Hardee’s Breakfast Platters and Their Calories

How many calories are in Hardee’s Breakfast Platters? Well, it depends on which of the Hardee’s platters you take.

Hardee’s has Hot Cake Breakfast Platter and Hardee Breakfast Platter in its menu. Below are the details of the two platters:

Hot cake Breakfast Platter: This features three golden hot cakes, two folded eggs and a choice of Sausage or Bacon, served syrup and butter on the side. It contains 720 – 820 calories.

Hardee Breakfast Platter: This is made from Scratch Biscuit ‘N’ Gravy, 2 folded eggs, 2 strips of crisp bacon and Hash Rounds. Hardee Breakfast Platter contains 970 – 1150 calories.

Additional options available at participating restaurants include Sausage, Country Ham, Country Steak, Chicken Fillet, Pork Chop, Smoked Sausage.

Hardee’s Breakfast Platters

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