Eat’n Park Menu and Calories

Here, you will find Eat’n Park menu and their calories. We understand that not everybody is just after the price of fast food menu. Some actually want to have a fair idea of the calories the food they want to buy contain. In this article, the focus is on Eat’n Park menu and calories.

Find below the list of Eat’n Park menu and calories:

ItemServing SizeCalories
1% Milk, Large1 serving200 Calories
1% Milk, Small1 serving150 Calories
Alfredo Dipping Sauce1 serving90 Calories
All-American Scrambler1 sandwich610 Calories
Almond Milk, Large1 serving170 Calories
Almond Milk, Small1 serving130 Calories
American Grill Burger1 serving710 Calories
Apple Harvest Muffin1 muffin220 Calories
Apple Juice, Large1 serving220 Calories
Apple Juice, Regular1 serving170 Calories
Apple Juice, Small1 serving80 Calories
Apple Pie1 slice390 Calories
Apple Raisin Muffin1 muffin250 Calories
Applesauce1 serving100 Calories
Arnold Palmer1 serving60 Calories
Bacon – 11 piece35 Calories
Bacon – 22 pieces80 Calories
Bacon – 33 pieces110 Calories
Bacon Burger without Cheese1 burger620 Calories
Bacon Ranch Turkey Burger1 burger930 Calories
Bacon Turkey Swiss Sandwich1 sandwich620 Calories
Bagel1 bagel300 Calories
Bagel with Cream Cheese1 bagel310 Calories
Baked Chicken Parmigiana with Marinara Sauce1 serving960 Calories
Baked Chicken Parmigiana with Meat Sauce1 serving1110 Calories

Baked Cod with Buttery Breadcrumbs – 11 serving210 Calories
Baked Cod with Buttery Breadcrumbs – 21 serving410 Calories
Baked Cod with Orange Juice – 11 serving110 Calories
Baked Cod with Orange Juice – 21 serving210 Calories
Baked Lemon Sole – 11 serving150 Calories
Baked Lemon Sole – 21 serving310 Calories
Baked Potato1 serving190 Calories
Balsamic Vinaigrette1 serving120 Calories
Banana Creme Pie1 slice430 Calories
Bananas Foster Creme Pie1 slice560 Calories
Bananas Foster French Toast – 22 pieces440 Calories
Bananas Foster French Toast – 33 pieces540 Calories
Bananas Foster Grilled Stickies1 serving860 Calories
Basket of Loaded Fries1 order1850 Calories
Bean Medley1 serving80 Calories
Bearclaw1 serving520 Calories
Beer Cheese Dipping Sauce1 serving120 Calories
Black Angus Superburger1 burger1040 Calories
Blackberry Pie1 slice430 Calories
Bleu Cheese Dressing1 serving320 Calories
BLT1 sandwich500 Calories
Blueberry Muffin1 muffin240 Calories
Blueberry Pancakes – 22 pancakes330 Calories
Blueberry Pancakes – 33 pancakes500 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, American Cheese for Burger1 serving100 Calories

Breakfast Buffet, American Cheese for Omelette1 serving160 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Apple1 each80 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Apple Harvest Muffin1 each70 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Apple Raisin Muffin1 each60 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Bacon1 slice35 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Bacon Egg Casserole0.25 cup80 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Banana1 each110 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Banana Nut Muffin1 each70 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Bearpaw1 each130 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Biscuits1 each100 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Bleu Cheese Crumbles1 serving140 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Blueberry Muffin1 each60 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Blueberry Yogurt0.25 cup60 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Bread Pudding1 each60 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Brown Sugar1 tbsp35 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Butter Cups1 each50 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Cantaloupe1 each10 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Cheddar Cheese for Omelette1 serving120 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Cheddar for Burger1 serving90 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Chocolate Chip Muffin1 each70 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Cobbler0.25 cup140 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Corn Fritter1 each30 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Corn Muffin1 each60 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Cottage Cheese0.25 cup50 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Cranberry Nut Muffin1 each70 Calories

