Krystal Menu and Calories

In this article, you will get to know about Krystal menu, the menu serving size and their calories. Please we like to mention here that we don’t focus attention on menu prices. We are more interested in the calories of the menu rather than their prices. So, below are Krystal menu and calories.

Hy-Vee Klear Ice8 fl oz0
3 Egg Breakfast with Bacon & Biscuit1 order480
3 Egg Breakfast with Bacon & Toast1 order330
3 Egg Breakfast with Sausage & Biscuit1 order520
3 Egg Breakfast with Sausage & Toast1 order360
Angus Bacon & Cheese1 krystal450
Apple Turnover1 turnover290
Bacon & Cheese1 krystal190
Breakfast Biscuit with Bacon1 biscuit380
Breakfast Biscuit with Sausage1 biscuit410
Breakfast Toast with Bacon1 order300
Breakfast Toast with Sausage1 order340
Chicken Wings12 wings1170
Chik1 chik280
Chik Biscuit1 biscuit380
Chik Nuggets4 pieces240
Chik with Cheese1 chik310
Chili1 large460
Chili Cheese Loaded Fries1 order670
Chili Cheese Pup1 pup290
Chocolate Shake1 regular650
Chocolate Shake1 large910
Chocolate Sundae1 sundae310
Cookies2 cookies240
Corn Pup1 pup250

Double Angus Bacon & Cheese1 krystal680
Double1 krystal190
Double  with Cheese1 krystal240
French Fries1 small140
French Fries1 medium240
French Fries1 large300
Grits1 bowl210
Junkyard Loaded Fries1 order800
Kryspers5 pieces240
Oreo Shake1 regular650
Oreo Shake1 large1010
Oreo Sundae1 sundae350
Original1 krystal130
Original  with Cheese1 krystal150
Pup1 pup160
Sausage Gravy Biscuit1 biscuit370
Soft Serve1 cone260
Soft Serve1 cup240
Strawberry Shake1 regular560
Strawberry Shake1 large770
Strawberry Sundae1 sundae310
Sunrisers2 sandwiches410
Triple1 krystal240
Triple  with Cheese1 krystal290
Vanilla Shake1 regular510
Vanilla Shake1 large730

About Krystal

Rody Davenport Jr and J.Glenn Sherril partnered together to open the first Krystal Fast Food restaurants in 1932 in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The principle was to provide an affordable meal to meet the people’s needs due to the economic downturn during the great depression. Nevertheless, the food quality was top-notch, tasty and at the lowest price possible, making them popular at the inception of fast-food restaurants.

The Krystal fast-food restaurants are mainly found in the Southeast of the United States with over 300 locations presently, and commonly found in states like Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Tennessee.  They have been a regional fast-food giant and have become the main attraction or calling points for tourists who visit the South-Eastern part of the United States.  The restaurant is privately owned and presently under Thomas Stager as the President of the business.

Customers can check out the restaurants’ menu on their websites and find the closest location if you want to have the Krystal fast-food restaurants’ tasty feel. The main food on the menu usually includes hamburgers, French fries, chicken, milkshake and other meals.  Krystal fast food is commonly known for its fantastic hamburger, which has a unique square shape, and they are widely referred to as sliders. The hamburger’s recipe has been their unique selling points, which is steamed with onion and gives customers a satisfying taste.

The fast-food restaurants have great positive reviews from customers, which can be placed on their tasty menu and friendly services. Customers can make orders from Krystal restaurants any time of the day, and they offer drive-thru services for fast and efficient services on the go. You cannot miss the Krystal fast-food restaurants with its conspicuous billboard that stand tall and can be seen from a considerable distance off the road. Customers will appreciate the clean interior with excellent customer services for a nice meal with family or friends.

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