
Pulled Chicken in Poultry Gravy3 oz – 85g80
Rainbow Cookie1 cookie – 16g70
Ranch Dressing2 tbsp – 30g110
Ranch Dressing – Fat Free2 tbsp – 30g35
Ranch Style Beans0.5 cup – 130g130
Real Bacon Bits2 tbsp – 12g50
Red Gelatin – Sugar Free0.5 cup – 85g5
Red Velvet Cake1 slice – 63g230
Rotisserie Chicken1 piece – 170g310
Salt & Pepper Smoked Brisket3 oz – 85g230
Sausage Gravy2 oz – 57g80
Sausage Link1 link – 33g120
Sausage Patties1 patty – 32g80

Scone1 scone – 57g180
Scrambled Eggs0.5 cup – 110g180
Seafood Salad0.5 cup – 85g140
Seasoned Pinto Beans0.5 cup – 120g110
Shepherd’s Pie1 cup – 226g310
Shredded Cheddar Cheese2 tbsp – 14g60
Shrimp Topped Baked Fish w/ Lemon Herb Butter Sauce3 oz – 85g120
Sirloin Steak Strips3 oz – 85g130
Skillet Hashbrowns0.5 cup – 78g220
Slivered Almonds2 tbsp – 14g80
Smoked Brisket3 oz – 85g230
Smoked Chicken – Dark Meat3 oz – 85g200
Smoked Chicken – White Meat3 oz – 85g130
Smoked Pit Ham3 oz – 85g110
Smoked Short Ribs3 oz – 85g340
Smokehouse Boneless Beef Ribs3 oz – 85g210
Spicy Garlic Chicken Wings3 wings – 99g190
Spinach Quiche1 slice – 102g240
Split Smoked Sausage1 serving – 78g240
Squash Medley0.5 cup – 90g45
Steamed Broccoli0.5 cup – 78g25
Steamed Carrots0.5 cup – 85g80
Steamed Cauliflower0.5 cup – 78g20
Steamed Cut Corn0.5 cup – 85g130
Strawberry Supreme Cake1 slice – 71g240

Summer Salad0.5 cup – 87g70
Sweet & Sour Chicken1 cup – 177g240
Sweet & Sour Pork1 cup – 169g220
Tamales2 tamales – 43g120
Tartar Sauce2 tbsp160
Tempura Battered Chicken Tender1 piece – 99g250
Tempura Battered Fish3 oz – 85g150
Teriyaki Beef1 cup – 169g240
Teriyaki Chicken Thigh1 thigh – 175g360
Teriyaki Honey Pineapple Chicken Wings3 wings – 99g190
Texas Chicken Fried Steak1 piece – 113g230
Thousand Island Dressing – Fat Free2 tbsp – 30g40
Three Bean Salad0.5 cup – 86g90
Tomato & Onion Salad0.5 cup – 82g40
Tuna Salad0.5 cup – 103g190
Turkey Pot Pie1 piece – 94g160
Turkey Slices w/ Poultry Gravy3 oz – 85g90
Turnip Greens0.5 cup – 98g60
Vanilla Cupcake1 cupcake – 59g210
Vanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream0.5 cup – 87g110
Vegetable Beef Soup1 cup – 227g80
White Meat Carved Turkey3 oz – 86g170

Golden Corral Near Me


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Golden Corral is an American chain of family casual dining restaurants founded by James Maynard and Williams F. Carl in Fayetteville, North Carolina in January 1973. For people looking for a restaurant where they can have good meal at a great value in a family-friendly atmosphere, Golden Corral may be an ideal restaurant to visit. In fact, Golden Corral is regarded as the America’s No. 1 buffet and grill restaurant. One unique thing about this restaurant is the unmatched variety of menu offerings it offers. No matter your craving, there is tendency for you to find what you want to it there. The restaurant has about 500 locations all spread across the United States. Some of these locations are franchised but the quality is the same in all the locations. Golden Corral is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States.

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