Breakfast Buffet, Donut Holes1 each60 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, French Toast0.5 slice50 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Fruit Dip0.25 cup270 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Granola1 tbsp35 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Grits0.25 cup45 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Ham Egg Casserole0.25 cup20 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Hash0.25 cup100 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Hash Browns1 each100 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Home Fries0.25 cup60 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Honeydew1 slice10 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Mocha Java Chip Muffin1 each50 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Mozzarella Cheese for Omelette1 serving90 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Mushrooms0.25 cup20 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Oatmeal0.25 cup40 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Oranges1 wedge45 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Pancakes1 each40 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Peach Yogurt0.25 cup60 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Peaches0.25 cup70 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Pears0.25 cup35 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Pepper Jack Cheese for Omelette1 serving160 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Pepper Jack for Burger1 serving80 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Pepper Onion Blend0.25 cup25 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Pineapple1 slice10 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Plain Yogurt0.25 cup45 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Potato Pancakes1 each40 Calories

Breakfast Buffet, Prunes0.25 cup60 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Pumpkin Muffin1 each70 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Raisins1 tbsp25 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Raspberry Yogurt0.25 cup60 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Sausage1 each120 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Sausage Egg Casserole0.25 cup30 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Scrambled Eggs0.25 cup140 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Smiley Cookie1 serving240 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Strawberries with Syrup0.25 cup180 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Strawberry Yogurt0.25 cup60 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Strawberry’n Creme Muffin1 each70 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Swiss Cheese for Omelette1 serving160 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Swiss for Burger1 serving110 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Texas Toast0.5 slice35 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Vanilla Yogurt0.25 cup50 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Vegetable Casserole0.25 cup80 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Waffles1 each100 Calories
Breakfast Buffet, Watermelon1 slice15 Calories
Breakfast Burrito1 burrito860 Calories
Broccoli1 serving40 Calories
Buffalo Chicken Salad1 salad640 Calories
Buffalo Chicken Wrap with Bleu Cheese1 wrap910 Calories
Buffalo Chicken Wrap with Ranch1 wrap830 Calories
Buffalo Ranch Dipping Sauce1 serving250 Calories
Buffalo Sauce Dipping Sauce1 serving0 Calories

Buttermilk Biscuit1 biscuit200 Calories
Buttermilk Pancakes – 22 pancakes320 Calories
Buttermilk Pancakes – 33 pancakes480 Calories
BYO Appetizer, Cheese Sticks1 serving250 Calories
BYO Appetizer, Chips and Marinara1 serving390 Calories
BYO Appetizer, Chips and Ranch1 serving640 Calories
BYO Appetizer, Even More Chips1 serving310 Calories
BYO Appetizer, Fried Ravioli1 serving280 Calories
BYO Appetizer, Fried Zucchini1 serving230 Calories
BYO Appetizer, Jalape-o Cheddar Poppers1 serving260 Calories
BYO Appetizer, Mac’n Cheese Bites1 serving290 Calories
BYO Appetizer, Onion Rings1 serving160 Calories
BYO Appetizer, Potato Pancakes1 serving160 Calories
BYO Appetizer, Pretzel Sticks1 serving370 Calories
Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi1 serving0 Calories
Canadian Bacon – 22 pieces60 Calories
Caramel Sundae, 1 Scoop1 serving260 Calories
Caramel Sundae, 2 Scoops1 serving470 Calories
Carrots1 serving40 Calories
Chai Tea Milkshake1 milkshake600 Calories
Chai Tea, Hot1 serving80 Calories
Chai Tea, Iced1 serving80 Calories
Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich1 sandwich470 Calories
Cheesecake1 slice420 Calories
Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo1 serving630 Calories

