Roy Rogers Restaurants New Beer Battered Cod Still Available

In case you missed the news, Roy Rogers Restaurants unveiled New Beer Battered Cod in the month of February. The new menu will essentially be made available for the Lenten season.

Since the Lent is still on, you can still get the New Beer Battered Cod at all Roy Rogers Restaurants. You can get the new Beer Battered Cod as standalone sandwich at a price of $5.99. Alternatively, you can order it as part of a combo containing a Beer Battered Cod, a side and regular-sized fountain beverage. The price for this option is $8.49. In case you want to step up a little bit, you can get a platter consisting two full-sized pieces of battered cod, a small order of fries and regular-sized fountain beverage for $8.49.

The new Beer Battered Cod sandwich contains q quarter-pound natural-cut cod fillet coated in Yuengling-infused batter. It is then topped with American cheese and tartar sauce on a corn-dusted Kaiser roll.

Roy Rogers Restaurants New Beer Battered Cod will be available through April 4.

Roy Rogers Restaurants Beer Battered Cod

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