Chicken & Strawberry Salad1 serving220 Calories
Chicken Bruschetta – 11 serving330 Calories
Chicken Bruschetta – 21 serving650 Calories
Chicken Fajita Flatbread1 sandwich1040 Calories
Chicken Fillets – 41 serving430 Calories
Chicken Fillets – 51 serving540 Calories
Chicken Noodle Soup, Quart1 quart720 Calories
Chicken Noodle, Bowl1 bowl270 Calories
Chicken Noodle, Cup1 cup140 Calories
Chicken Quesadilla1 order1030 Calories
Chili, Bowl1 bowl250 Calories
Chili, Cup1 cup120 Calories
Chili, Quart1 quart660 Calories
Chocolate Chip Muffin1 muffin280 Calories
Chocolate Chip Pancakes – 22 pancakes420 Calories
Chocolate Chip Pancakes – 33 pancakes650 Calories
Chocolate Creme Pie1 slice510 Calories
Chocolate Milk, Large1 serving280 Calories
Chocolate Milk, Small1 serving210 Calories
Chocolate Milkshake1 milkshake620 Calories
Chocolate Sundae, 1 Scoop1 serving290 Calories
Chocolate Sundae, 2 Scoops1 serving550 Calories
Clam Chowder, Bowl1 bowl330 Calories
Clam Chowder, Cup1 cup170 Calories
Clam Chowder, Quart1 quart880 Calories

Classic Burger without Cheese1 burger670 Calories
Classic Liver & Onions1 serving290 Calories
Coconut Creme Pie1 slice470 Calories
Coffee, Signature House Blend, Single Serve Cups8 fl oz0 Calories
Coleslaw1 serving120 Calories
Coleslaw, Pint1 pint410 Calories
Coleslaw, Quart1 quart810 Calories
Cookie Dough Milkshake1 milkshake640 Calories
Cookie Dough Sundae1 serving730 Calories
Corn1 serving45 Calories
Corn Muffin1 muffin230 Calories
Cottage Cheese1 serving100 Calories
Cranberry Apple Pie1 slice600 Calories
Cranberry Cooler1 serving120 Calories
Cranberry Juice, Large1 serving280 Calories
Cranberry Juice, Regular1 serving210 Calories
Cranberry Juice, Small1 serving100 Calories
Cranberry Nut Muffin1 muffin270 Calories
Cream of Broccoli Soup, Quart1 quart720 Calories
Cream of Broccoli, Bowl1 bowl270 Calories
Cream of Broccoli, Cup1 cup170 Calories
Crispy Chicken Club Sandwich1 sandwich1080 Calories
Crispy Pork Pot Stickers Appetizer1 serving680 Calories
Decaf Hot Tea1 serving0 Calories
Dr Pepper1 serving100 Calories

Dutch Apple Pie1 slice410 Calories
Egg Whites – 11 egg white60 Calories
Egg Whites – 22 egg whites120 Calories
Eggs Benedict1 serving460 Calories
Eggs Benedict Florentine1 serving620 Calories
English Muffin1 muffin130 Calories
Farmer’s Grilled Chicken & Vegetable Salad1 salad360 Calories
FarmSource Vegetable Soup, Bowl1 bowl1350 Calories
FarmSource Vegetable Soup, Cup1 cup50 Calories
FarmSource Vegetable Soup, Quart1 quart7220 Calories
French Fries1 serving350 Calories
French Toast – 22 pieces300 Calories
French Toast – 33 pieces450 Calories
Fresh Chip Basket1 order620 Calories
Fresh Potato Chips1 serving210 Calories
Fresh Start Scrambler1 sandwich280 Calories
Fresh-Cut Fruit Cup1 serving60 Calories
Fried Cheese Sticks1 order590 Calories
Fried Ravioli1 order480 Calories
Garden Rice1 serving160 Calories
Gardenburger1 burger420 Calories
Garlic Toast1 serving500 Calories
Gatorade1 serving70 Calories
Gluten-Free Bun1 bun300 Calories
Greek Chicken Salad1 salad420 Calories

Greek Vinaigrette1 serving180 Calories
Grilled Cheese Sandwich1 sandwich720 Calories
Grilled Chicken – 11 serving180 Calories
Grilled Chicken – 21 serving360 Calories
Grilled Chicken Salad1 salad480 Calories
Grilled Chicken Vegetable Flatbread1 serving930 Calories
Grilled Stickies1 serving390 Calories
Grilled Stickies a La Mode1 serving730 Calories
Ground Sirloin1 serving400 Calories
Ham & American Cheese Omelette1 serving660 Calories
Hand-Breaded Zucchini1 order620 Calories
Hash Browns1 serving290 Calories
Herb-Crusted Chicken – 11 serving270 Calories
Herb-Crusted Chicken – 21 serving550 Calories
Home Fries1 serving170 Calories
Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce1 serving210 Calories
Honeybun1 serving340 Calories
Hot Chocolate1 serving470 Calories
Hot Fudge Sundae, 1 Scoop1 serving280 Calories
Hot Fudge Sundae, 2 Scoops1 serving530 Calories
Hot Turkey Sandwich1 sandwich500 Calories
Italian Bread1 serving110 Calories
Italian Dressing1 serving250 Calories
Jalapeno Cheddar Poppers1 order520 Calories
Kid’s 1% Milk1 serving150 Calories


Kid’s Add 1 Chicken Finger1 serving110 Calories
Kid’s Apple Juice1 serving80 Calories
Kid’s Applesauce1 serving50 Calories
Kid’s Bacon2 pieces80 Calories
Kid’s Blueberry Pancakes2 pancakes330 Calories
Kid’s Bowl of Chicken Noodle Soup1 serving430 Calories
Kid’s Broccoli1 serving20 Calories
Kid’s Buttermilk Pancakes2 pancakes320 Calories
Kid’s Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi1 serving0 Calories
Kid’s Caramel Sundae1 serving260 Calories
Kid’s Cheeseburger1 serving330 Calories
Kid’s Chicken Fingers1 serving220 Calories
Kid’s Chocolate Chip Pancakes2 pancakes420 Calories
Kid’s Chocolate Milk1 serving210 Calories
Kid’s Chocolate Milkshake1 milkshake620 Calories
Kid’s Chocolate Sundae1 serving290 Calories
Kid’s Corn1 serving45 Calories
Kid’s Corn Dog1 serving490 Calories
Kid’s Cranberry Juice1 serving100 Calories
Kid’s Dr Pepper1 serving60 Calories
Kid’s French Fries1 serving170 Calories
Kid’s French Toast Stick Stack1 serving370 Calories
Kid’s Fruit Cup1 serving30 Calories
Kid’s Gatorade1 serving45 Calories
Kid’s Gelatin1 serving110 Calories

Kid’s Grapes1 serving40 Calories
Kid’s Grilled Cheese1 serving410 Calories
Kid’s Grilled Chicken1 serving180 Calories
Kid’s Hamburger1 serving260 Calories
Kid’s Hot Chocolate1 serving470 Calories
Kid’s Hot Fudge Sundae1 serving280 Calories
Kid’s Ice Cream1 scoop120 Calories
Kid’s Lemonade1 serving70 Calories
Kid’s Mac’n Cheese1 serving190 Calories
Kid’s Mac’n Cheese Bites1 serving1030 Calories
Kid’s Mandarin Oranges1 serving25 Calories
Kid’s Mashed Potatoes1 serving60 Calories
Kid’s Mist Twist1 serving70 Calories
Kid’s Mountain Dew1 serving70 Calories
Kid’s Mug Root Beer1 serving70 Calories
Kid’s Orange Juice1 serving70 Calories
Kid’s Oreo Milkshake1 milkshake810 Calories
Kid’s Pepsi1 serving60 Calories
Kid’s Pizza1 serving330 Calories
Kid’s Potato Chips1 serving240 Calories
Kid’s Potato Pancakes1 serving230 Calories
Kid’s Raspberry Iced Tea1 serving60 Calories
Kid’s Sausage2 pieces250 Calories
Kid’s Side Salad1 serving80 Calories
Kid’s Smiley Belgian Waffle1 serving270 Calories


Kid’s Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce1 serving310 Calories
Kid’s Spaghetti with Meat Sauce1 serving430 Calories
Kid’s Strawberry Lemonade1 serving90 Calories
Kid’s Strawberry Milkshake1 milkshake600 Calories
Kid’s Sweet Tea1 serving70 Calories
Kid’s Turkey Sausage2 pieces70 Calories
Kid’s Vanilla Milkshake1 milkshake600 Calories
Kid’s Ziti with Marinara Sauce1 serving310 Calories
Kid’s Ziti with Meat Sauce1 serving430 Calories
Lemon Meringue Pie1 slice250 Calories
Lemonade1 serving100 Calories
Mac’n Cheese Bites1 order690 Calories
Marinara Sauce – 2 oz2 oz35 Calories
Marinara Sauce – 3 oz3 oz50 Calories
Mashed Potatoes1 serving110 Calories
Meat Lover’s Omelette1 serving760 Calories
Meat LoverOs Breakfast Bowl1 serving1100 Calories
Mist Twist1 serving110 Calories
Mocha Chip Muffin1 muffin220 Calories
Mocha Java Muffin1 muffin220 Calories
Molten Lava Cake1 serving620 Calories
Monday Soup: Summer Corn Chowder, Bowl1 bowl320 Calories
Monday Soup: Summer Corn Chowder, Cup1 cup160 Calories
Monday Soup: Summer Corn Chowder, Quart1 quart3360 Calories
Mountain Dew1 serving120 Calories

Mug Root Beer1 serving120 Calories
Mushroom & Onion Cheeseburger1 burger750 Calories
Mushroom Medley Omelette1 serving490 Calories
Nantucket Cod1 serving390 Calories
Oatmeal & Fruit Combo1 serving220 Calories
Onion Rings1 serving170 Calories
Orange Cranberry Cooler1 serving100 Calories
Orange Juice, Large1 serving180 Calories
Orange Juice, Regular1 serving150 Calories
Orange Juice, Small1 serving70 Calories
Orange Sunrise Cooler1 serving110 Calories
Oreo Creme Pie1 slice480 Calories
Oreo Milkshake1 milkshake810 Calories
Oreo Sundae1 serving560 Calories
Over-Easy Cheeseburger1 burger990 Calories
Over-Easy Egg – 11 egg100 Calories
Over-Easy Eggs – 22 eggs200 Calories
Over-Hard Egg – 11 egg100 Calories
Over-Hard Eggs – 22 eggs200 Calories
Over-Medium Egg – 11 egg100 Calories
Over-Medium Eggs – 22 eggs200 Calories
Peach Pie1 slice380 Calories
Peachberry Pie1 slice390 Calories
Peanut Butter Blast Cake1 slice720 Calories
Pepsi1 serving130 Calories

eat n park menu 2

Philly Cheesesteak1 sandwich800 Calories
Plain Omelette without Cheese1 serving230 Calories
Poached Egg – 11 egg80 Calories
Poached Eggs – 22 eggs150 Calories
Poppy and Sesame Seed Salad Dressing1 serving240 Calories
Potato Pancakes1 serving260 Calories
Potato Roll1 roll130 Calories
Potato Soup, Bowl1 bowl320 Calories
Potato Soup, Cup1 cup160 Calories
Potato Soup, Quart1 quart840 Calories
Pretzel Sticks1 order730 Calories
Pulled Pork Sandwich1 serving900 Calories
Pumpkin Creme Filled Muffin1 muffin420 Calories
Pumpkin Muffin1 muffin280 Calories
Pumpkin Raisin Muffin1 muffin260 Calories
Ranch Chicken Pasta Primavera1 serving1100 Calories
Ranch Dipping Sauce – 2 oz2 oz200 Calories
Ranch Dipping Sauce – 3 oz3 oz300 Calories
Ranch Dressing1 serving200 Calories
Raspberry Iced Tea1 serving90 Calories
Regular Hot Tea1 serving0 Calories
Reuben Sandwich1 sandwich1020 Calories
Rosemary Chicken – 11 serving240 Calories
Rosemary Chicken – 21 serving470 Calories
Rye Bread1 serving300 Calories

Salad Bar, Apple1 each80 Calories
Salad Bar, Apple Harvest Muffin1 each70 Calories
Salad Bar, Apple Raisin Muffin1 each60 Calories
Salad Bar, Bacon Bits0.25 cup80 Calories
Salad Bar, Balsamic Vinaigrette2 tbsp60 Calories
Salad Bar, Balsamic Vinegar1 tbsp20 Calories
Salad Bar, Banana1 each110 Calories
Salad Bar, Banana Nut Muffin1 each70 Calories
Salad Bar, Banana Peppers0.25 cup5 Calories
Salad Bar, Beets0.25 cup15 Calories
Salad Bar, Black Olives0.25 cup40 Calories
Salad Bar, Bleu Cheese0.25 cup120 Calories
Salad Bar, Bleu Cheese Dressing2 tbsp160 Calories
Salad Bar, Blueberry Muffin1 each60 Calories
Salad Bar, Blueberry Yogurt0.25 cup60 Calories
Salad Bar, Broccoli0.25 cup10 Calories
Salad Bar, Broccoli Salad0.25 cup40 Calories
Salad Bar, Broccoli Slaw0.25 cup30 Calories
Salad Bar, Butter1 each50 Calories
Salad Bar, Caesar Dressing2 tbsp130 Calories
Salad Bar, Caesar Salad0.25 cup30 Calories
Salad Bar, Cantaloupe1 slice10 Calories
Salad Bar, Carrots0.25 cup10 Calories
Salad Bar, Cauliflower0.25 cup5 Calories
Salad Bar, Celery0.25 cup0 Calories


Salad Bar, Cheddar Cheese0.25 cup120 Calories
Salad Bar, Chickpeas0.25 cup50 Calories
Salad Bar, Chocolate Chip Muffin1 each70 Calories
Salad Bar, Chocolate Pudding0.25 cup200 Calories
Salad Bar, Chow Mein1 Tbsp.15 Calories
Salad Bar, Club Crackers1 pack70 Calories
Salad Bar, Coconut Pudding0.25 cup220 Calories
Salad Bar, Coleslaw0.25 cup45 Calories
Salad Bar, Corn & Bean Salad0.25 cup120 Calories
Salad Bar, Corn Muffin1 each60 Calories
Salad Bar, Cottage Cheese0.25 cup50 Calories
Salad Bar, Cranberry Nut Muffin1 each70 Calories
Salad Bar, Creamy Cucumber Salad0.25 cup20 Calories
Salad Bar, Creamy Italian Dressing2 tbsp110 Calories
Salad Bar, Croutons0.25 cup30 Calories
Salad Bar, Diced Egg0.25 cup50 Calories
Salad Bar, Dried Cranberries1 tbsp30 Calories
Salad Bar, Fat-Free French Dressing2 tbsp30 Calories
Salad Bar, Feta Cheese0.25 cup100 Calories
Salad Bar, Green Olives0.25 cup50 Calories
Salad Bar, Green Peppers0.25 cup5 Calories
Salad Bar, Ham0.25 cup60 Calories
Salad Bar, Homemade Italian Dressing2 tbsp250 Calories
Salad Bar, Honeydew1 slice10 Calories
Salad Bar, Italian Pasta Salad0.25 cup90 Calories

Salad Bar, Lemon Gelatin0.25 cup220 Calories
Salad Bar, Lime Gelatin0.25 cup220 Calories
Salad Bar, Macaroni Salad0.25 cup100 Calories
Salad Bar, Mandarin Oranges0.25 cup20 Calories
Salad Bar, Mixed Greens1 cup10 Calories
Salad Bar, Mocha Java Chip Muffin1 each50 Calories
Salad Bar, Olive Oil1 tbsp130 Calories
Salad Bar, Orange Gelatin0.25 cup210 Calories
Salad Bar, Oranges1 wedge45 Calories
Salad Bar, Pasta0.25 cup60 Calories
Salad Bar, Peach Yogurt0.25 cup60 Calories
Salad Bar, Peaches0.25 cup70 Calories
Salad Bar, Pears0.25 cup35 Calories
Salad Bar, Peas0.25 cup30 Calories
Salad Bar, Pickled Egg1 each70 Calories
Salad Bar, Pineapple1 slice10 Calories
Salad Bar, Pistachio Pudding0.25 cup220 Calories
Salad Bar, Plain Yogurt0.25 cup45 Calories
Salad Bar, Potato Salad0.25 cup120 Calories
Salad Bar, Pretzels0.25 cup40 Calories
Salad Bar, Pumpkin Muffin1 each70 Calories
Salad Bar, Radish0.25 cup5 Calories
Salad Bar, Ranch Dressing2 tbsp200 Calories
Salad Bar, Ranch Pasta Salad0.25 cup80 Calories
Salad Bar, Raspberry Yogurt0.25 cup60 Calories


Salad Bar, Red Onion0.25 cup10 Calories
Salad Bar, Red Peppers0.25 cup5 Calories
Salad Bar, Rice Pudding0.25 cup60 Calories
Salad Bar, Roasted Vegetable Salad0.25 cup90 Calories
Salad Bar, Romaine1 cup10 Calories
Salad Bar, Salad Oil1 tbsp120 Calories
Salad Bar, Saltine Crackers1 pack25 Calories
Salad Bar, Spinach1 cup5 Calories
Salad Bar, Spring Mix1 cup5 Calories
Salad Bar, Strawberry Yogurt0.25 cup60 Calories
Salad Bar, Strawberry’n Creme Muffin1 each70 Calories
Salad Bar, Sugar-Free Chocolate Pudding0.25 cup180 Calories
Salad Bar, Sunflower Seeds1 tbsp45 Calories
Salad Bar, Thousand Island Dressing2 tbsp110 Calories
Salad Bar, Tomato Cucumber Onion Salad0.25 cup45 Calories
Salad Bar, Vanilla Pudding0.25 cup210 Calories
Salad Bar, Vanilla Yogurt0.25 cup50 Calories
Salad Bar, Watermelon1 slice15 Calories
Salad Bar, White Balsamic Vinaigrette1 tbsp80 Calories
Sausage – 22 pieces250 Calories
Sausage – 33 pieces370 Calories
Sausage Gravy & Biscuits1 serving480 Calories
Scrambled Egg – 11 egg100 Calories
Scrambled Eggs – 22 eggs200 Calories
Scrambled Eggs – 33 eggs310 Calories


Shredded Pot Roast Sandwich1 sandwich540 Calories
Shrimp Dinner1 serving460 Calories
Side Salad1 serving90 Calories
Six Grain Bread1 serving130 Calories
Smiley Belgian Waffle1 serving270 Calories
Smothered Ground Sirloin1 serving450 Calories
Sourdough Bread1 serving350 Calories
Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce, Full Order1 serving670 Calories
Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce, Half Order1 serving310 Calories
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Fullf Order1 serving840 Calories
Spaghetti with Meat Sauce, Half Order1 serving430 Calories
Spicy Chorizo Omelette1 serving720 Calories
Spinach Tomato Omelette1 serving460 Calories
Steak Salad1 salad750 Calories
Strawberry Banana Milkshake1 milkshake590 Calories
Strawberry Bread1 serving270 Calories
Strawberry Cheesecake1 slice500 Calories
Strawberry Creme Pie1 slice430 Calories
Strawberry Filled Muffin1 muffin280 Calories
Strawberry Fruit Cup1 serving50 Calories
Strawberry Lemonade1 serving130 Calories
Strawberry Milkshake1 milkshake600 Calories
Strawberry Muffin1 muffin270 Calories
Strawberry Pie1 slice240 Calories
Strawberry Waffle1 serving370 Calories

Sugar Snap Peas1 serving30 Calories
Sugar-Free Pancake Syrup1 serving30 Calories
Sugar-Free Peach Tea1 serving0 Calories
Superburger1 burger680 Calories
Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce1 serving120 Calories
Sweet Tea1 serving100 Calories
Thousand Island Dressing1 serving200 Calories
Turkey Burger1 burger660 Calories
Turkey Club Sandwich1 sandwich850 Calories
Turkey Sausage – 22 pieces70 Calories
Turkey Sausage – 33 pieces110 Calories
Turtle Sundae1 serving950 Calories
Unsweetened Tea1 serving0 Calories
V8 Juice, Large1 serving100 Calories
V8 Juice, Regular1 serving70 Calories
V8 Juice, Small1 serving35 Calories
Vanilla Ice Cream, 1 Scoop1 serving120 Calories
Vanilla Ice Cream, 2 Scoops1 serving290 Calories
Vanilla Milkshake1 milkshake600 Calories
Veggie Omelette1 serving470 Calories
Wedding Soup, Bowl1 bowl250 Calories
Wedding Soup, Cup1 cup120 Calories
Wedding Soup, Quart1 quart660 Calories
Western Omelette1 serving610 Calories
Whale of a Cod Dinner1 serving620 Calories
Whale of a Cod Sandwich1 sandwich930 Calories
White Balsamic Dressing1 serving160 Calories
White Bread1 serving130 Calories
Whole Wheat Bread1 serving160 Calories
Zucchini Lasagna1 serving510 Calories

eat n park menu

About Eat’n Park Restaurants

With 60 locations in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia, Eat’n Park is a restaurant chain located in Homestead, Pennsylvania. For its Smiley Sweets, the chain is renowned and has adopted the slogan “the spot for smiles.”

Eat’n Park Restaurants has been a family-owned restaurant chain since 1949 and serves guests in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. More than 8,000 team members are at the heart of Eat’n Park, dedicated to delivering friendly, responsive service and supporting a rising array of community programs, including an annual fundraising effort that has raised more than $10 million for children’s hospitals.

To support community activities and fundraisers, Eat’n Park also donates almost half a million Smiley Cookies, the brand’s iconic emblem every year.

With a comprehensive menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner classics, we have something for everyone. Our constant Soup, Salad & Fruit Bar, offers fresh fruits and vegetables from local farms from the restaurant’s Farm Source program. Just a couple of the things guests love about Eat’n Park are hand-breaded fish, homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, and our classic Super burger.

Eat’n Park is a part of the foodservice design company Eat’n Park Hospitality Group, which includes Hello Bistro, The Porch, Pankhurst Dining, and Additional information is available online at about the Eat’n Park Hospitality Community.

They have five core principles here at Eat’n Park that direct their decisions and the way they do business. These ideals reflect the culture of the company. They care about each other at Eat’n Park, they care about their guests, and they care about the people living in the neighborhoods they represent. In the forum, you can find out what they do.

Whenever possible, Eat’n Park offers fresh, wholesome food made from locally grown ingredients. Eat’n Park cuts our fruit every single day by hand. Hand-bread our fish and make their chili and chicken noodle soup from scratch. Eat’n Park. Via their Farm Source scheme, the business provides locally grown products by partnering with over 200 local farmers each year. Eat’n Park keeps its standards to a high-quality level, which is what our visitors expect.

The marketplace of Eat’n Park, the visitors of Eat’n Park, and the world of Eat’n Park are always evolving, and they continuously look for ways to change. For the sake of improvement, Eat’n Park does not change. The restaurant seeks change to make its business and its communities stronger.

Our company’s financial well-being is vital to the present and future success of the restaurant. For the good of their owners, team members, visitors, and customers, Eat’n Park is committed to being responsible long-term stewards of the financial capital at their disposal.

When they respect individual and group differences, Eat’n Park teams are stronger and more involved. Eat’n Park has been extending its offerings outside its namesake family restaurants, running luxury restaurants, and more casual eating locations.

The most popular business concept is Hello Bistro, a fast-casual chain focusing on delivering gourmet burgers and salads to Millennials and, at the same time, keeping its parent company connections to a minimum. This is done selling pre-packaged Smiley Cookies and the same ranch dressing brand as the main Eat’n Park chain, otherwise making no connection to Eat’n Park. With six locations, Eat’n Park plans to extend the concept of Hello Bistro in Pittsburgh’s metropolitan area and eventually into new markets.

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